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FEBRUARY 20, 2011


Stave off Globalism 2 

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Today's guest: Michael Shaw



About Michael Shaw

Bio: Michael Shaw is a leading critic of Sustainable Development, also known as the U.N.'s "Agenda 21," which is he Action Plan implementing the Globalist one world vision. This year Michael has been and will be speaking around the country, delivering his current speech:  The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America. In this expose -- he illustrates the local infiltration of globalist policy in the community in which he is speaking. Shaw leads Freedom which is dedicated to providing news and information on what America stands for and how Agenda 21 is designed to transform America and the human experience.



About the show
America was founded on certain principles: those of individual liberty and responsibility, a small federal government, and sovereign states that would protect their citizens’ unalienable rights. Over time many Americans got so involved in living their seemingly free lives they neglected oversight of what was happening to their country. Those who loved American ideals lived them and those who did not were busy working both from within and without the government to eradicate these principles from the American consciousness.
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Agenda 21,  Shaw's presentation to the Eagle Forum of CA 2012 Conference
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Freedom Advocates
Freedom Advocates represents a cross-section of people from all political parties and backgrounds who are united in the principles of individual liberty, equal justice and the constitutional administration of government. People are born with unalienable rights and government exists to protect those rights. Rather than bureaucrats mandating indoctrination programs, parents should direct the terms of their child’s education. Rather than bureaucrats taking the use of private property, the ideals of private property should be protected by government.

Our mission is to advance the principles of freedom to individuals and government through public discourse.

  • Focus public attention on the value of the freedoms protected to Americans by the Declaration of Independence, and encourage individual and community interest in protecting those freedoms.
  • Provide opportunities for discourse among organization participants and others.
  • Promote and strengthen government responsiveness to the principles of freedom.
  • Inform the public about local, national, and international threats to individual freedoms.
  • Unite against the advance of international collectivist movements that cause poverty, oppression, and a degraded earth.

Agenda 21

 The Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development

By Daniel Beckett  - click here for complete story

In this straightforward expose of Agenda 21 -- the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development -- Beckett examines the notion of "sustainability". His conclusion: The American people need to be better informed so they understand that Sustainable Development is a pseudonym for centralized control over human life.

Santa Cruz County, CA
The policies of Sustainable Development are changing the very fabric of America.

Sustainable Development entered the world officially in 1987 in a report of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development entitled, "Our Common Future". This commission was chaired by Gro Harlem Bruntland, Prime minister of Norway and Vice-President of the World Socialist Party. A well known mantra that originated from that report is "meeting today's need's without compromising future generations to meet their own needs". If one is to look, this mission statement has been incorporated into many government and non-government organizations. Is it a surprise that it was also reflected in the old Soviet constitution?

That part was fine - and just about right in terms of computer education. But here is where the problem starts:

Then in 1992 the United Nations conference on "Environment and Development" was held in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. This summit is commonly referred to as the "Earth Summit". Then-President George H. Bush signed what is commonly referred to as the "Rio Accords". Out of this conference came the "Agenda 21" document. Agenda 21 was adopted as a work plan to implement Sustainable Development by 179 nations including our own.

The following year, newly-elected President Bill Clinton created "The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development" through executive order. This order created the framework for the federal government to begin implementing sustainable development programs nationwide. All of this has been moving forward with virtually no legislative debate.

I first became aware of Agenda 21 in the summer of 2000 when I was given a copy of the Santa Cruz Local Agenda 21 document, a regurgitated version of the global document. This local plan was endorsed by our esteemed Congressman Sam Farr on June 3rd, 1997. Is it any coincidence that Mr. Farr flies the United Nations flag at his Congressional office in Washington, DC?

So what could be wrong with the idea of being sustainable? We don't want to be unsustainable, do we? The problem with Sustainable Development is that it flies in the face of man's will to advance. America is the greatest country in the world. Why? Because its citizens were allowed the use of its bountiful resources. There was no king or dictator to control man's creative action.

The idea behind Sustainable Development is to foster a mentality of guilt in people over the use of natural resources. Every time one starts their car... Every time one turns on a water faucet... Remember, be sustainable! Don't exceed your allotment of resources... Big Brother is watching you. We all must learn to live the same, think the same and most importantly... be sustainable!

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