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MAY 6, 2012


Islam in Public Schools 

Today's guestS: Linda Sax, Jim Freedman, & Mike Hayutin


Linda Sax : B.S. Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- Linda is as well read and most knowledgeable on issues of Islam as anyone you might encounter. Her commitment to her beloved America and solid perception that national defense is critical to our liberty motivated her to dedicate her engineering expertise to the development of weapon systems upon her graduation form MIT. She is a courageous and independent leader -- at the time she attended MIT there were at least 4 men for every woman in attendance and fewer women in engineering. Linda is the one who alerted Jim and I to the textbook problem and has put in 100's of hours in research and preparing documents to challenge the state based on it own standards.




Jim Freedman : B.A. Economics and J.D. Rutgers University, Jim is a retired securities attorney. He spent 30 years helping businesses and corporations stay in compliance of securities laws to the benefit of all investors. Jim's other time has been spent by organizing to help Jews get out of the Soviet Union, working for civil rights and lecturing and giving classes on Middle East history. As a friend, lecturer and teacher Jim possesses a unique sense of humor. That sense of humor puts people at ease and more receptive to his very important messages and font of knowledge.

Mike Hayutin : B.A. in Political Science and Communication University of Southern California, J,D. South Texas College of Law -- after law school (never practiced -- so limited the harm I could do) I helped take a meat processing company, Royal Quality Foods, out of chapter 11. We build it into a profitable operation and eventually sold the company before moving to S.D. My experience running a company in one of America's worst neighborhoods was transformative. the education I have received after Law school has enlightened me. I have been S.D. chapter leader of ACT! For America for about 3 years. Our goal is to educate, advocate and lobby to preserve our liberty from the threat of RADICAL Islam. We offer a variety of educational lectures/presentation -- 1. DVD and presentation on the Qur'an, sharia and doctrine of abrogation, 2. presentation on textbook inaccuracies with reference to Islam, 3. will organize presentations about persecution of Christians throughout Islamic world -- coptic minister and Assyrian priest available -- we are willing to address any group of 20 or more.
Ramona TEA'd Februrary 2012
The topic, "Stealth Jihad," is discussed as a political tool being used to indoctrinate America's youth, and the obvious pro-Islam slant now in text books used in all grade levels.
 Forum on "Stealth Jihad" with David Horowitz,
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