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OCTOBER 20, 2013 



Ghost's of the Rockies
Today's guest: Scott Rockholm, President of SWW


Rock's biography:  Rock was born and raised in Nevada County California. After serving in the US Army he moved to Sandpoint Idaho and currently works in the heavy construction industry. In 1993 he married and is now raising three beautiful daughters.

His work as a film producer (Rockholm Media Group) began in 2006 when he began to document the complete failure of the wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies. Rock jumped in with both feet, and became a force in the public arena. He began to film everything with respect to game management,  especially wolves. In 2009 with the help of Todd J Fross, a rancher from Lander Wyoming, co-founded “Save Western Wildlife INC.”.

In 2010 Rock produced his first film, “Yellowstone is Dead”. He has produced nearly 80 short films for Youtube and social networks. His film work has been viewed in State Legislatures and has been used to expose lawmakers to the truth of wolf introduction.

Most of Rock’s work has been focused around liberty and freedom. He helped draft legislation HB343, the Idaho Emergency wolf bill. This was drafted while wolves were federally protected under the Endangered Species Act. The bill passed by a supermajority in the House and Senate. Rock testified in the Senate hearings preceding the Senate vote. The bill was not only a victory for those of us working to end wolf protections, it was also a nullification of the Federal Governments wolf agenda.

Rock has interviewed hundreds of people, including Ron Paul, candidate for President, not least Andrew Breitbart.

Save Western Wildlife   information
Save Western Wildlife (SWW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our hunting traditions and the rich outdoor culture passed down from generation to generation since the founding of this great nation!

Scott Rockholm, founder and President has the evidence of the corruption and unlawful acts of the local governmental agencies, NGO's and persons involved --- and is ready for litigation. Scott is also producing videos to share with the public at large. For more information, see Public Hunting Land Crisis.
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Video: Yellowstone is Dead


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