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JULY 8, 2012 


H$U$ The MOB and The Black Egg Part 1                                      For Part 2, click here

Today's guest: Diane Amble and Karen Strange

About Diane Amble
Diane's an Investigative Journalist, member of the LA Press Club, business woman, and animal rights activist. As you will hear in this podcast, she has been threatened by very powerful people for revealing their miss use of power.
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Scarface Capone would have been proud of the Mafia's advance into mainstream America and world markets. Organized crime in the last 80 years has become highly educated and extremely sophisticated. Children of the Mafiosi had the money to attend Princeton, Harvard, Columbia and Yale to obtain the best educations in Environmental and Political Science, Law, Business and Non Profit Law. It is common knowledge that the Feds could not take down Capone in any other way but through the Internal Revenue Service. What would be a dream come true for the mob and its rackets would be a business that one could launder money through, lots of money, far beyond what the old Italian restaurant money laundering racket served up. What better "racket" than Non Profit organizations, layered and affiliated for money laundering ease, and best of all, EXEMPT from taxes.

While at college, these next generation soon-to-be professionals with credentials and degrees often become involved in Environmentalism courtesy of ultra left professors such as Peter Singer. Singer is the master of indoctrination and manipulation of these young students that come to study at Harvard and Princeton. He is well known as the "Father of the Animal Rights Movement" which he admits was an experiment with a political social movement class. He admittedly cares nothing for animals, or for that matter, humans as one can ascertain from many of his statements such as "killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person, that is, a being who wants to go on living."[29] Obama recently appointed him as advisor to Cass Sunstein, the Harvard law professor, who is Obama's nominee to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory affairs - the so-called "regulation czar". Singer advocates the moral equality of humans and animals.
When Singer's appointment to Princeton's faculty was announced in 1998, billionaire alumnus and presidential candidate Steve Forbes pledged not to give a dime to the school until he left the faculty. Nonetheless, Singer is still advising students and teaching "Practical Ethics," one of the most popular courses at the university. How did Singer, an atheist, become the God of Ethics? Isn't this the same attitude that Hitler possessed? Many that have studied Singer believe he emulates Hitler and has had a perverse fixation on the Fuhrer since early childhood. How Singer can then twist the atrocities of the Nazis into an argument for bioethics is mind-boggling considering that Hitler and the Nazi Party used animal rights propaganda and veganism to turn neighbor against neighbor and to vilify the Jewish people and their traditions and culture.
Dr. Martin Hulsey once a research scientist in the Department of Foods and Nutrition, University of Georgia, noted "In Nazi Germany, practices such as vivisection were characterized as Jewish (by relating them to the ritual of kosher slaughter) and thereby vilified. Subsequently, reverence for the "rights" of animals was used to justify the oppression of Jewish people." The laws and accusation of vivisection were often used as a pretext to prosecute Jewish scientists. [10] In 1940, a discussion was started within the administration about prohibiting pets, in order to conserve foodstuffs for human consumption. But personal interference by Hitler stopped this proposal. Ultimately a decree was published by the administration against pets, but it referred only to the pets in the possession of non-Aryan citizens.[23] On February 15, 1942, a decree was published prohibiting Jews from keeping pets,[20] which the Jews found humiliating.[23] writes Boria Sax in his book, Animals in the Third Reich: Pets, Scapegoats, and the Holocaust.
Merritt Clifton from Animal People News notes that Sax details the 32 'animal protection laws' adopted by Nazi Germany in only 10 years, demonstrating that many and perhaps most were really just thinly disguised cover for oppression of Jews, gypsies, and other minorities. The first two banned kosher slaughter; the last one barred Jews from keeping pets."
Combine the animal rights movement and organized crime and the result is one of the biggest scams in American corporate history. The animal rights movement has taken over the animal welfare charities also referred to as non profit 501(c)3 corporations.
Non profits pay no taxes and are rarely audited. There is really no oversight set up for the non profits so it is easy to abuse what used to be public charity funds. Al Capone would be proud. Tax free money hires high dollar lobbyists to control Congress and state legislatures. The non profit corporations in turn write legislation that are voted into laws favorable for them. To get cooperation from politicians, campaign coffers overflow with millions in laundered mob money.
The New Generation of Mafia Children have devised a way to get "protection" money and launder huge sums of dirty money on a corporate level. The big money lobbyists grease the wheels of politicians with the promise of huge campaign donations and fund- raising if their Bill is voted into law. Since there is a limit on campaign donations, they circumvent the law with 527 Political Organizations which are without limits. This is illegal, and in actuality, is another powerful arm of racketeering.


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PHOTO: Doris Day - son Terry Melcher (  )

In 1992, the California State Attorney General revoked the Charter of the Humane $ociety of the United $tates for criminal behavior unbecoming a public charity. H$U$ would never be allowed to do business in the state of California again. This action followed a string of fraud, embezzlement, investigation by the SEC, and their well known ties to Underworld figures such as Antonio Giacalone. "Tony Jack", the infamous head of the Detroit mob is accused of ordering or being involved in the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK as well as Teamsters legend Jimmy Hoffa.

Giacalone and his attorney, DeDay LaRene were convicted for conspiracy and tax evasion and went to prison in 1994. Mob attorney DeDay LaRene' was then paroled in 1995 to The Humane $ociety of the United $tates (H$U$). One has to wonder why a non profit public charity would want or need a brilliant mob attorney working for them? LaRene' lost his Bar license and privilege to practice law in Michigan, but has his license in Maryland.

Wills was accused by Sandra LeBost of Royal Oak, Michigan that he never repaid a loan of $28,311 and her father's gold watch worth $10,000. Far from a coincidence, LaRene's wife, Joan Witt, and David Wills VP of the H$U$ were both on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Humane Society. Wills and others were accused of embezzlement when the non profit went under after trying to unionize the workers. Wills headed for NSAP, now dormant, for many years before taking the job at HSUS. Joan Witt, DeDay LaRene's wife, followed Wills from her humane society post in Nashua, New Hampshire to MHS, (Maryland Humane Society) where a similar story played out with embezzlement charges thrown at David Wills and the Board. They both then moved onto the HSUS.

David Wills and Wayne Pacelle once college roommates were friends while Pacelle was with the radical animal rights organization, Fund For Animals. Pacelle then went to work for the H$U$ with Wills in 1994. Soon both were accused of embezzling funds for their flamboyant Mexican wedding. Wills who was being groomed for the top post was charged with embezzlement and left H$U$ leaving a question as to the possibility of Pacelle rolling over on or even setting up Wills, in order to become the next president of H$U$. It is not unusual for the mob to often set up an executive to take the fall for a crime.
Wills married the ex-wife of Alex Pacheco (who helped found PeTA along with Englishwoman, Ingrid Newkirk) and Pacelle married the secretary for Ark Trust, Kristen Rosenberg. Again, it is a mob tactic to marry for power or alliance strengthening so even a short term marriage in order to achieve his goals for H$U$ is not inconceivable. Perhaps it was a way to get H$U$'s foot in the door to do business in California since they were there. It was a known fact that the founder, Gretchen Wyler, had cancer. The plan worked and Ark Trust is now manned by Pacelle and was re-named North Hollywood Office of H$U$.

One of the most interesting of ever-mounting animal charities being taken over by H$U$ is the Doris Day Animal League. FBI Investigations of drug running/smuggling, and/or mob involvement haunt DDAL. The FBI drug investigation was kept quiet. This information came via a former FBI agent. It wasn't a big leap for DDAL to join organized crime infested H$U$. This merger pretty much says it all for non profits.

The most intriguing DDAL story is that Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher, who was CEO of DDAL, was not only involved with Charles Manson, the mob, H$U$, and illegal drugs but also with a Satanic cult called The Process of which Manson was also a member. The infamous and horrific Sharon Tate murders were committed in Terry Melcher's home by the Manson Family.

Melcher produced the Byrds, Paul Revere and the Raiders, David Cassidy and as well as the Beach Boys for Columbia Records. The Beach Boys (the Wilson brothers) introduced Melcher to Charlie Manson who was living with them at the time. Manson wanted Melcher to produce his music. Melcher never completed the project which was to include a film of Charlie Manson. Dennis Wilson, Manson's supporter, mysteriously drowned in the Marina del Rey December 28th, 1983.

Terry Melcher and his girlfriend, Candice Bergen, were living together at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles where sex and drug orgies were attended by the elite of Hollywood and the music industry. Melcher sub-let to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate shortly after dropping Manson's project. When the Sharon Tate murders occurred some of the evidence included pornographic and sadistic movies taken of famous guests including Tate. Even John Lennon and George Harrison mentioned staying and doing drugs many times at Melcher's home. The drug connection seems to be the link between all parties with LSD "Orange Sunshine" being the common denominator especially linking the equally gruesome LaBianca murders that occurred days after the Tate murder. Two of the men murdered along with Tate are Jay Sebring, her ex- beau and Hollywood hairdresser who the movie "Shampoo" was supposedly written about and a Polish immigrant, Woytek Frykowski, both who were dealing drugs including "Orange Sunshine LSD".

It was said that Rosemary LaBianca dealt this specific LSD manufactured in Malibu and Laguna Beach and that her husband Leno was deeply involved in the Las Vegas gambling syndicate. Leno was in debt to mobster Frankie Carpo, an associate of the infamous New York Don Frank Costello (that Jack Nicholson portrayed in the movie, The Departed), who Manson served as an apprentice to while doing time in the same prison. Manson had tried to obtain "the black book" that Leno had as well as shake him down for money and without finding the book, savagely killed Leno and his wife. With all the facts at hand, it appears Manson was a hit man.

After Manson was arrested, Melcher went into intense psychiatric treatment. Melcher was the only witness that was visibly shaking at Manson's trial. Was it from his involvement or fear of Manson?

Doris Day and her son left a wake of murders and suicides following them. Two of Day's three husbands mysteriously committed suicide. These suicides were not investigated. One of them was Melcher's adoptive dad (Terry's biological father was Al Jordan, Day's 1st marriage) who was accused by Day of embezzling her entire $20 Million dollar fortune. Doris Day was not the virginal all American girl that the studios portrayed, but that's another story in itself.

The details of how H$U$ "inherited" the Doris Day Animal League from Terry Melcher who died prematurely from melanoma are murky but suffice it to say, Pacelle was now in control of the biggest name animal organizations in California and the nation.

The founding members of The Process, a satanic worship cult "church" were basically struggling to survive, unable to get sufficient donations to keep their church running upon immigrating from England to the United States. At this time they were in Arizona. The Process had tried Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and San Francisco where they picked up Manson and his followers. Sacrifices of skinned and blood drained dogs followed their every move. This pattern of complaints followed the Process Cult as it moved across the nation.

There are links to Son of Sam murders and sex/snuff films as well with murders of filmographers and others that trail the several chapters of the Process across the nation.

The founders of the Process Church attended an animal charity fund-raiser in Washington DC and were astounded at how people were throwing money at this 501(c)3 charity. That's when the founding members of The Process realized that it was easier to raise money for animals than for Satan. The founding members returned to Arizona and switched gears. Their organization was re-named BEST FRIENDS, and they moved to Kanab, Utah.

It seems the "wake" of death and destruction not only follows DDAL but also H$U$ whenever there is about to be the take-over of another "Associate Organization", as Wayne Pacelle calls it. A founder of Best Friends died in an unexplained car accident on his way back to the Best Friends Sanctuary. Best Friends admits that they were The Process Cult Church that sacrificed pets, but it's a little different when they themselves are up for sacrifice. The Founding Members never counted on they themselves being murdered if they objected to take- over or "changing of the guard" as was stated to this writer in 2008 before "The Recent Accident" by one of the original founding members. Who knew Ernst Paul Eckhoff, 72, of Kanab would be dead in a few months in a mysterious single car (?) roll-over accident!

PHOTO: Charlie Manson 1969 said to be a member of Process Church ( )

It is rumored that a rendering plant was built nearby the Best Friends "Sanctuary" to dispose of the animals. It certainly could help keep things tidy after a bloody sacrifice.

For those that are inclined to dismiss The Process' involvement in these crimes, consider the fact that the night before Robert F. Kennedy was killed, RFK accompanied Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski to a dinner party at the Malibu home of John Frankenheimer, the Director of the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. After the party, Frankenheimer then drove Kennedy back to the Ambassador Hotel. His assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, had visited a member of The Process that worked in the kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel the day before where Kennedy was gunned down. Kennedy was the most courageous and committed Attorney General this nation has ever had when it came to fighting organized crime.
H$U$ - Humane $ociety of the United $tates
A little known fact is that Wayne Pacelle's brother, Richard Jr, is a professor at Georgia Southern University and teaches Non Profit Law. Could it be that he is the brains behind his brother's strategy and criminal career at H$U$ by using the law to circumvent the existing law.

Richard Pacelle's specialty is teaching Non Profit Law. Wife Fenton Strickland is the head of the research collection in Political Science at Indiana University

Pictured right are wife Fenton Strickland, Mom Pat Pacelle, Richard Pacelle Jr

"The Pacelle Family name is spelled Pacelli"

"Pacelle appears to have been Pacelli when the family arrived in the United States.."

"My life is pretty much like a cross between "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "The Soprano's"."

The quotes above are from Richard Pacelle, Jr.'s website. Richard equates his family to the "Sopranos"?

When a reporter mispronounced Wayne's name, ballistic comes to mind regarding Wayne's reaction. Why? Could it be the ties to the organized crime underworld? Upon reviewing Wayne Pacelli's Family Tree one finds some very interesting characters not only from the "Old Country Italy" but from Al Capone's infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The man credited with the planning and orchestration of the St Valentine's Massacre was William Pacelli, right hand man for Capone. William Pacelli was also elected three times as Chicago representative for the state of Illinois. Was this Uncle Bill from the St. Valentine's Massacre credited with planning the gruesome crime that shocked America?

Other well known Mob names are laced throughout the Wayne Pacelli Family Tree also. Maselli sometimes spelled Masselli, like those in the New Jersey and Rhode Island Crime Families pops up often. In an article in Time Magazine, William Masselli is described by the FBI as a "self-admitted soldier" in the Genovese Mafia family.

The Pacelle brothers are not to be underestimated for their criminal genius. Wayne not only sits on the Board of many non-profits but he and his other H$U$ Board members and longtime "associates" also own or sit on the Boards of many of the for profit corporations. The for profit corporations service H$U$ such as the marketing mail houses that receive millions each year from H$U$ to solicit via the US Postal Service for donations. as well as lockbox corporations that receive the actual donations (envelope openers). These donations are then used to pay these service companies and salaries of H$U$ personnel with only 4% of the total income for H$U$ going to help animals in any direct way.

Before Pacelle took the helm of H$U$, the reported income was nearly $2 million dollars annually. Now they report over $100 million in income per year. What charity has ever made this kind of a leap in history? H$U$ paid over $881,000 to Exciting New Technologies, owned by the main internet support service for on-line pornography and internet gambling. Ex H$U$ president Dr. Irwin's son, Chris, was hired as Director of Business Development by the owner of ENT, Gordon, a mail and bank fraud felon. Dr. Irwin moved to the position of CEO of the American Bible Society, where $5 million went to ENT within two years time. Once the pornographic background was revealed, Irwin was dismissed from his post by a very embarrassed American Bible Society.

Photo: Peter Singer - by Joel Travis Sage

Singer writes in his paper, Heavy Petting, "Some men use hens as a sexual object, inserting their penis into the cloaca, an all-purpose channel for wastes and for the passage of the egg. This is usually fatal to the hen, and in some cases she will be deliberately decapitated just before ejaculation in order to intensify the convulsions of its sphincter. "This is cruelty, clear and simple. (But is it worse for the hen than living for a year or more crowded with four or five other hens in barren wire cage so small that they can never stretch their wings, and then being stuffed into crates to be taken to the slaughterhouse, strung upside down on a conveyor belt and killed? If not, then it is no worse than what egg producers do to their hens all the time.)"

Pacelle showed up uninvited and unannounced, at a Pacific North West Egg Producer Convention prior to the filing of the California initiative later to be called "Prop 2". Wayne Pacelle made them an offer, off the record, which in this case they refused.

The use of classic mob tactics which encompasses fear, threat, intimidation and extortion (racketeering) are exactly what was employed against the egg producers by refusing to "play ball" with Pacelle. H$U$ promptly financed the Initiative for "hen welfare" in California. The implementation of Prop 2, , will put egg producers out of business and devastate the agricultural industry in California. Beef, pork and dairy producers will soon join the egg producers' exodus from California. This is reminiscent of the space industry's exodus and the "depression" that followed in California.

Next, Neil Trent animal rights extremist and CEO of HSI (Humane $ociety International) was placed as Director of the Marin Humane $ociety just before Prop 2. Neil Trent's timely appearance pushed out a very competent shelter director who had run the Marin Humane Society for 20 years. Soon Neil Trent now as Director of The Marin Humane Society was speaking in support for Prop 2. Why would he leave a position at the top of H$I to run a small time local humane society.

Was Neil Trent "placed" in this liberal wealthy California locale in order to garner support and financing for Prop 2? Neil Trent abruptly left the Marin Humane Society shortly after Prop 2 was passed.

Another strategic placement happened at the prestigious San Francisco SPCA. It's new Director from Colorado, a hotbed for punitive animal legislation, Jan McHugh-Smith played hostess to the Prop 2 rallies held by Wayne Pacelle himself. Wayne Pacelle and Neil Trent
(Pacelle's Capo) were side by side at the rally in Marin County. Pacelle said in the moment of excitement after three hours of mind- control dribble, "Are you inspired by your Co- Religionists? " Pacelle and Neil Trent were leading an apparent revival meeting soliciting members for Pacelle's "1000 Club". Planted "ringers" in the audience much like at corrupt auction house would jump up and shout "I'll get a thousand signatures". This club is for those who obtained 1000 plus signatures to get the Prop 2 initiative on the ballot in California to overthrow free enterprise for farmers and ranchers. Wayne said over and over in a monotone hypnotic voice, "hens in barren wire cages so small that they can never stretch their wings, or turn around" for three hours.
Prop 2 passed by uninformed voters in CA not realizing that the price of eggs would double before Prop 2 was in place and may very well quadruple the price of eggs before January 1, 2015. But that was only phase one. The most important piece of the puzzle for control of the food production of California was yet to drop.

AB 1437, the Shelled EGG Bill, was sponsored by Jared Huffman, a first-time Democrat Assembly member from Mill Valley (Marin County) during the present legislative session (2009). There are no egg growers in Mill Valley nor Marin County. Why is Huffman sponsoring this Bill? Huffman claims it is for "hen welfare". Seemingly, legislators have forgotten about the welfare of their constituency, the consumer. There is no other food product that is used more than eggs. The reasons it affects the price of food more than any other animal food product is because there are eggs in almost all processed foods, such as baked goods, crackers, cookies, pancake mix, and in frozen prepared foods as emulsifiers and stabilizers as well as to boost the nutritional content of foods.

After an examination of campaign donations to the Prop 2 campaign organization, Californians For Humane Farms by the Fair Political Practices Commission, it was advised that the donations represented RICO activity and should be investigated by the Attorney General's Office.

H$U$ has found a way to bypass the campaign donation limitations by laundering the money through employees of H$U$and it's "Associate Member Organizations". H$U$'s 501(c)3 non profit "loaned" $500,000 to DDAL a 501(c)4 organization, (whom they own) to lobby Prop 2 in California which goes into effect in 2015. The 501(c)3 organizations are forbidden to "loan" or "give" money to 527 organizations by the IRS and under the Fair Political Practices Act. This has been reported repeatedly but is ignored not only by the IRS but by the Attorney General of the State of California. When a Senator's staff was asked why no investigation was ongoing, the response was "Jerry Brown is running for Governor. He won't be making waves."

However, Jerry Brown, a dyed in the wool Democrat, also looked the other way during the Katrina disaster, when a multitude of complaints were levied against H$U$ for misappropriating the $35 million in direct donations intended for hurricane victims. Yet, Brown did prosecute a smaller charity, Noah's Wish, that received $8 million in Katrina donations which were seized by Brown. What is also missing are the pets supposedly "rescued."

What the above persons and organizations will eventually find out is that they were set up and used by Pacelle at H$U$ to commit crimes for him and the furtherance of organized crime and his future "political" career. The end result will be a black market that drives the price of eggs through the roof, loss of jobs, businesses and tax revenues for the state at a time when California is teetering at the precipice of bankruptcy.
Prop 2 enables H$U$ to not only inspect but raid anyone involved in animal production agriculture in California. If H$U$ finds animal cruelty, the H$U$ is allowed to seize, keep, sell anything they steal from California's farmers as well as heavily fine farmers and send farmers to prison. H$U$ wants to do away with the California Department of Agriculture and take their place. For this end, Pacelle is pulling the strings of the 2nd most powerful Senator in the State Legislature, Dean Florez. California's Dept. of Agriculture is probably the only agency running in the black in California. This is the conduit for "protection money" to flow to H$U$. What better way for organized crime to operate than through a non profit within the state structure. It would never be audited by the IRS. The perks are, the H$U$ appointed criminals, many of whom are felons, can legally carry guns and shoot anyone they'd like to remove. They can steal, keep, sell and profit from all the farmers they want to put out of business. What are California Legislators thinking putting VEGANS armed with weapons in charge of MEAT and EGG GROWERS?

The California legislators are NOT thinking. They are being bribed. A bribe is not just money, it is anything that is promised or accepted in order to obtain a vote on a Bill or Law that the briber can profit from and the legislator receives some advantage which can be sex, a sweater (as in US v Frega of San Diego) the promise of a Campaign Donation. It is also
Racketeering. Former Judge Adams is still in Lompoc Federal Prison, just ask him.

It's not just H$U$ that is bribing and running a racketeering scheme and artifice, they are dragging other non profits into their bloody corrupt pit. H$U$ donated $10,000 to Judi Mancuso's 501(c)3 group called $ocial Compassion that has been leading the attack against pet owners to fine and seize any and all pets not sterilized. Again, shadows of the Nazi horrors.
Judi Mancuso then turned around and gave the entire $10,000 to Senator Majority Leader Darrell Steinberg's 527 campaign organization. It is illegal for Social Compassion to donate money to a 527. Now, Mancuso and other organizations are staging to wage a war on farmers with groups like Animal Cruelty Investigators, a rogue SPCA whose main board member, the husband of longtime PeTA employee, Jane Garrison, is partners with Mancuso's husband, Rolf Wicklund, a cousin of the notorious ALF spokesperson and admitted operative, Freeman Wicklund. Freeman Wicklund also headed the radical organization, COKS, and then not so coincidentally, Mercy For Animals, that set up a Fresno chicken farmer for a faked undercover expose on chicken abuse during the Prop 2 campaign.

Louis Caldera

If by now, you are wondering how is it conceivably legal to seize a citizen's property under such quasi guidelines as a chicken being able to stretch their wings, the answer is corruption within the legislature.

Since 1993 citizens in the state of California have begged the Attorney General, the local District Attorneys and Law Enforcement to investigate the illegal issuance of search and seizure warrants by Superior Court Judges to private, non profit 501(c)3 corporations.

These warrants are issued to SPCA and Humane Societies to do Home Invasion Robberies and file false fabricated criminal charges against property owners to, bottom line, be awarded large "restitution orders" from the Judge. The Judge automatically signs a criminal Abstract of Judgment for from $250,000 to $850,000. This then enables the Non Profit Private Corporation to lien and force sale or seize the home or property.

The California Constitution Article 2, Section 12 specifically states that "The Legislature Shall Not Give Any Power To A Private Person or Private Corporation".

The State of California Legislature violated the California Constitution in 1995 with 607f of the Civil Code. When caught, Assemblymember Louis Caldera had it repealed in 1996. * Seems scandal follows the former California Assemblymember.

Caldera was appointed by President Obama as Director of the Military January 9, 2009. He resigned May 22 after accepting responsibility as the scapegoat for the Air Force One fly over scandal in New York that left many New Yorkers in a state of terror and panic.

In 1997, the president, of spca/LA, Madeline Bernstein, became outraged with Caldera and wrote a scathing but self-incriminating letter* to Caldera admitting that "she had even written the Humane Officer Bill and did everything Bernstein and Caldera had agreed on in order for Caldera to put this law in place." (Employees and volunteers for 501(c)3's are not to be involved in the political process at all or they lose their non profit status, as per IRS code)

Bernstein represented about 30 other non profit SPCA/Humane Societies that would benefit from this law allowing them to be able to seize property and homes for their profit to make their non profits wealthy. This also made them eligible to collect monthly from city and county government and the State Mandate Fund which would give them up to one million dollars for convicting or getting "plea bargains" from persons charged with animal cruelty. This would allow for six digit salaries for the executives of these non profits such as Bernstein who is paid over $200,000 to seize and kill thousands of loved pets a year taken from loving homes under fraudulent cruelty charges. (See D & D Disposal annual report)

In February 1997, Bernstein went to work finding a new "termed out" old Senator that didn't care about what he was doing to his constituents or the rest of California. Bernstein found the perfect patsy, Senator Ayala. Ayala already had SB 633, The Water Bill, a 100 page monster, on the floor that he sponsored. Bernstein was in hot pursuit of Ayala to ramrod her "Humane Officer Bill"* through the Senate hidden on the last few pages of his Water Bill.

California Constitution Article 4, Section 9 prohibits sneaking attachments onto Bills that are not the same subject matter in the title and content into bills that are already presented to the House or Senate. Anything added "shall" be the same as the Title of the Bill. The Water Bill,* as it is titled, addresses water companies and their corporate responsibilities. Article 4, Section 9* specifically states that ANY Bill or subject matter that is added to an existing Bill and passed into law is VOID and shall not be enforced.

A statute shall embrace but one subject, which shall beexpressed in its title. If a statute embraces a subject not expressed in its title, only the part not expressed is VOID.

Bernstein and Ayala managed to not only SNEAK the Humane Officer Bill attachment into SB 633, but they got it passed and placed into the Corporate Code 14500 through 14503 and into effect in October 1997.
Corporate Codes 14500 through 14503 are Constitutionally Void in the state of California. The Attorney Generals including Jerry Brown, have ignored all complaints and pleas from the citizens of the State of California to investigate theSPCA/Humane Society's illegal Home Invasion Robberies, beatings of senior citizens, carrying and use of spca/LA's automatic weapons.

In late 2008 a disabled LAPD officer's mother died of a stroke from one of Bernstein's Home Invasion Robberies after being terrorized by Madeline Bernstein and Los Angeles Assistant City Attorney Donald Cocek.

This is not just murder, it is pre-meditated murder. How many more "deaths of senior citizens" is it going to take for the state of California legislature and the Attorney General's Office to wake up?

January 10th, 2007 Madeline Bernstein and her thugs, Steven Pacheco and Derek Hensel from Pasadena Humane Society, Tony Manzanares and 11 others, beat a 57 year old woman to the floor of her home, bashed her head against a bookcase for at least two minutes over and over, Pacheco shoved a 9mm between her eyes, as Hensel pointed an automatic weapon with a grenade launcher at her. Manzanares threatened to tazer her, then knocked her to the floor . Manzanares and Hensel grabbed her by the breasts and arms and dragged her out of her home. Another man, David Havard, grabbed her by the breasts and held her that way against a retaining wall outside for over a half hour sexually touching her.

Madeline Berstein directs her thugs and is responsible for these actions. She is a licensed attorney in NY and CA and according to law "knew or should have known" she was committing the following felonies against the State of CA as well as all of her victims in Home Invasion Robberies by violating the following:

A person who seeks to influence the vote or action of a member of the Legislature in the member's legislative capacity by bribery, promise of reward, intimidation, or other dishonest means, or a member of the Legislature so influenced, is guilty of a felony."

We obtained copies of her letters to Caldera.

One cannot imagine why the Dept of Justice is not investigating these travesties.

Al "Scarface" Capone would be proud.

The Mob, H$U$ and the Black Egg Copyright 8/17/2009

 Disclaimer: Warning - The section below contains adult material           This must be the animal rights part.

Kelly Carlson enrolled in Assemblymember 
Dean Florez's Internship Program today. Kelly, is Mancuso's bribe to get Florez to sponsor and vote her unconstitutional MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER BILLS into law.

Although, Mrs Florez must now think MANDATORY NEUTERING of Senators is not such a bad idea. 

Kelly Carlson from Nip-Tuck who appears nude in the XX series, appeared at a Sacramento Public Safety Committee Meeting today rubbing against, leaning into and giggling with Senator Dean Florez.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the 5:30 special was when they left together. 

Carlson was a gift from HSUS and Social Compassion who are well known Animal Enterprise Terrorist Organization supporters. 

Carlson, from Hollywood, made the typical Dumb Blonde Comments on the Bills that she knew absolutely nothing about. It was obvious that she was at the hearing to seduce Senator Dean Florez into voting for the unconstitutional Mandatory spay/neuter chipping Bill that has been "beat" to death and opposed for years in Sacramento. 

What a shame a beautiful young promising actress must lower herself to a sexual bribe for a vote. Guess money is tight in Hollywood - unlike Ms Carlson.

Dean Florez has a beautiful wife, two children and has aspirations of being our next Lt. Governor. That position in California state government requires SOME integrity, ethics and sexual restraint. Florez won't get our votes !

Sorry Nava, you're slated for the Carlson hand-me- down seconds. Guess Mancuso thinks Florez is more important. Reprinted by permission: April 15, 2009 Nothing But The Truth International
Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter) took to the internet, formally announcing his plans to run for Lieutenant Governor of California in 2010 during a live, interactive webcast.
Senator Dean Florez & Kelly Carlson 4/15/09 Committee Hearing

As you can see, this photo hasn't been airbrushed. Kelly dressed down to fool the committee in public, but GFN knows the truth.


Social Compassion Promotes This Behavior?

This could explain why they want Mandatory Spay/Neuter and chipping. If this Bill is passed for animals then it's only one step away from an amendment for humans.

This is really perverted mentality.


Senator Florez's Beautiful Wife & Family
No airbrushing needed here. Mrs. Florez is just absolutely beautiful. What a lovely family.

A Star Struck Senator is not what we need as Lt Governor. Florez needs a wake up call. He needs to listen to his REAL constitutients back home and stop catering to his wealthy prime political donors that have found ways to donate through non profits, their employees and volunteers over and over again violating the Fair Political Practices Act.

Political ambition is an ugly animal when it crosses the line, turns into a "do anything agenda to win" including the destruction of home, family, ethics and violating the Oath of Office as an elected official.

It's a sad day when puppet candidates like Florez begin to believe their own hype that they are mini-gods entitled to anything they want with no rules or laws applying to them.

Political watchdogs are few and far between. The yellow press is not allowed by government to report facts and truth. It's not the "politically correct thing to do". Mainstream press is on it way out as people are intelligent and fed up with being spoon fed lies and twisted truths.

The anchors on TV are actors not journalists waiting for the next six digit raise, series or movie offer.

Many of our politicians are also Hollywood pretenders willing to say or do anything for money, power and press. Opportunists like Florez and Nava taking advantage of our country's recession/depression to destroy our constitution, laws and freedoms as we know them. This being done for their own enrichment and political power for blood money from those who care nothing for the "save the animals" cry while they are really padding their own pockets and corporations.

Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act covers the above activity IF the FBI has the time to investigate them. But we know also that there is corruption in every facet of governement and getting a complaint read from a private citizen is almost an impossibility. The FBI at the Los Angeles Office even refuses to take hard evidence at their complaint window. It's a joke.

The New Media (internet) is forcing newpapers and magazines into bankruptcy that have controlled the real truth being kept from the public.

Goodbye Los Angeles Daily News and Los Angeles Times we're glad to see your cover-ups and lies go down the sewer along with the arrogant reporters who don't want the facts.

With the closing of these and other yellow rags maybe California has a chance to recover from decades of orchestraded political half truths.
Senator Florez Cons The Public As a Goody Two Shoes
Womanizer and Fraud are just a few of the credits that we can assign to Senator Dean Florez. GFN could care less about Florez and Nava's sexcapades until it interferes and controls the positions that they have been elected to serve for the State of California.

Taxpayers and citizens of the United States are still paying for the President Wilson's affair in 1913 when the FDIC (the world banker's that control our country now) blackmailed him into turning over the Federal Reserve to their private banks.

The FDIC manipulates and controls the economic stability of oil, and our country. Our President and Congress are simply puppets on the ends of their strings and whims.

Politicians screwing around while in office are the most detrimental to our state. Do Californian's really need to Pay for the Sexual Play of Florez as Lt Governor and Pedro Nava as Attorney General?

Florez keep it in your pants and don't run the State of California Budget further in debt by endorsing Bills that force the Mandate Fund to pay out millions to Organized Crime schemes and artifices. The people are not stupid and do see what you are doing.

Being photographed in front of a school bus does not cover up your lack of ethics and a slippery zipper.
Majority Whip Of The California Senate

Senate Majority Whip Dean Florez and Assmebly Member Pedro Nava both in the pockets of organized non profit crime, have aspirations as a duo to take the two of the top state positions of the state of Callifornia, Lt Governor and Attorney General.

The two have worked in concert and separately on four Animal Enterprise Terrorist submitted Bills, AB 241, AB 242, AB 243, SB 250 written by HSUS, PeTA, SPCA/la to stop ownership of animal property and criminalize all citizens so that it makes it almost impossible to own a pet.

This is rule by fear -is it 1620 in this country again? Are the Kings men going to be allowed to rape and pillage our homes too? Oh wait, the SPCA/la, HSUS and PeTA are already doing that without any legal right to do so. They are private corporations with no rights to be issued warrants, do seizures or drag you into court.

They are not peace officers, they are private non profit corporations with no more legal authority than you or I to do seizures.

They are violating the RICO ACT and getting away with it because the FBI will not take complaints or enforce the law. When they kick in the door of your home they are no more than Home Invasions Robbers at gun point stealing your worldly belongings and pets. It's ORGANIZED CRIME - MOB MENTALITY because it IS the MOB.

This behavior is promoted by Senator Dean Florez and Assemblyman Pedro Nava. Is this who we want running the State of California?

Florez and Nava don't know the laws and constitution of our state or country or they don't care. These Bills violate both our State and Fereral Constitutional right to own and use property, and the pursuit of happiness.

Both Senator Dean Florez and Assemblyman Pedro Nava are self-dealing and ignoring the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens of the State of California to own property and the pursuit of happiness. They couldn't write a constitutionally legal Bill if they tried - that's why organized crime non profits are doing it for them and they are definitely not Constitutional.

Join GFN in campaigning against the Criminal Duo and exposing their crimes.

Assemblyman Pedro Nava Running for Callifornia Attorney General?
"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government."

Thomas Jefferson

Are Florez and Nava following the words of one of our Founding Fathers?

Assemblyman Pedro Nava has conspired with Senator Dean Florez,, Mancuso and Shenker to do 5th Amendment Takings of our Property Rights in the State of Callifornia. The Animal Enterprise Terrorists have stuped to an all time low likened only to Organized Crime bribing elected officials with sex from Hollywood stars. Is this perhaps what they call "Play For Pay"?

As Nava holds up his hands one has to wonder just what size he is speaking about..

Nava "my dogs balls are property and they have the right not to be a takings by the state, give them yours instead." California will be violating the U S Constitution if this legislation is passed - it's a 5th Amendment Takings.

Nava must take second chair to Senator Florez with Ms Carlson as he's just an Assembly Member.

It's time that the Corrupt Campaign Practices Committee for California look at these two individuals and audit their campaign contributions and where those contributions are really coming from. GFN has found some very questionable games that are being played with these campaign contributions.

Laundering money from Organized Crime Families such as the Chicago Outfit, St. Louis and Detroit mobs are involved in California Political Campaigns so that those "family" member's private agendas are successful in California and can then move out to other states.

Over the last 20 years Organized Crime has become more sophisicated. The mob has infiltrated and taken over non profit 501(c)3 organizations to launder thier illegally gotten gain from other illegal operations. What a perfect set up. Generally when a mob member is "busted" it's by the IRS. Non Profits are the perfect hidey hole for their criminal activity, property flipping, and money laundering.

GFN has followed the money and back tracked it all the way to the 1960's Las Vegas, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis mobs. Amazing how the game stays the same but just in a different venue.

There are now several generations of mob children and mafia princesses that have been left with huge amounts of dirty money. Many of the mob offspring are not as intelligent as their daddy's and are getting sloppy in their attempts to launder the $$$$$$ !

What better way to launder money than through tax exempt organizations and politicial campaigns. What's even more amazing is that Senator Dean Florez and Pedro Nava are right smack in the middle of the mob and Animal Enterprise Domestic Terrorism.

Where's the Joint Anti-Terrorist Task Force when you need them? Join us at the Capitol in Sacramento.

At Least Kelly Is Clean - Too Bad Our Legislators Aren't
A thorough cleansing is exactly what our corrupt State Capitol needs. At least we have term limits which helps some. Our elected officials promise anything then cater to the special interest groups such as HSUS, PeTA, Social Compassion, IDA, Farm Sanctuary, SPCA/la and Humane Societies who are violating their charters and IRS laws by lobbying.

These non profits are violating Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering laws with political payoffs and our governor just sits there with his head up his butt.
GFN will expose any and all dirty deals, payoffs and corruption that it can ferret out.

Sacramento take a cue from Kelly Carlson, scrubb the dirt and corruption away and give the state back to the people of California.
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