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JUNE 17, 2012 


I'm Fishing For Freedom Across America
Today's guest: Chris McCaffity

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Today's guest: Chris McCaffity


I will be traveling the Country this year giving speeches, doing interviews, and talking with anyone who will listen about America's fisheries. My wife and I recently returned from a trip to California where fishermen told me stories that sounded very similar to what we are facing on the east coast. The fishery bureaucrats are attacking one small group of fishermen at a time while denying consumers access to American seafood. We need to unite our efforts and get consumers to support a responsible harvest of this great Nation's seafood by independent fishermen.

Chris visited Redding recently and gave a speech to our 24 Hour Patriot audience.  

About McCaffity's trip across America
Here is a summary of what my wife and I were blessed to see on the trip cross country.
We saw colorful century old fishing boats with seasoned crews of old salts along coastal California. We saw Sea Lions and Elephant Seals sunning on rocky beaches with patches of sea fog obscuring the bright blue sky. We saw the results of last year's tsunami that unleashed its awesome power on Crescent City. We saw velvet antlered Elk grazing among the majestic Redwoods. We saw winding mountain roads with dark lighting storms in the distance as the setting sun lit up the landscape with brilliant light. We saw California mountain summits covered with freshly fallen snow in June. We saw the salt flats in Nevada where an ancient ocean once flooded the barren landscape. We saw graceful Antelope in Wyoming with their young fawns. We saw fertile fields of grain and corn through the heartland of Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. We saw the mighty Mississippi River rushing south as we traveled east. We saw the lush Appalachian Mountains rise from flat lands to peaks with every hue of green blending seamlessly. We finally arrived on the east coast at Baltimore Harbor where Francis Scott Key wrote our beautiful National Anthem as he watched Old Glory flying high over Fort McHenry during the war of 1812. God Bless America.
Here are a few links to songs that our trip reminded me of.
Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World
America, the Beautiful  
Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston
Common Sense Solutions
This will explain some unintended consequences of what I hope are well intentioned laws. I will give you a brief summary of what is happening and offer some common sense solutions. Please keep an open heart and mind as you read this. I love the sea and have decades of on the water experience to offer. We should all have a common goal of healthy and sustainable fisheries that can be responsibly harvested indefinitely. We can reach the same end goal without all of the unintended consequences that waste our resources, hurt our families, destroy our businesses, and take our freedom. Commercial fishermen are not numbers in some bureaucratic equation. We are real people with families that depend on our income and care about our safety at sea. We are powerless to stop the pain and suffering that the mismanagement of our fisheries causes our loved ones. Commercial fishermen are a minority group without the money, power, or numbers to defend ourselves against the multi-billion dollar bureaucracies that rule us with an iron fist and the full weight of the federal government behind them. The bureaucrats get a gang mentality and will collectively do terrible things to their fellow man. Things that they would never dream of doing individually. We are their fellow Americans and deserve to be treated like they would want us to treat them if the roles were reversed. The whole world would be a better place if everyone just followed the Golden Rule.
The reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA) contains hard deadlines and other well intentioned mandates that groups like Pew, EDF, and Oceana lobbied Congress to include in it. The MSA is the law that dictates how America's fisheries are managed. Hard deadlines require the use of the Best Available Data (BAD) to quickly do stock assessments. They have changed BAD to Best Available Science (BAS). Now they can make up whatever they want and that IS the BAS. I also think they did not like that people could use BAD like this. The rushed BAD assessments show that the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) have grossly mismanaged many of our fish stocks to the point of collapse for decades. We have had no choice but to follow their laws under threat of fines, seizures,and imprisonment. We pay the price for our obedience with our blood, treasure, and liberty. The bureaucratic incompetence is rewarded with more money and power. The BAD assessments have led to unreasonably low quotas that the SAFMC and NMFS refuse to wisely manage with Trip Poundage Limits (TPLs). This creates derby fisheries that require fishermen to stay at sea longer and in worse weather to make enough money to survive during the closures that will come when the quotas are met. We are forced by law to discard the illegal fish during the closures even though many of them will die slowly from stress, infection, and decompression damage. We then have to stay longer and in worse weather to catch enough legal fish to pay the bills. This is a waste of our resources and drastically cuts our income. It also takes your freedom to access those illegal fish. The void is filled with cheap imported seafood of questionable quality. The market for our safe American seafood is greatly diminished because there is not a dependable supply of it. Consumers get used to the cheap imported seafood and this drives down demand and prices for our local supply when it is available. This creates a vicious cycle that will continue to get worse until the quotas are wisely managed with TPLs.
I have pointed out some of the problems and these are my common sense solutions that would follow all of the mandates in the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The SAFMC has told me that the only mandate they had to follow was the one to end overfishing. I asked them how we were supposed to safely survive the rebuilding process if they would not follow the mandates to limit By Catch, make efficient use of the resource, and promote our safety at sea. They told me this in their usual cold, arrogant, and condescending way. "THAT IS NOT OUR CONCERN."
  1. All size limits should be removed. We should not discard countless fish to die and be wasted because they have not lived long enough to reach some arbitrary size. We should make wise use of every fish landed and count everything against the quota. The removal of size limits along with TPLs would almost eliminate regulatory discards.
  2. All targeted species should have annual quotas. The existing quotas could be increased by about a third if size limits were removed and we stopped discarding tons of seafood every year.
  3. Trip Poundage Limits should be used to manage every fish with a quota. The TPLs should be set high for the first %75 of the quota and adjusted to a level that will fill it without any long closures for the remaining %25 of the quota. Some fish also need split seasons. This would almost eliminate by catch, give you access to a dependable supply of local seafood, and allow fishermen to survive the rebuilding process in a safer way.
  4. Artificial Reefs could be a long term solution that would be the perfect union of aquaculture and commercially caught wild fish. We could greatly increase the total biomass the US South Atlantic could support.
This simple plan could allow us to responsibly harvest America's seafood and support our families by providing you with access to it. We could show other Nations by example how you can wisely manage fisheries in a way that preserves their heritage and way of life while making it easier and safer for them. You can contact me at  if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and support.
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This is an article about the Environmental Defense Fund and catch shares. It is well written and worth reading. Here come catch shares:
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Rep. Barney Frank supports commercial fishermen and seafood consumers. Please read this op-ed and related article.
This best version of the Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard. Whitney peaked with the bombs bursting in air.  
Here are a couple of links to information about Agenda 21. That is a plan that politicians and environmentalist from around the globe came up with at the Earth Summit back in the early 1990's. It contains guidelines for governments to control land use, energy production, fisheries, and almost every aspect of of our lives. It sounds like a conspiracy because it is!
The Wizardry Behind Fishery Management
UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You
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