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"Lost in the Wilds of Neglect"
Today's guest: Jim Beers

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He has a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Resources from Utah State and a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. He served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. Jim has testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to:

A word of advice

*A talk given on 22 April 2016 in Spokane, Washington to the Spokane Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights by Jim Beers.

I think it is worthwhile to introduce myself though there are folks before me that I recognize from previous visits to Washington State. I say “worthwhile” because over the years I have come to realize that audiences are, for me, like those blind men in the fable where they encounter an elephant. One feels the ribs and says, “The elephant is like a wall”; another feels the leg and says, “The elephant is like a post”; and yet another feels the trunk and says, “The elephant is like a snake”. I am often described as, “the wolf guy”; some think of me as, “that whistleblower”; still others see me as “that guy that explains things about government and bureaucrats”; and a few even spread the word that I am, “that guy that helped us stop some of the abuse we were suffering under a government we no longer recognized”.

What I am is a boy that grew up loving the outdoors so much I went to college for a degree in Wildlife Resources and then spent over 50 years working in a vocation I love. I worked for a state wildlife agency. I am retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service where I was a Wetlands Biologist, Special Agent, Wildlife Biologist, Refuge Chief of Operations, Program Analyst, and Congressional Fellow. I even spent half a year as a Minneapolis Police Recruit. I was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City and Washington, DC. I travelled extensively to Europe both as a Special Agent investigating smuggling and as a Wildlife Biologist on a State Department Negotiating Team and a US Trade Representative Working Group dealing with fur commerce and trapping issues between the US and EU.

There are five reasons for you to consider me a friend and someone worth listening to:
  1. As a lifelong wildlife student, I am very familiar with the truth about wildlife management and how it can enhance or destroy human communities.
  2. As a career bureaucrat, I accidentally spent over 25 years in Washington, DC from 1974 to 2000. This is the period when all the environmental/animal “rights’ laws and excesses took hold and federal bureaucracies and politicians began using them for their own benefit and the current destruction of rural America and Constitutional rights, began.
  3. As a “whistleblower” I exposed the theft of +/- $60M by federal bureaucrats from state wildlife program funds to capture Canadian wolves and release them in Yellowstone National Park to infest the Upper Rocky Mountain States and the Pacific Coast States, something that Congress had refused to authorize or fund.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, I was threatened with firing, loss of my federal health insurance, and loss of my pension for five years by USFWS. Additionally they (unbeknownst to me) had called the Police Department and told them I was being fired and “may be dangerous” when they had only threatened me with accepting a transfer. At the time I had three (VA, MD, & DC) gun permits since I was working a part-time private security job with 3 kids in college. At work people were jumping off elevators I was on so as not to be seen with me. After my retirement (and a large payment of hush money called a “settlement”) I attended a former colleague’s funeral where a large number of USFWS employees and managers were in attendance. I was shunned and no one would even sit with me at the luncheon after the funeral. My point? I have no lingering attachments to federal colleagues or my former employer.
  5. In the 16 years since my “retirement” I have written over 1600 articles, spoken to over 75 groups throughout the nation and helped several dozen citizen groups fight government over-reach involving environmental and animal extremism and bureaucratic chicanery.

I want to share with you a word of advice, but first you might ask, “Advice about what?” My answer is, “Advice about the concerns inherent in your group title, Spokane Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights”. That title suggests concerns about:

  • Constitutional Property Rights as spelled out in the 5th Amendment.
  • Government bureaucracies that are increasingly dismissive of private property rights using claims of “Critical Habitat”; “Scenic Views”; “Viewsheds”; Plant & Animal locations and populations; EPA Watershed Jurisdictional claims; Public land closures eliminating rural economies and rural “domestic Tranquility; government land acquisitions; government collusion with radical groups to purchase property easements and modification of regulations and rules with decisions from “favorable” judges that jeopardize and “take” private property.
  • The loss of revenue and authority at the Local (County) level as a direct result of federal absorption of State authorities and jurisdictions coupled with increasingly destructive bureaucratic regulations and enforcement.
  • State politicians and bureaucrats that increasingly treat state residents and their concerns like they are from another country.
  • State bureaucracies that increasingly appear to be little more than subcontractors for federal bureaucrats and radical Non-Government Organizations.
  • Federal, and increasingly state, politicians that are unresponsive to government harms, and immune to any responsibilities for their actions and inaction because their support for re-election comes from way beyond your State political district, your State or your Congressional District. Therefore you are increasingly unable to hold them accountable or get them to consider necessary reforms and actions.

Note that I am not mentioning you directly or your high-priority concerns specifically. It would be the height of arrogance for me to come here today and say I have the answer to your issues. The best I can do is tell you, you are not alone and your issues are everywhere in this nation in different manifestations. Also, keep in mind that there are currently Education, Infrastructure, Defense, Tax and other very similar national issues perking in the national political picture with their own groups like yours wondering how did this happen and what can we do? Lifting our particular concerns out of this national morass should always be done with an eye to the larger national picture of concerns, causes, and the search for remedies.

In other words, I want to speak about the Disease and not the Symptoms.

So let me share with you but a few of the most recent issues I have been involved in or have learned about. Then let me give you some things I strongly believe must be changed and that promised “word of advice”.

Some Current FEDERAL Abuses of Citizens and Civil Government

  • A Court has directed the USFWS to take into account global warming forecasting and re-open efforts to List the wolverine under the ESA. The far-reaching and extremely variable (historically) presence of this weasel promises to dwarf the impacts and potential un-Constitutional claims this latest critter to be “saved” will generate at the expense of, particularly, rural Americans living in the West. Global Warming “science” is debatable (the kind word) and flimsy at best, using it as a “forecasting” tool for government actions and Draconian enforcement and “takings” is like using play dough to build girders for a bridge because the Contracting Officer goes to the same church as the play dough manufacturer.
  • Federal Campaign Finance laws and reporting continue to exempt the millions of “contributions” from Native Americans to federal politicians. Casino lobbying (both for and against to prevent competition) is coupled with cooperation with government and radical groups to stop select rural developments off reservations and using reservations as islands outside state and local control for animal introductions. The effect is not only to make federal politicians (Natives are exempt from State and Local Authority) eager supplicants for lobbying support but also to enable further exemption of Native Americans from laws that reputedly affect “all Americans. When a Native American shot and killed a wolf recently in Northern Minnesota his only punishment was to be better educated by tribal officials. Had I been that perpetrator, I would have been jailed, fined and possibly lost my hunting, fishing, trapping, voting and gun rights. In my own state (Minnesota) unlimited gill netting by Native Americans all over the State has destroyed and is destroying game fish populations (and fishing) in lake after lake. As cabins and resorts become less and less attractive to owners, they are put up for sale at decreasing prices and then bought for pennies on the dollar by Native American Reservations using casino money to transfer private property worth billions to (or back to if you are Native American) permanent Native ownership. The dots to connect are Tribes/Casino $’s/Federal Authority/Unreported Political Support/Pliable and AWOL State bureaucracies responsible for fishery management using fishing license funding.
  • Federal politicians and federal bureaucrat-appointees continue to try every way but the right way (a repeal of the 2nd Amendment) to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Fast and Furious documents, 5 years later, are still being withheld. Agencies like the ATF and bureaucrats like Department of State bureaucrats and the Secretary of State that were secretly negotiating a UN Treaty on Small Arms (to subvert the 2nd Amendment) at the time are as free as birds and still honored “public servants”.
  • The Supreme Court has ordered the EPA to take into account the cost to industry as required by law, of its recent regulations on Mercury that are contributing to the bankruptcy of coal plants and the subsequent increase in energy costs and damage to already-struggling economies like West Virginia and Southern Ohio. However, the regulations are to remain in effect while the costs are developed and provided as they should have been to begin with. This of course assumes the lawfully required data generated is factual, relevant and can reverse the process already put in place. As always, everyone involved will get bonuses and “atta’-persons’”.
  • A Florida court has questioned the ESA challenge by USFWS of County Management and Land Use Plans. Nothing, nothing is safe before the tyrannical power of the ESA. “Required” Plans are only “required” for everyone but the federal government. Compliance only applies to federalwishes because State and Local governments only exist to serve federal demands. This complete independence of federal employees is no better demonstrated than by the recent destruction of the freshwater ecosystem of SW Colorado Rivers by a massive spill of mine effluent discharged by EPA bumblers; and act that if done by a corporation or private citizen would have resulted in jail, fines and permanently destroyed families and lives.
  • Asian (Silver, Bighead, Black and Grass) carp continue to destroy Midwestern Rivers and to threaten the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest Lakes and their fisheries. The fact that the federal government ignored the importation of these Asian carp to clean commercial catfish ponds for 30+ years while simultaneously being charged by the “Injurious Wildlife” sections of The Lacey Act (an 80+ year-old Act) with putting them on the Injurious Wildlife List and preventing their importation is being cleansed from the history books. A recent Wall Street Journal article blamed “European carp that were imported in the 1880’s for ‘sport’ fishermen” while ignoring the recently arriving Asian carp for all the destruction and mayhem. When I explained this to the author (an Australian living in Australia) he said he had to rely on “data from the US fisheries (?) Department” and he, “was sorry that I didn’t agree with them”. Note that I grew up, fished, hunted and lived on an Illinois River (the Fox) that had a large European carp population in a diverse and healthy river environment. He said he was advised by a Minnesota professor that European carp were really the worst carp and “more money” was needed. As always everyone involved gets a bonus and an “atta’-person’”. Additionally, remember the USFWS is always seeking federal “Invasive” Species Authority which they describe as needed for killer bees, kudzu and zebra mussels but in reality will complete their arsenal of supreme authority for the final jihad on brown trout, pheasants, chukars, muskies in the South, striped bass in reservoirs, hunting, fishing and rural life in general as well as to seize the final remnants of ANY remaining STATE authority and jurisdiction beyond issuing driver’s licenses in accord with federal requirements as the federal campaign to establish a “Native Ecosystem” (no matter what) goes into the next higher gear.
  • A word about wolves is in order. I see all the current “returning wolf management to the state” as a purposeful diversion akin to “compensation for wolf damage” and “non-lethal wolf control”. That is to say, they are ploys to undermine any opposition while the problem gets so entrenched; it is no longer amenable to acceptable remedies.

All of the benevolent “returns” of wolf management are in accord with federally-approved State Management Plans; in other words, the feds impose the wolves and then out of the kindness of their hearts let you fulfill their wishes at your expense much like that motto over WWII concentration camps, “work will set you free”. During this Presidential election year no federal bureaucrats would ever admit that the process wasn’t set in stone and working. The whole thing (like “compensation” and “non-lethal” control) was worked out behind closed doors by bureaucrat sympathizers and radicals using focus groups to allow the wolves to spread with minimal opposition. Take my word; given the next extremist-friendly Administration and political environment, lawsuits and “science” will get a “favorable” judge to rule that the “returns” have to be nullified or “re-negotiated” in accord with new standards to increase wolf densities and ranges while hunting and state wildlife program revenues increasingly go the way of the Passenger Pigeons and Dodoes.

There has never been sufficient federal or state funding to truly compensate for “livestock losses”due to wolves or other predators to say nothing of dog losses or the loss of a child. Even if by some miracle, one year there was; does anyone really believe that year after year as other demands are made that funding for some rancher who shouldn’t be raising livestock in “wolf country” will receive any help from urban elites that control state and the national purse-strings?

The same goes for “non-lethal” wolf control. Wolves have been the terror of history and down to the present day precisely because they are, like Bowser at home, smart and adaptive. The fact that these are not naturally-occurring but animals introduced and protected by federal bureaucrats at the behest of urban radicals and unjust laws meant to solidify politicians in office emphasizes the dramatic turn that government has made and is making today.

Livestock and dogs are easily-taken prey for 100-150 lb. predators that prefer fresh meat and need lots of calories. Especially when they have reduced big game animals (most smaller animals take as much calories to catch as they can give one or more hungry wolves); livestock and dog (watchdog, hunting dog, herding dog, pet dog, show dog, etc.) losses will necessarily mount and any one believing that any “non-lethal” control is effective longer than a wolf or wolves can figure it out has never dealt with wolves in “human country” day in and day out or simply read ancient accounts and current records.

As an aside here, I was reading a book about GK Chesterton on the flight from Minnesota to Seattle to speak here in Spokane. In that book about 10 pages were devoted to Mrs. Chesterton’s Diary entries from their 2 month residency in Jerusalem in February and March of 1920: It was unusually cold and wet weather and she notes, “it had not snowed in Jerusalem since 1910”. Those of you that have ever visited Jerusalem know that the surrounding countryside is rocky with spears vegetation suitable only for sheep and goat grazing and with very sparse wildlife. Her entries:

Feb. 9th. “Still raining and turning to snow.”

Feb. 10th. “Woke up to find deep snow.” “Impossible to go out.” “The railway system has broken down.” “Snow over two feet.” “In some places snow drifted deep enough to bury a man, and in some places, alas, it did actually bury little children; poor little Arabs whose bodies were stiff where they had fallen.”

Feb. 11th “Wolves appeared in the German Colony (where German officers lived outside the walls during WWI while allied with Turkey) and a party had to go out and drive them off” (my underline).

What made those wolves appear was the scent of dead bodies, “those little Arabs” Mrs. Chesterton mentions. That is just like the English-speaking French policeman that was part of the detail guarding that recent Lufthansa crash in the Alps caused by the German pilot that locked the cockpit door and then for murky reasons flew into the Alps and scattered the plane, passengers and luggage over a vast area. The French policeman was asked if they were seeing any “looters”? He said no but there were many wolves scavenging for “food” all over the crash site. Those hapless passengers on that flight, like those “little Arabs” should be remembered when bureaucrats, “scientists” and ideologues tell you that wolves are no threat to the elderly or particularly little children.

Topping all this; wolves kill and eat children and adults every year in Asia where historic densities are uncontrollable. As the wolves grow in the settled landscapes of The Lower 48 States and now Europe with government protection; deaths and attacks will increase and you must ask yourself, “Who is responsible?

  • The never-ending saga of federal bureaucracies, Native American governments and radical environmentalists destroying the Klamath Basin agriculture and rural communities; just like the California water rights’ takings for “Endangered” smelt are each going straight towards the same result as “saving” spotted owls in Oregon and “protecting” wolves in Minnesota. That is a diminished Local government voice; diminished Local economies; diminished quality of rural life; and a loss of private property and private property values.

Some Current STATE Abuses of Citizens and Civil Government

  • A remnant wolf population survived in Minnesota for over a century under state management until federal law (ESA) and state acquiescence to federal mandates “protected” the wolves in the 1970’s. As the Minnesota wolves increased with federal protection, moose (long known to be particularly vulnerable to and preferred by wolves from Minnesota and all of Canada westward through Alaska and Asia to Norway, Sweden and New England) decreased and moose hunting dwindled and was finally closed 3 years ago for lack of moose. The State wildlife agency blamed (and blames) “global warming”, “ticks” and “unspecified diseases” but “definitely NOT wolves”. They ask for money to “study” the problem. Now Minnesota deer hunters in the same “wolf country” are concerned about dwindling deer and deer hunting success. So the wildlife agency “knows” it is due to “tough winters” (in Minnesota) and again, definitely not wolves. What is worse; state agencies that cover for such radical wildlife maneuvering - or a general public that believes and tolerates such perfidy?
  • Speaking of Minnesota (where I live), two months ago the state wildlife agency was caught trying to introduce a lead shot and bullet ban on public lands purchased with license revenue and the Excise Tax on Arms and Ammunition. They had tried to put the regulation into effect without notifying the State Legislature or holding a Public Hearing as required by law and they had avoided both in hopes of putting it into effect with the least opposition and to make any objections “too late”. There is no data to indicate a problem with lead anywhere in Minnesota and the only justification seems to be to further aid anti-hunting radical groups in yet another step in discouraging (higher costs, loss of traditional family heirloom guns for hunting, and another public relations piece for the media to blacken the reputation of hunters and hunting) hunting. The result has been a fiasco for the state bureaucrats and the radical groups they were working with. As always, there were bonuses for all and a lot of “atta’-‘persons’” to go around.
  • A news release crossed my desk last week showing a picture of a familiar face speaking with two radical environmentalists in Oregon. The familiar face was the retired National Park Service Superintendent of Yellowstone. This is the guy that worked with USFWS to release the wolves into Yellowstone with stolen funds. This is the guy that has been spouting all the nonsense about wolves creating a “trophic cascade” of willows and aspen that never occurred. This is the guy that Supervised employees that told visitors that the elk and moose they hoped to see were “in the back country” when in fact the moose and 80+% of the elk had been eaten by the wolves. This is the guy that boasts about Supervising Everglades NP that has become an overgrown morass of unmanaged native and non-native vegetation with disappearing native animal life being replaced with boa constrictors, pythons, feral cats and feral hogs. This high-payed bureaucrat and well-payed pensioner is the Chair of the Oregon Wolf Commission where he can babble incessantly about “cascades”, “compensation”, and “non-lethal control” until he finally wanders off to some gated community or estate on some billionaires’ ranch as a “reward” for his “service.
  • Florida State Parks manage some beautiful and busy barrier Gulf Island beaches. Bird areas are marked and violators are prosecuted. The Audubon Society sits on the Park Management Advisory Board in a premiere position. When Florida Parks received millions from the BP Oil Spill Settlement they gave over a Million to Audubon to design and conduct a Bird Disturbance by Humans Study. They both claimed (without any data) that two species of Plovers (neither in any danger) were reproducing poorly due to human disturbance. The study was childish, it was not peer-reviewed and the state park had never (and seemingly would never) implemented predator controls, a serious threat to Plover nest and young Plovers on those islands. Here was Audubon on the Advisory Board, getting money from the State agency to research wildlife (without any use of the state wildlife agency) to justify steady reduction and elimination of public use on a State park that was purchased many decades ago and locally supported to provide public recreation and sensible wildlife resource management. Conflict of interest; NGO power through government (like Defenders of Wildlife wolf power through USFWS); and a State Park agency harming the residents and interests of those that approved and have supported the Parks for decades are one and all the ingredients of our modern government “stew” much like the “eye of newt” used by the witches in Macbeth to evoke sinister mayhem.
  • As I was composing this, a news release came across my desk about some Counties in Texas campaigning for Texas to secede from the Union. If there are folks in a very strong State’s Rights’ state like Texas rumbling about secession due to what harms I do not know, what must the real feelings be like in the rest of, especially rural, America in states where urban governments rule like Illinois or California?


A Few of the Major Problems

  • “Science” in University curriculums and Departments has been corrupted by federal dollars that require “data” and statements that support radical government actions and laws to take property and restrict human activities. Wildlife, Forest and Range Management have been replaced by climate speculation and a rejection of any and all human “footprints” anywhere outside designated urban enclaves. As Goethe observed in Germany early in the 19th century, “Most men only care for science so far as they get a living by it, and that they worship even error when it affords them subsistence.”
  • Federal and state resource agencies no longer hire or promote employees committed to proactive resource management and use consistent with human welfare and the Constitution. As a consequence, such graduates are no longer educated in the Universities or available for the workforce.
  • Politicians have discovered how urban majorities respond positively with votes and financial support to environmental laws and regulations that “feel good” to busy and guilty (about what Europeans “did” to America) urban organizations while oppressing rural Americans. Environmental and animal “rights” extremism emerged in the 1960’s as a political issue embedded in the social turbulence (anti-war, “free” love and drug use) and rioting that drove President Johnson from office. Subsequently:


  • founded the EPA, signed the Endangered Species Act and several other major laws while running for reelection and as Watergate caused his resignation.
  • (in 2 years as he prepared for election) signed off on 40 more new laws and


Expansions of federal bureaucratic authority and still lost to Carter.


  • signed and expanded sex and race classifications and discrimination programs that soon eliminated historic requirements for federal positions that impeded government sex and race goals and bonus payments to top administrators resulting, in large measure, in the current federal bureaucracies’ radical views and limited abilities.
    ◾ “Sagebrush Rebellion “ reduced the federal expansion by eliminating policies and rules while leaving the roots (Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Wilderness Act, et al), in place.

    HW Bush did a “Lite” version of Nixon and Ford by appearing “sensitive” to “the environment”.
  • appointed, promoted and hired many radical bureaucrats that kept their views quiet as they stole money from state agencies, introduced wolves and strived to implement more restrictions on rural Americans and create more power for federal bureaucracies.


GW Bush kept Clinton appointees on the payroll and, like his father, used “Marine Sanctuaries” and ESA Listings as either diversions or as favors to Republican extremists and “the environmental vote”. One Clinton appointee held over was named Director of USFWS in the Obama Administration.

  • has used Executive Orders, UN documents as faux “treaties”, Listings, Closures and expansions of federal power with abandon. His unitary approach, coupled with an AWOL opposition in Congress has raised the ESA, USFWS, USFS, BLM and EPA and their shenanigans to new and formerly inconceivable heights.
  • State politicians and bureaucrats are increasingly submissive to federal bureaucrats offering future jobs, federal funding and a place in some sort of Brave New “Environmentally-Conscious” World.
  • The growth in power of radical environmental/animal “rights” organizations allied with federal bureaucracies is a threat to America’s future.

Now if my litany of current abuses by federal and state governments plus the few major problems I just mentioned sound familiar; I’ll bet you once read the Declaration of Independence. Reread the part after those first two paragraphs; the part about, “the Facts submitted to a candid world” about the “King of Great Britain” and “the establishment of an absolute Tyranny”. Substitute Congress for “Parliament”, President for “King” and just keep “Judges” and “Governors” as they are and then just insert as many of the “Abuses” and “Problems” I have mentioned in place of “Quartering large bodies of troops” and “Imposing taxes without our consent” and “obstructed the Administration of Justice” or just keep those original ones that are applicable today. Congratulations, you have just written a modern Declaration of Independence on Earth Day of all days!

Like it or not, we have reached a similar point wherein our government is oppressive and violates both our “unalienable” and Constitutional rights and we find ourselves asking, “What can we do?” Like our forefathers we must choose between somehow working within the system that created the situation or opposing it with all our might just like our forefathers in 1776.

What needs to be changed:


  • Laws that oppress minorities like rural Americans must be amended or repealed.
  • Federal and State Administrative Rules must be reviewed and re-oriented to a role Subordinate Toand nor equal to or greater than Legislation.
  • Government land ownership must be reduced.
  • Political Parties that actually oppose each other should be restored.
  • Government land control and environmental authority for anything other than air quality and interstate waters should be first and foremost set by Local governments and protected by state governments.
  • Government landholdings should be subject to Local and State jurisdiction and Local/State taxing authority should be reviewed and considered.
  • State and Federal bureaucracies should be reduced and budgets reduced accordingly.
  • Federal laws like the ESA and CWA et al should undergo thorough reviews with public input and be either seriously amended or repealed keeping in mind how Prohibition (the 19th Amendment) was repealed and how despite Reagan’s efforts a nascent bad law that is not eliminated will always arise later to begin more abuses like some “Son of Frankenstein” Grade B movie.
  • Constitutional compliance should be the barometer for amending or repealing current laws and should be explained for any new legislation.
  • Bureaucrat authority for writing legislation must be greatly reduced and regulations reduced overall.
  • Politicians that ignore their authority over or their responsibility for rogue bureaucrats should be prosecuted where possible and/or declared ineligible for re-election.
  • The “under the color of law” defense for criminal bureaucrats and criminal government actions should be reduced dramatically.
  • Federal responsibilities for National Defense, Foreign Relations and Interstate Commerce should be re-emphasized. Popular election of US Senators should be re-converted to appointment by the State Legislature by repealing the 17th Amendment. The repeal of the 17th Amendment is necessary because current Senators (very powerful politicians approving Treaties, judges and all manner of legislation because of their unique role) do not “represent” (they actually harm with abandon) “their” State and they are unresponsive to residents of their State because they get their monetary, media and other support from national and international organization of all stripes that keep them in office. When they are appointed by your state legislature You can threaten your state legislator (truly responsive to you) to not reappoint a rogue US Senator or else! Your state legislator fears your wrath and is not in the pay of national and international interests that do not share, or indeed wish to destroy, your interests.
  • State authority over Local governments should be like a Father’s responsibility over an almost grown son; that is to protect him and encourage his strengths and protect him from his weaknesses while seeming to ignore him.
  • Local governments should have as much leeway as possible from State governments while remaining in compliance with the Constitution and Constitutional legislation.
    •In other words, the federal government should protect and nurture the states; the states should protect and nurture the Local governments; and Local governments should protect and nurture the communities, businesses and families within their jurisdiction. For instance, no animals should coercively be placed in nor any Constitutional activities forbidden without the consent of the Local government and the acquiescence of the state government.

I don’t claim this list is comprehensive, but it is a start.

The Word

The word I want to leave you with to reform the politicians, the bureaucrats, the Laws, the Universities and the NGO’s that are whittling away your rights as I speak is COALITIONS. Begin thinking in broader terms. Think about Coalitions with and between:


  • Sheriffs.
  • County officials and their organizations.
  • States.
  • Hunters.
  • Ranchers.
  • Professors and Scientists.
  • The young and the old.
  • Teachers.
  • Media Outlets and owners.
  • Rural Business Groups.
  • Dog Owners.
  • Gun Organizations.
  • Urban Lobby Groups.
  • Tax Groups.
  • Outdoor Retailers.
  • Hunting, shooting, trapping, etc. lobby groups.
  • Groups opposing the power growth of the UN.
  • Hardware and Equipment businessmen.
  • Cattle/Sheep Associations and Organizations.
  • European Counterparts of all of the above facing similar issues.
  • Use your imagination and don’t be discouraged.

Your aim should be to “pushback” bad laws and miscreant bureaucracies; not to “get along” or “leave that until later”. None of us can rest when dealing with protecting our rights and liberties from those that would take them from us.

Frank Knox was Alf Landen’s running mate on the Republican ticket opposing FDR in 1936 when national concern was creating animosity much like today between the parties. In 1941, when Germany invaded Russia, there really was no longer any doubt for all but wishful American thinkers that we were going to soon be in a war against Germany. When Frank Knox, a true opponent of FDR, told the President in private he would whatever he could “from shouldering a rifle on up” to help in the coming War; FDR made him Secretary of the Navy. That is an example of coming together in coalitions for a common cause when you see a threat to our Nation.

A great war (WWII in Europe) was won with military alliances or coalitions (in which some were bad persons with bad causes) under the leadership of General Dwight Eisenhower. General Eisenhower had a gift in using only a few words that could carry a great deal of truth. The following is from a speech he gave as his second term as President was coming to an end. It is often referred to as his, “beware of the military industrial complex” speech.

I have taken the liberty of placing certain phrases of President Eisenhower’s speech in parentheses to be replaced by my own phrases in bold letters that I believe say what I want to say to you far better than I ever could:

“This conjunction of an immense
federal environmental bureaucracy (military establishment) and a large international environmental/animal rights lobby group (arms industry) is new in the American experience. The total influence -- economic, political - even spiritual -- is felt in every city, every State house, and every office of the Federal government. We recognize the initial justification (imperative need) for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the
bureaucracy/environmental (military/industrial) complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the
rich and powerful environmental organizations (huge industrial) and the natural government desire for power and authority (military machinery of defense) with our peaceful methods and goals, so that human prosperity (security) and liberty may prosper together.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today.

Jim Beers

22 April 2016

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting.

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