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NOVEMBER 13, 2016



Hour 1 

"Putin's Master Plan" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


with Evan Roth Smith  

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"The Rememberance Project" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


with Diane, Maria Espinoza
   and Ruth Johnston-Martin
"Putin's Master Plan"

About Evan Roth Smith

Evan Roth Smith is a political strategist and communications consultant based in New York City. He has worked for political and private-sector clients in all fifty states and more than a dozen countries, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, and Japan. Smith has advised Democratic, Republican, and Independent campaigns, as well as mayoral, presidential, and prime-ministerial candidates around the world. Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Smith traveled extensively throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union, conducting interviews with senior diplomats, academics, and politicians in Kiev, Istanbul, Stockholm, Tallinn, Chisinau, Zurich, and Tbilisi, which he provided exclusively for Putinís Master Plan. Smith is a graduate of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Putinís Master Plan

To Destroy Europe, Divide NATO,
and Restore Russian Power and Global Influence
By Douglas E. Schoen
with Evan Roth Smith
Washington, DCóRussian President Vladimir Putin has a master plan to destroy Europe, divide NATO, reclaim Russian influence in the world, and most of all to marginalize the United States and the West in order to achieve regional hegemony and global power. And Putin is winning. Despite Russiaís naked aggression in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria, the United States and Europe remain astonishingly naÔve, impotent, and ineffective in confronting this escalating geopolitical threat.

In PUTINíS MASTER PLAN (Encounter Books, September 27, 2016), foreign policy expert and political strategist Evan Roth Smith exposes Putinís unified strategy and vision for Europe and reveals how American foreign policy blunders are emboldening Russia. As Evan Roth Smith argues, ďPresident Obamaís ill-considered decision to downgrade the shield [NATO missile shield], leaving our NATO allies vulnerable, was made to appease Putin and, at least in the presidentís mind, to lessen tensions between Russia and the West. Since Obamaís capitulation on the NATO missile shield, Putin has invaded a neighboring country and positioned nuclear weapons closer to NATO capitals than ever before. How could President Obama, not to mention secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, have been so naÔve? Why are we providing our NATO allies with subpar protection from Russiaís nuclear arsenal? Itís inexcusable.Ē

PUTINíS MASTER PLAN is the first comprehensive attempt to systematically explain Putinís global strategy, which could inevitably and inexorably lead to the breakup of the NATO alliance, and potentially to war with the West. Evan Roth Smith contends that the West has no strategy, no plan, and no tactics to confront Putinís master plan other than imposing limited economic sanctions, which have done little to deter Putin's hostilityóand may well have encouraged and facilitated it. The viewpoint taken here is not just alarmism, but an accurate and, for the first time, clear and sober portrayal of a frightening situation that, more and more, serious observers of European and Russian politics are openly recognizing and acknowledging.

PUTINíS MASTER PLAN makes the case that it is essential to wake up to Putinís strategy to destroy Europe, divide NATO, and build a new empire in the former Soviet Union. America must lead a united Europe to counter this threat. Russia has demonstrated an extraordinary level of belligerence, most boldly in its outright invasions of Georgia and Ukraine. American weakness and a divided Europe have left Russiaís terrified neighbors without an alternative to Russian domination, and even once-stalwart American allies such as the Republic of Georgia are on the brink of becoming part of Putinís new empire in Europe. Putin has made it clear that he sees NATO expansion as a fundamental threat to Russian nationhood, and he is systematically challenging the NATO Alliance as well as the United States. So far, he is succeeding.

As Evan Roth Smith argues, only a fundamental shift in American foreign policy and more assertive American leadership can avert disaster, check Russian aggression, and maintain a strong and unified West. As a starting point, America must immediately end its talk of unilateral nuclear drawdowns and instead develop the next generation of nuclear warheads and missiles to keep our arsenal a step ahead of Russian missile-defense and detection capabilities. And America must complete the NATO missile shield to ensure military superiority, reassure our allies, and send a clear message to Russia that we will never let it gain the upper hand in world affairs.

To arrange an interview with Putinís Master Plan co-author Evan Roth Smith, please contact:

Stephen Manfredi at 202.222.8028 or


"The Rememberance Project" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
with Diane, Maria Espinoza  and Ruth Johnston-Martin

Every state is a "border state."

Pro-amnesty special interests have spent millions on spreading the lie that the legalization of undocumented aliens is somehow good for America and American families.





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National Campaign to Remember Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens
We need your help in combating the lies of these deceptive open-border operatives.
Already tens of thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal aliens. And now, with the current border crises that has made every state a "Border State", it is more important than eve to bring awareness to this very real American tragedy.

Sadly, more of our fellow citizens' lives are being 'stolen' every day.

The Remembrance Project is bringing national attend to these under-reported killings, and is "connecting-the-dots" through its initiative, the "Stolen Lives Quilt" - a visual memorial dedicated to slain Americans, who would otherwise still be alive and with their families, if only current laws were enforced.

I'm sure you would agree that, when Americans learn the truth about these widespread killings we can force our politicians to secure the border, stamp out violent, ruthless gangs, Islamic terrorists, and murderous drug cartels.

We simply must not lose the immigration battle.

Your donation is greatly needed so that we may continue to spread the message of the Quilt all across America, and help turn the tide in favor of the rule of law and for the safety of our families...and our communities.

If we join together, we can secure a bright future for America and defeat those who wold undermine our freedoms and the safety of our loved ones.

The Remembrance Project...advocating for our families, the most important component of the American way of life.

Media response after the election:

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