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MARCH 24, 2013 


 The Green TSUNAMI                                        
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Today's guest: Warren Duffy

     About Warren Duffy

Warren Duffy For a decade, afternoon drive-time radio listeners in Southern California tuned in from 4 to 7 p.m. on 99.5, KKLA, to hear the daily 3-hour, award winning, talk program “Duffy and Company- Live from LA”. Covering a wide range of social, moral and political issues of concern to Christians, Duffy drew a large and loyal audience who heard unique daily insights, listened to his timely interviews with well known celebrities, and called-in to discuss important news and critical issues. During the ten years, National Religious Broadcasters nominated Duffy’s radio program four times as “Talk Show of the Year”. In 2000, he was inducted into the Radio and TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Chuck Smith, pastor of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa once said, “Duffy is the most recognized Christian voice in Southern California.”

For over forty years, Globalists—those committed to Global Governance and a
New World Order—have seized control of the “environmental movement”. Make
no mistake, the international problem (the environment) needs an international
solution (the transition of power to a handful of zealots who will impose their values and lifestyles on the rest of us).
The Green Tsunami: A Tidal Wave of Eco-Babble Drowning Us All
  • How did this movement begin and gain such a global stranglehold?
  • Who are the key players advancing Global Environmentalism behind the scenes?
  • From the first Earth Day in 1970 to the Earth Summit of 1992 to the U.N.’s
    Agenda 21, how has global environmentalism arrived in your hometown?
  • Climategate—details about the explosive scandal.
  • The “Inconvenient Truths” about the claims in a “very convenient deception”.
  • The action you can take to prevent America from being drowned by
    The Green Tsunami.
The author was part of the first Earth Day in 1970 and he’s followed forty years of
imagined environmental disasters that have scared us all but have simply never
happened. “Educate, motivate, activate” are the three goals of this book. First,
educate yourself about the manipulation of environmental issues by a handful of
Global Governance conspirators. Second, get motivated to do your part to stop the march toward a New World Order and a One World Government. Third, take action to spread the message of this book to everyone you know and everyone who needs to know.
Warren Duffy is an award winning conservative talk show host,
columnist and author with an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from
the California Pacific School of Theology. He says his conservative
viewpoints are slightly to the right of Atilla The Hun. Duffy is one of
the environmental movement’s “plain speak, truth tellers” who has
followed the rapid growth of Ecological Activism from its innocent
beginnings at the 1970 Earth Day to the dangerous and powerful
Green Tsunami that now threatens us all.
Warren Duffy hosted the 2012 Eagle Forum conference last April. Guests included Michael Shaw, Dr. Michael Coffman, Reverend Jessi Lee Peterson (who commands a West LA black teaparty) gave presentations. Click here to see the 2012 Eagle Forum Conference.
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