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NOVEMBER 25, 2012 


Californians United Against Common Core         "Common Core"

Today's guest: Orlean Koehle
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Orlean Koehle has been serving as the Eagle Forum State President since 2002. In 2006, when she and her husband, Dr. Kurt Koehle, discovered their rural property rights were under attack by the General Plan 2020 (part of Agenda 21), she started a group called Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition. The group began their battle to become better educated to try to stop the abuse of power of unelected officials on property rights in their county. Eagle Forum Conference Video Collection

Orlean is the author of many articles and several books, the latest being By Stealth and Deception, USA Transformation and Its Parallel to the European Union. She also recently completed a booklet entitled Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter. She has spoken about her books for conservative groups throughout Southern and Northern California and several other states. She and Kurt have six children—five boys and one daughter—and 5 grandchildren.
Discussions on our program today:  Common Core
The purpose of this website is: To expose the deception, dangers, lower standards, and enormous costs behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative; to educate and motivate the public as to why Californians should be opposing Common Core, and why we should be exerting every effort to stop California from going forward with the CC curriculum, standards and Assessment tests.


The Common Core Logo - shows a map of the USA with the States that have signed onto Common Core (CC) colored gold. The five States that have not yet adopted CC are shown in a darker color. They are Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Virginia and half of Minnesota. [Minnesota accepted just half of the standards, those of English and reading, but not the math.]

Why the dark color for the non-compliant States? Does that mean those States have not yet reached the state of ‘enlightenment’ of the other “brighter” States?


“Why did the creators of the logo choose the symbol of an incomplete dizzy-looking circle that can’t quite get it together? After doing the months of research that I have done on Common Core, I think the logo is a good choice. It shows the effect this curriculum is going to have on the students of our nation. Their education is going to be dumbed down, “incomplete.” They are going to be left in a dizzy, confused state, and won’t be able to get it together well enough to have a bright future.”

What is Common Core? “The Common Core State Standards Initiative” is the official name for the new education program coming down from the Obama administration, preparing the way for “Race to the Top Assessments,” which will take place in 2014 when all the computer software is in place to test the minds of the nation’s children to see how well Common Core (CC) has been sufficiently taught.

     CC pretends to be a benign “State” program, State-written and controlled. It is touted as being “more rigorous” [whatever that means] and that it will “better prepare students for college and the workplace.”

       However, CC is really a deceptive Trojan Horse, a national program, written by a national team, supported by President Obama and the Federal Department of Education, and it is imposing national, top-down standards and curriculum on all of the 46 States that have signed onto it.
•What is so Bad about Nationalized, Top-Down Education? Those in support of CC say that it will make education standardized across the nation, so that if a student moves from one state to another, he will not miss anything. All education will be the same at the same grade level. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Yes, it does sound bad if one looks at other countries that have nationalized education, and we see nationalized propaganda. When education is top-down, with the federal government having so much control and power over education, it is very easy to promote a certain agenda and indoctrination is so much easier.


•Nationalization Disempowers the People: When there is a national education program in place, it is almost impossible to have any influence on changing policy or programs. Your local school board, state school board, state legislators, and the governor will be powerless to change it. As Lance Izumi, of the Pacific Research Institute states, “The further policy making is seated away from ordinary citizens, the less powerful and influential those citizens are.”

Jay Greene, professor at the University of Arkansas, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, and left this warning about the dangers of a national education system:
If we discover a mistake or wish to try a new and possibly better approach, we can’t switch. We are stuck with whatever national choices we make for a very long time. And if we make a mistake, we will impose it on the entire country. Izumi adds, “The most affected will be parents and their children.”

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