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JANUARY 20, 2013
"Unfortunately ... It's ALL TRUE"
 with William Walter Kay



 What is the mainstream news hiding from us now?  idleNOmore.ca

Canada is currently in the throws of an unprecedented Indian uprising. In the last month there have been several hundred public demonstrations and about 100 illegal rail and road blockades. One Indian Chief is currently starving herself to death on the steps of the Parliament Buildings.

On January 28 there will be another "day of action" with sympathy demonstrations across the USA.

 I am not a supporter of this uprising. I believe it to be an alliance of corrupt tribal dictators and the international environmental movement.

As I said before if you Google the words "Idle No More" (which is label embraced by many of the uprising's supporters) or visit the websites of Canada's main news outlets CBC.ca etc you will see the scale of the problem.

Video: CBC The National reports on meeting & Idle No More January 11, 2013


Video: Idle No More: Protest to Change?


Idle No More protesters block Queen Elizabeth II Highway" January 1