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FEBRUARY 19, 2012 



California Business Alert
& Countering Group Manipulation Tactics 2
Today's first guest is be: John Kabateck WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


The NFIB is partnering with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to defeat Brown's tax increase plan.

NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals. Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NFIB gives small and independent business owners a voice in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business.

NFIB’s powerful network of grassroots activists send their views directly to state and federal lawmakers through our unique member-only ballot, thus playing a critical role in supporting America’s free enterprise system. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses.
More information about NFIB is available online at:

NFIB contact information:
John Kabateck (916) 448-9904  
Richard Young (530) 604-4635
Our second guest is: Beverly K. Eakman
How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics
Show appearances:  February 12, 2012   February 19, 2012   September 30, 2012



About Beverly    

Beverly was an educator, 9 years: English, Literature, Debate; 7th grade remedial through 12th grade AP students, 1968-1974 (CA), 1979-1981 (TX). Wrote English grammar curriculum for foreign students. (B.S. in education, Texas Tech Univ. (1968); graduate work: Univ. of Calif., Irvine and Univ. of Houston.)

Science & Technical Writer/Editor-in-Chief of NASA’s official newspaper, 1974-1979. Biggest feature: “David the Bubble Baby,” a behind-the-scenes look at space technology in medicine.

Chief speechwriter for: Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, Commission on the Bicentennial of the US Constitution, 1986-87; Director, Voice of America, 1987-89. Writer: U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1991-2004.

Author: recently released, Walking Targets (2007); 3 other books on education policy since 1991, inc. the internationally acclaimed Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education (1998). Op-Ed Columnist: American Daily Herald, American Opinion, NewsWithViews, WorldNetDaily, and more.

Feature-length articles: Education Week, Chronicles Magazine, The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, National Review, The New American, Crisis Magazine, The Washington Post (1985-present).

Executive Director 1994-2006: National Education Consortium (specializing in education & privacy law).

Show - featuring Anti Delphi techniques
November 2011: Given that Election 2012 is exactly one year away, my seminar manual How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics, updated last summer, is in such demand printings can barely keep up. So, I have tweaked the publication a bit once again to reflect the new sense of urgency. It is still the small, compact size without the spiral binding. The self-tests are still there, with a couple improvements, and the strategies remain expanded beyond education issues to include other topics such as environmental regulations that are at the forefront of committees, focus groups and task forces. Here’s a sample of the comments I am getting:



“I'm reading your 2011 ‘How to Counter’ book, in preparation for a trip to Santiago, where I will be meeting with government, business and free market think tank people, giving a couple of presentations, participating in a debate…. You have done a masterful job of analyzing the provocateur, change agent, community organizer, consensus-builder, societal controller mindset and tactics — and explaining how to counter them. It is exactly the education that my colleagues need. I'd like … another copy of your book to take with me and give my colleagues.” -- Paul Driessen, Author, Columnist and Senior policy advisor, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Congress of Racial Equality

“If you’ve been to a public meeting lately, you will see the meeting is run by a man or woman who is not really part of the group in an ‘official’ capacity. They are called “facilitators.” His/her job is to bring the group to ‘consensus’…. If you begin to question the policy, or ask who the facilitator represents, or in general show signs of disagreement, the facilitator quickly loses his/her charm and begins to [portray] you as “uncooperative” or a troublemaker who is wasting the group’s time…. Best-selling author Beverly Eakman has been conducting one-day seminars for years to teach the good guys how to bust up these facilitator-controlled public policy meetings…. The problem was, Beverly could only conduct so many seminars and that made for a small distribution of the [accompanying] manual. Now that has changed. Beverly has updated the manual to stand on its own … and released it as a stand alone book. That means activists across the nation can now learn how to take back control of their government just by reading and following the advice in How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics, 2011 Edition.” -- Tom DeWeese, President, American Policy Center (as published in The New American)
More about Beverly
Veteran of 700+ nationwide radio/TV talk shows and 150 speaking engagements since 1991, with numerous feature articles, op-eds specializing in education, mental health, data-trafficking, privacy and political strategy. Four speeches (& award) in the premier speaking publication, Vital Speeches of the Day.

Expert witness/consultant in winning education court case, Feb. 2000. Consultant, ABC's "20/20" segment on self-esteem, Dec. 3, 1998. Four TV Specials for EWTN, 2010, 2003, 2001, 1999. TV Special “Sensitivity Training,” Penn & Teller (Showtime), July 31, 2008. All had subsequent, repeat airings.

AWARDS: National human rights award winner, 1995, for first book, Educating for the New World Order. Winner, International Human Rights Award, 1999, for third book, Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education. “Golden Whistle Award,” 1991, Detroit, MI, for first book. Two Manned Flight Awareness Awards from NASA for journalism.

Expert panelist on full disclosure and parental right to refuse psychiatric referral/psychotropic drugs for children in tax-supported schools (FL State legislature supporting Senate Bill 1766), April 19, 2005; on psychographic testing to NH State Board of Education, May 15, 2000; on psychographic testing, SepCon Convention, (Wash., DC) Nov. 22, 2004; on Marxist influence in teacher education, Army-Navy Club (Wash., DC), April 13, 2000; on link between school violence and psychotropic drugs, Orlando & Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Aug./Oct. 1999; on mandated use of prescription psychotropic drugs in schools, National Press Club, Wash., D.C., Sept. 1998, in Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 1998, and again in New York City, Nov. 1998; on psychological surveying passed off as academic testing, at Harcourt Brace School Textbook Co. hearing, Dallas, TX, Oct. 5, 1998; on psychology and education policy, Hillsdale College, MI, 1996.

Speaking Highlights: Northgate Book-signing Event, Jan. 23, 2011 (Raleigh-Durham, NC); Freedom Action Conference, Aug. 12-14, 2010 (Valley Forge, PA); Good Neighbor Law Forum (Denver, CO) Apr. 17, 2010; Freedom21 Conference, (Dallas, TX) July 26, 2008; Center for Intelligent Growth Conference, (Tucson, AZ) Aug. 23, 2008; Constitutional Coalition (St. Louis, MO) Jan. 2008, 2004, 2001, 1999; Commonwealth Education Organization (Pittsburgh, PA) Sept. 23, 2004; Owego Council (Owego/Binghamton, NY), Oct. 21, 2005; Foundations of Education Conference, Washburn Univ. (Topeka, KS) Nov. 4, 2005; EdWatch Banquet (Minneapolis, MN) Oct. 14, 2000 and May 21, 2004; CT Homeschool Network (E. Hampton, CT), Sept. 2002; CCHR-USA (Clearwater, FL), Oct. 2002, 1999, 1995; Puyallup Republican Women's Club (Seattle, WA) May 2002; Catholic Family-Home Education Conference (Lansing, MI), June 2002; St. Andrews Catholic Church (VA-DC diocese) Jan. 27, 2001; Republican Women's Conference (Detroit, MI) March 10, 2001; AL State Convention, May 1, 1999; OH State Board of Education, May 10, 1999; GA State Convention, Sept. 18, 1999; U.S. Business Industry Council (Wash., D.C.), July 19, 1999; Delphian School, (Portland, OR) Oct. 29-30, 1999; Annual Parents’ Conference (Salt Lake City, UT) Nov. 1998.

Legislation: Anti-Coercion Education Act—in Committee in 6 state legislatures; passed in three, 2003.
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