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JUNE 14, 2015


The Ugly Side of Illegal Immigration (2 great guests)

Maria Espinoza & Jamiel Shaw Sr.

1st guest: Maria Espinoza


Every state is a "border state."

Pro-amnesty special interests have spent millions on spreading the lie that the legalization of undocumented aliens is somehow good for America and American families.


National Campaign to Remember
Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens

We need your help in combating the lies of these deceptive open-border operatives.
Already tens of thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal aliens.  And now, with the current border crises that has made every state a "Border State", it is more important than eve to bring awareness to this very real American tragedy.  
Sadly, more of our fellow citizens' lives are being 'stolen' every day.

The Remembrance Project is bringing national attend to these under-reported killings, and is "connecting-the-dots" through its initiative, the "Stolen Lives Quilt" - a visual memorial dedicated to slain Americans, who would otherwise still be alive and with their families, if only current laws were enforced.

I'm sure you would agree that, when Americans learn the truth about these widespread killings we can force our politicians to secure the border, stamp out violent, ruthless gangs, Islamic terrorists, and murderous drug cartels.

We simply must not lose the immigration battle.  

Your donation is greatly needed so that we may continue to spread the message of the Quilt all across America, and help turn the tide in favor of the rule of law and for the safety of our families...and our communities.

If we join together, we can secure a bright future for America and defeat those who would undermine our freedoms and the safety of our loved ones.

The Remembrance Project...advocating for our families, the most important component of the American way of life.


"Seventeen Year Old Jamiel Shaw

Killed by an Illegal Alien & Abandoned by Political

 Correctness" with Jamiel Shaw Sr.


H.R.1041 - Jamiel Shaw, II Memorial Act of 2015
114th Congress (2015-2016) | GET ALERTS
Jamiel Andre Shaw II "JAS" to his family and friends
Jamiel was a happy teenager! He is loved by so many!! He had a smile that could light up your heart. Jamiel was only 17 years old when his life was suddenly taken.

The morning Jamiel was murdered, he participated in an invitational only weekend football training program. This program prepares top high school football players for college football. In addition, it helps prepare the young players for a possible career in the NFL.

Jamiel was enjoying life. He was doing things he loved to do! He played football, basketball, baseball, the piano and he ran track! He attended Church on a regular bases and he read his bible too. A matter of fact, a few days before his murder, Jamiel was asking one of his Auntís a bible question about Abrahamís son, Isaac.

Jamiel Andreí Shaw, II, was brutally assassinated on March 2nd, 2008. In the early evening on March 2nd, Jamiel was returning home from the Beverly Center Mall. He was walking from the bus stop when his father (Jamiel Sr.), called him on his cell phone, "Be right home dad, Iím right around the cornerĒ, he said. He was just three houses from his home when his life on earth tragically ended.

Jamiel was shot twice, although there were three entry wounds. The first bullet went through his hand and then entered his stomach. The second bullet landed in Jamielís head. Just twenty to thirty minutes after the shooting, the defendant charged with murdering Jamiel, was found making out in a Culver City Park. He was told by the Officers to leave the park because the park had closed. However, the Culver City Police Officers did write down the license plate number of the vehicle the defendant was in.

Jamiel was always very concerned about his mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, returning home from the war zone!!

He was so looking forward to seeing his mother! Anita did return home early from Iraq, but only to bury her first born Son, who couldnít even make it home from the Beverly Center Mall in California.

The defendant has a long criminal history and he is a known documented gang member. He was released from jail on the evening of Saturday, March 1, 2008, on prior gun charges. He is charged with murdering Jamiel Andreí Shaw, II, on March 2, 2008 and he reported to his Probation Officer on March 3, 2008.

The defendant is now in custody awaiting trial for murdering Jamiel. If he is found guilty, he will receive the death penalty. However, being in jail for murder didnít seem to bother the defendant. He has since picked up "5" additional charges! All felonies. He assaulted a Sheriff Deputy; He reached his hand through his jail cell and slashed the face of an inmate, with a razor, while the inmate was handcuffed and being escorted by a Sheriff Deputy; He incited a riot; and he had 2 fights with other inmates.

The family of Jamiel Andreí Shaw, II, continues to miss him deeply!!!! We are Angry! Very Angry!

If you support Jamiel's Law and want to do your part to deport illegal aliens in gangs, please follow us on twitter! Following us on twitter will keep you informed on when we will begin gathering signatures again. You will also be the first to hear the status regarding the criminal and the civil cases. If you want to follow us on twitter click here

If you helped The Shaw Family in any way, shape, form or fashion, "On behalf of Jamiel's family, Thank You!! And May The Creator Of Heaven And Earth, Bless You And Bless Us!"





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