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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 


Which American Dream?  

Today's guest: Do Jans



About Don Jans


Don Jans, the author of "My Grandchildren's America", believes that America is great because of it's promises of individual freedom and opportunity. Like most grandparents, he believes his grandchildren will have the ability and desire to excel, if that opportunity is still available. Will the changes promised and happening now, limit these freedoms and opportunities?

Don has been a student of history for over 40 years. He has concentrated in the study of European history with an emphasis on Russian history. This led him to his study of Karl Marx and Marxism. In addition to being a popular speaker on Marxism, Don has also had articles published on the topic. He also has been a guest on regional and national media broadcasts.

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Which American Dream?  This week-end, amid all the typical campaign rhetoric and meaningless slogans, two comments were made that truly define why this election is so critical. I know we hear that every presidential election is the most crucial of our time; this one may just be the most important because it will determine which course America will take.
Obama said “…a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared.” Ryan said “We promise equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.”
This has been the aged old argument. It has been argued from the
beginning of recorded history in one form or another. Is it societies
responsibility to give somebody a fish to feed him today, or to teach him how to fish, so if he chooses, he can feed himself for life? This is the argument made by Karl Marx in his famous quote of “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” or  prosperity shared.
We heard Obama say when endorsing the Occupying Wall Street protestors in October of 2011, that these protestors are “giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works.” In November of 2011, Obama stated again, about the same group, “Young people like the ones here today, are the reason I ran for office in the first place.”
What was Obama endorsing? Prior to his endorsement, a list of
“demands” had been given by this group. These “demands” included, restoration of the living wage which includes raising the minimum wage to twenty dollars, guarantee a living wage income regardless of employment, free college education, end the fossil fuel economy, one trillion dollars in infrastructure improvements, open borders migration so anyone can travel anywhere to live and work, immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all, union elections at anytime the union wants to hold them, and a universal single payer healthcare system.
Karl Marx also endorsed these “demands” in his writings. In fact,
most of these “demands” are at the heart of his call for a “fair and
equitable classless society.” In the “Critique of the Gotha Program,” Marx stated that the economic system of wages should run based on his famous quote of “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” He then went on to describe how the “total social product” should be distributed. Even before the worker receives his portion of the distribution, a livable wage is distributed to all those not working for any reason. He states that those who are working will produce to their maximum ability because, in this highest phase of society labor
has become not only a means of life, but life’s prime wants. THE
In the Gotha Program, Marx also said that not only should all
elementary education be free and universal, but this free and
universal education should be extended to include at least technical schools, both theoretical and practical.
The heart of the Fundamental Transformation to the classless society of Marx is internationalism. The closing statement in “The Communist Manifesto” calls for the workers of the world to unite. National identity and allegiance is counterproductive to a Marxist movement. The transformation, to be successful must be international. Free and unrestricted movement of the worker between borders is a critical element.
Marx asserted that capitalists are responsible for debt. This is
because the capitalist does not pay the worker the full value for his
labor. The essence of capitalism is the capitalist keeping a portion
of the workers wage according to Marx. He calls this “surplus value.” This value is received by the capitalist for which he did nothing. He also criticized the capitalist because he would reinvest this “surplus value” to create even more capital. Marx asserted that the capitalist forced the worker into debt, because he forced the worker to consume more commodities than value he received. The worker is not responsible for his debt.
Marx, like FDR, Obama and the Marxist/Progressives, believed that the state should determine how the total proceeds of labor should be distributed, or what is commonly called “Central Planning.” It is the state who should determine what portion of proceeds should be allocated to public works, allocated for replacement of necessary productive equipment, and control use of all natural resources since they are after all the property of the people. We can view with 20/20 hindsight how this “Central Planning” process and governmental control of the economy in fact hinders economic recovery. An objective review of the 1930’s can only reach the honest conclusion that these policies used by FDR, not only restricted recovery growth, but led to an even deeper recession in 1937 and 1938 than the one in 1929. FDR’s policies also kept the unemployment rate in double digit figures. Are we making the same mistakes today?
Marx was the “party boss” of the first international workers union. He wrote in 1853, after a wave of workers strikes, how important the organization of workers is to ending the enslavement of the worker and abolishing the wage system. He called these strikes and struggles a war, and that the trade union is the essential point around which the battle is built. Tactics in these struggles, strikes, demonstrations, protests and riots are not important. Only the result is important. The trade union is to the war on the capitalistic system, what the family is to the survival of society (this was not stated by Marx but is attributable to the author).


Yes, this election is crucial to America. Will we follow the path of
shared prosperity called for by Marx, Obama, Occupying Wall Street, and all Marxist/Progressives, or will we REVERT to the concept of equal opportunity, not equal outcomes?
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