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MARCH 16, 2014


Water Issues in the Central Valley of CA



Our Guest: Denis Prosperi
  Central Valley almond farmer

Denis is currently Chairmen of the Central California Almond Growers Association and serves as a board member of Families Protection the Valley.

About Families Protecting the Valley
Our organization is committed to preserving the heritage earned for this Valley by the sweat, tears, and sacrifice of those who have gone before us. We are honor bound to protect the future viability of this Valley by standing firm and fighting for the necessary resources and government policies that will enable this Valley to continue to flourish. It is imperative that the citizens of this great country be consistently reminded and made aware of this Valley’s unique capability to provide a safe and reliable food supply which is essential to the long term security of the United States.
The primary goal of the organization is to ensure an adequate and affordable water supply for the people of the San Joaquin Valley both now and in the future. Our surface supplies and underground aquifers must be protected against appropriation by government agencies or private entities and the elitist position that they have needs superior to ours.
FPV was started by a group of family farmers near the site of a huge water bank proposed by Enron (later Azurix) Corporation. If successful, this water bank would have contaminated the underground aquifer in the area and sent Valley water supplies to as far away as Las Vegas. FPV not only defeated Enron, but also was successful in getting a local ordinance passed by the Madera County Board of Supervisors to prevent ground water from being exported from Madera County. Later, FPV was involved in trying to protect East Side and West Side water from being seized by fringe environmentalists and their political allies.
People you might have a word with:

United States Congressman Kevin McCarthy


United States Congressman David Valadao


California State Senator Andy Vidak


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EDITORIAL: A fishy drought in California, made worse by a smelt   Washington Times  FEBRUARY 20, 2014  
President Obama’s traveling golfing circus and global-warming revival played California’s San Joaquin Valley last week, where he used the worst drought in decades as a backdrop to shill for his magic elixir guaranteed to cure warts, relieve irregularity, conjure water and expand government spending.
He correctly blames man for the drought, but it’s not the men in pickup trucks or astride John Deere tractors.
The San Joaquin Valley was one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the world until environmentalists created a dust bowl to save a three-inch fish called the Delta smelt.
This little fish, not much bigger than a minnow, suddenly became useful when radical leftists realized they could cut off the water for nearly 25 million people and millions of acres of fertile farmland in the interests of expanding federal control of the environment.
From his courtroom in Fresno, U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger declared saving the fish more important than feeding humans and, citing the Endangered Species Act, in 2007 ordered the pumps watering the valley from the Sacramento River turned off, lest the Delta smelt be disturbed.
Choosing between saving a minnow and watering the nation’s food basket was an easy call. Instead of irrigating crops of fruit, fabric, vegetables and grain, the water from the river was diverted from the farms to the Pacific Ocean.
Families, farmers and some elected officials in the Valley have pleaded with the government to turn the spigots on again. The Valley continues to shed jobs as farms dry up. The environment suffers as the parched earth invites wildfires.
Rather than working to get water to flow into the Valley again, the president offered thirsty Californians only a bailout of $160 million in federal aid. He blames global warming, of course, and his allies in Congress, like Little Sir Echo, dutifully repeat his message.
House Democrats on Tuesday badgered the Commerce Committee chairman to hold hearings on the issue. “The committee needs to understand the connection between climate change and drought in California and the Western United States,” they said, “as well as the effects of severe droughts.” There was no mention of the fishy nature of the water shortage.
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