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SEPTEMBER 23, 2012



Today's guest: Elizabeth Nickson


Elizabeth Nickson

Author & Journalist

Forty million Americans driven from their lands; rural culture crushed; and wildlife, forests, and rangelands dying-an investigative reporter documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement in North America and beyond.

Journalist Elizabeth Nickson was forced to subdivide her small forest on Salt Spring Island in the Pacific Northwest. To do so, she needed the Islands Trust to grant her the “right” to build one more house on her twenty-eight acres. Her long and expensive struggle with the radical greens led her to investigate the broader impact of the environmental movement on ordinary men and women in North America and around the world.

Nickson explores how the environmental movement has changed the way we interact with nature and documents how it is hurting communities. She details the ways in which today’s environmental movement has strayed from scientific integrity on issues ranging from land management to biodiversity to fish and water protection, and how environmental radicals have taken over government agencies on local, state, and federal levels. The result? A wholesale sequestration of forest, range and water, more than 40% of North America, impoverishing us all, especially the most vulnerable. This confiscation of America’s natural heritage is a major factor contributing to our current economic decline: until it is acknowledged and addressed, our economy will not recover.
She traces the tens of billions of dollars environmental nonprofits spend annually to promote the notion that our essential natural systems are collapsing and finds, in a brutal example of self-fulfilling prophesy, that their perverted science is decertifying the heartland. She visits once-thriving communities turning to ghost towns because environmental legislation has forced mines, ranches, and mills to close and forbade critical forest, range, park, and wilderness maintenance.
Eco-Fascists expose the major fallacies of the environmental movement – from wildlife protection to zoning to forest fire management – and introduces us to the individuals who are fighting back. Fast-paced, highly accessible, and sure to be controversial, it will change the national conversation about environmental protection and its impact.
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