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 MAY 15, 2011


Show Appearances:   November 21, 2010   May 15, 2011
Today's  guest: Kevin McGary



About Kevin

Over the past twenty-five years, Kevin has worked as a business professional in the arena of High Technology specializing in Enterprise software. While amassing numerous accolades and success as an Enterprise software sales professional, he also became a certified Ontological coach and has received numerous accommodations and certifications in the arena of business and professional development.

Mr. McGary received a Bachelors degree in Sociology/Psychology from San Jose State University. His education coupled with his extensive business and professional experiences are now intricately and strategically linked to his political worldview. He is an ardent defender of human rights and a committed defender of liberty and justice for all; with his background in Sociology/Psychology, he passionately pursues common sense approaches for addressing these vital issues.

In 2003, Mr McGary wrote a book entitled “Lifestyle of the Rich in Kingdom”. This book was designed to help Christians better understand the subject of God’s Kingdom.

Kevin is an active member of the Hayward Rotary, the NAACP, the 912 Freedom Fighters; he is also a mentor for Reality Mentors Inc., and a supporter of The 100 Black Men. He resides in California with his wife Tracey, son Sean, and daughter Lauren.

Mr McGary is an African American with strong roots in voting democratic, and is a member of the NAACP.  He confirms that while current party platforms and progressive agendas for healthcare, education and abortion have provided lofty rhetoric for the Democratic Party, they actually result in debilitating and oppressive social agendas and schemes that only perpetuate further enslavement of the “under-privileged” and “under-served!  He presents evidence confirming the actual social justice foundations proclaimed by our forefathers: “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness", and their human rights proclamation: "liberty and justice for all", are even further undermined by current “new era” politicians” at the expense of the progressive agenda.....

In the end, Mr McGary contends the U.S suffers from a lack of leadership in that there is a lack of competence and general lack of experience in the current administration.  This has lead to a significant erosion of the primary foundations that have facilitated our history of success!  Undermining of faith foundations and the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence threatens to propel the country back into the state of oppression and tyranny it fled when becoming an independent nation.  Needless to say, supporting this cycle is irrational and illogical.  Doing the same things over again yet expecting different results, is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. The culmination of the facts surrounding our current direction and support of “progressive” leadership are carefully presented as evidence of our general state of….insanity!


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