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JULY 1, 2018



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Hour 1  

"Immigration in the Era of Trump"

  with Bruce Moran

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"One Young Man's Dream of Coming to America to Work in Politics!" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
  with Simon Watson  
1st Hour  

"Immigration in the Era of Trump"

with Bruce Moran     

Bruce Moran - National Security Advisor

Bruce J. Moran is a senior National Security Advisor who focuses on strategic planning for National Security issues. As a consultant, he works with public officials, U.S. Government committees, departments, agencies, think tanks, and corporations. He works on special national security projects and defines clear "hands on" working solutions for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Readiness scenarios. He has in-depth experience in foreign policy, security operations & Hi-Tech systems (connectivity, interoperability, and interfacing) such as SMART* Fusion protocols and applications. He consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House Committee On Foreign Affairs, Joint Economic Committee, Senate/House Committees on Banking/Finance, Senate Permanent Committee On investigations and the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.

Security Solutions Technology, LLC is a Veteran Owned (and SDVOSB) Company that provides federal government consulting, IT professional services, security assessments, cybersecurity,geospatial, program and life cycle management, change management, logistics, and financial consulting. We provide a performance and results-based culture in any organization.

Border Security – Immigration Concerns  & Problems JUNE 2018

On lines of Defense, DHS National Security Threats And Immigration:  The inherent problems with transnational terrorists/gangs and border security need to be fully addressed.  President Trump made it clear that the borders must be secured.  Similarly, the on-going 30 year porous border weakness lay with our inadequate U.S. Congressional laws for refugee and asylum seekers to fully use our ports of entry into the United States.

Supreme Court Ruling:

“Foreign nationals seeking admission have no constitutional right to entry...”

The new U.S. law written by Congress should be made straight forward, simple and to-the-point to address foreign nationals who seek refugee and asylum status:

1)   If a foreign national does not come through a designated official U.S port-of-entry, such foreign national will not be able to attain refugee or asylum status.

2)   Circumventing, usurping or undermining the U.S. border security official entry system, automatically disqualifies any foreign national from attaining refugee or asylum status.   

3)   Any foreign national who attains refugee and asylum status who conducts criminal activity (felony*) or harbors criminals (aiding and abetting - felony) will lose their refugee and asylum status.  Such individuals will be convicted then returned to their country.  *Drug/Arms Running, Child Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, et al.


Security of Border Patrol Personnel CBP and other Federal Officers:

It now appears harassment and intimidation tactics are being waged against Federal Officials and Federal Officers. It is unacceptable. The U.S. law must be straightforward, simple and to-the-point.

What additional provisions need to be made in the U.S. Code (Code Of Laws) with regards to: (Is The U.S. Code sufficient to cover):

·     Harassment, Intimidation, Strong-arming or threatening tactics against Federal Officials, USG federal agents  (CBP, ICE, FBI, SS, DEA, ATF, TEA, et al), USG personnel and their families. How should such federal crime with fine & imprisonment be designated?

·     Inciting individuals to harass, intimidate, strong-arm or threaten Federal Officials, Federal Agents, Federal employees, and their respective families.  How should such federal crime with fine & imprisonment be designated?


Improve The Vetting Process

Addressing The Humanitarian Crisis On The U.S. South Border

Pre-Register: Easing Official U.S. Port Of Entry Asylum/Refugee Seekers


Seeking an orderly process to properly identify individuals entering the United States of America:

Supreme Court:

“Proclamation to the extent of applying rational basis review, i.e.,  whether the entry policy is plausibly related to the Government’s stated objective to protect the country and improve vetting processes.”



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Guatemalan, Honduran and El Salvadoran Asylum/Refugee seekers should pre-register at the American Embassy/Consulate in Guatemala, Honduras and/or El Salvador. U.S. INS/CBP should be notified (pre-registered) before the trip commences (via known designated safe and secure routes for asylum-refugees through Mexico) so the U.S. border officials will have a record that such individuals will be seeking refugee/asylum status (within a given time frame).  Showing up on the U.S. Border doorstep causes many known and unknown hardships and personal crisis for refugee and asylum seekers.

INCREASED COOPERATION BETWEEN MEXICAN & U.S. AUTHORITIES: The Mexican government can further cooperate by designating safe and secure routes (provide security networks and check-in points) for travelers who wish to seek refugee or asylum in the United States. Identifying families in route with designated check points with pre-registration helps keep the families safe and intact. If Mexico officials refuse to cooperate can the Mexico Government be held responsible for human rights violations (read below Points To Address)? Why should the onus fall directly onto the United States Government shoulders when a vast portion of refugee/asylum troubles lay with traveling through Mexico?

Pre-registration will aid the U.S. Border Personnel expediting the request for refugee – asylum status creating less uncertainty, confusion, delays and possible rejection.

Improve The Vetting Process

Addressing The Humanitarian Crisis On The U.S. South Border

3 Major Points To Address

·    DRUG CARTEL INFLUENCE: Refugee and Asylum seekers are used as pawns in the Drug Cartel border crossing drug/arms game (Tens Of Billions Of Dollars Each Year). Illegal border crossing is Big Business for Drug Cartels. Legally protecting the refugee and asylum seekers en route lessens the ability of the Drug Cartels to manipulate, control, strong-arm and recruit refugee and asylum seekers.  

·     VIOLENT ACTS AGAINST WOMEN & GIRLS TRAVELING TO THE UNITED STATES VIA MEXICO: Women and young girls are preyed upon as targets (victims) of sexual abuse. It is the duty of the world body to protect Women & Young Girls Seeking Refugee / Asylum Status:  Violent acts against women and young girls (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) occur very frequently along the trip through Mexico to the United States:  80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are rapedduring their journey.”*  Providing connectivity with crowd sourcing while traveling through Mexico’s designated safe and  secure routes to the United States mitigates the ability of girls and women to be raped, sold as prostitutes (trafficked) and used in sex rings.


·   VULNERABLE CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS TRAVELING ALONE FROM GUATEMALA, HONDURAS & EL SALVADOR: What is the responsibility of the families who allow their children and teenagers to travel alone to the United States Via Mexico? Is it not the duty of the world body to protect Children and Teenagers? Have children and teenagers been vanquished into a vicious world where daily primal survival puts them in untold precarious dangers?  What is the responsibility of Mexico to protect children and teenagers as they pass through Mexico en route to the United States? Should these traumatized children and teenagers face many more personal difficulties and miseries as they pass through Mexico and to settle in the United States?     

Foreign & Domestic Elements who work independently or in concert with each other to penetrate the U.S. Borders: DHS, Customs & Border Patrol Agents And ICE must also deal with:(There have been calls to eliminate ICE – ICE (HSI) serves a greater Law & Order need.)  

Functions Of ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI):

1) Financial crimes, money laundering and bulk cash smuggling; 2) Commercial fraud and intellectual property theft; 3) Cybercrimes; 4) Human rights violations; 5) Human smuggling and trafficking; 6) Immigration, document and benefit fraud; 7) Narcotics and weapons smuggling/trafficking; 8) Transnational gang activity; 9) Export enforcement; and, 10) International art and antiquity theft.

Threats which can be divided into four basic categories:

1.     Foreign Terrorists: Who live in foreign countries, attack foreign targets but work with their terrorist members in the United States /Europe, Africa, et al, who do terrorists attacks in the United States / Europe, et al.

2.     Foreign Terrorists: Who infiltrate the United States to attack US targets:

3.  Domestic Terrorists:  Who train and fight in the United States and enact terrorism in the United States who may or may not work with Foreign Terrorists.

4.     Domestic Terrorists : Who train and fight abroad then return to the United States for terrorism activities/attacks.

8 Enemy Groups Of The (State) United States Of America and the large illegal immigration Law & Order concerns and problems Number 9

1.     Jihadists (had being recruited in over 100 countries to fight with ISIS), al Nusra, Khorasan, Al-qaeda, Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood, et al),

2.     Foreign Terrorists,  

3.     Drug Cartels,  

4.     Espionage rings (from nation states),

5.     Organized Crime Syndicates,  

6.     Arms runners,

7.     Organized Street Gangs (certain members recruited by Sinalia Cartel) like MS, Mara (means gang),  Mara Salvatrucha, MS 13 operates in U.S. and Central America (San Salvador Guerillas) its activities include drug and weapons trafficking, child trafficking, auto theft, burglary, assault, and murder (including contract killings). As early as 2005 (13 years ago), Mara was said to meet with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. President Trump has been directly working effectively to stop MS-13 in the United States.

8.     Children & Female Sex Trafficking rings,  

9.     A host of illegal immigrants broke the U.S. law. Illegal immigrants account for 37% of the federal sentences.*   Illegal immigrants constitute about 3.4% of the United States population. 11.3 million population** United States population 323 million (2016).




2nd Hour

"One Young Man's Dream of Coming to America to Work in Politics!"

The micro view of immigration. One young man's story of a dream to work in American politics.

     with Simon Watson     WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
Bruce Moran - National Security Advisor

BSimon Watson was born and raised in Australia and moved to Northern California shortly after graduating high school. He earned an Associates Degree in Political Science from Shasta College and worked in the California State Assembly. Simon has lived in Redding for three years.

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