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FEBRUARY 9, 2014


Rules for Radical Conservatives


Our Guest: Michael Walsh    wikipedea

After graduating from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York in 1971, he became a reporter for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in February 1972, where he shared the New York State Publishers Association first prize for reporting with two colleagues for a series of articles about heroin in Rochester. In May, 1973, at the age of 23, he became the paper's classical music critic.
Walsh was named chief classical music critic of the San Francisco Examiner in November 1977, where in 1980 he won an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for music criticism. He became music critic of Time magazine in the spring of 1981,[2] where his cover story subjects included James Levine, Vladimir Horowitz and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

From 1997-2002 he was a visiting fellow of the University Professors, Professor of Journalism and Professor of Film & Television at Boston University. He is currently Vice President of the board of the Wende Museum, devoted to East German and Soviet art, artefacts and scholarship, in Culver City, California.
Since February, 2007, Walsh has written for National Review both under his own name and using a fictional persona named David Kahane, the name of which " borrowed from a screenwriter character in (the movie) The Player." [3] This persona has evolved into one of "...a Hollywood liberal who has a habit of sharing way too much about the rules by which they live to a conservative audience." [4]
In January, 2010, in collaboration with Andrew Breitbart, he launched  , devoted to media commentary and criticism. Since December 3, 2010, he has written a weekly opinion column for the New York Post,[5] and in late June 2012 became a featured columnist at PJ Media..
About the book
The vast right wing conspiracy has found its General Patton, and his name is David Kahane. Kahane's pseudonymous, satiric column for National Review Online, lampooning the Left via his Hollywood-radical persona—Stephen Colbert's liberal doppelganger—is must-listening for political aficionados of all stripes. Now, from the inside, Kahane proudly exposes the secret and not-so-secret winning strategies (and vulnerabilities) of the Left and gives desperate conservatives a roadmap to victory, in a take-no-prisoners manual modeled after Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, Machiavelli's Prince, and, of course, the Chicago Way.

From Publishers Weekly

The pseudonymous columnist for the National Review Online ("a kind of reverse Stephen Colbert), Kahane showcases his conservative philosophies in all their prescient glory. A time-travelling Ginsbergian introduction makes it clear that this is a battle cry, not a think piece: "I was present when the Sodomites came for Lot's sons and rejected his living daughters... I was there at Belshazzar's Feast, when the moving hand writ large upon the wall: mene, mene tekell upharsin... I was there when Pilate washed his hands of the Christ, when the Czar and his family were murdered, when Oswald's bullet went through the back of Jack Kennedy's head." Kahane's fondness for language often lends his rebuttals of liberal thought a beat poet's madness; the whole enterprise, however, reads more like a rant than coherent thought, making it difficult at times to find the needle of argument in his haystack of propaganda. Those who follow Kahane (the name of the screenwriter in The Player who was murdered behind the Rialto theater) will no doubt be delighted; those you don't will of course steer clear, taking the author's lead in making no attempt whatsoever to find common ground. (Sept.)
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
National Review 2010 Post-Election Cruise: Michael Walsh
National Review 2010 Post-Election Cruise: Michael Walsh
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