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JULY 26, 2020


"Behind the COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths"

with William Kay

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Today's guest: William Walter Kay

William lives in Alberta Canada.  He hosted a radio program in Vancouver until threats from intolerant free-speech-hating environmentalists drove him off the air. He is a frequent contributor to the Canada Free Press on a wide variety of topics. William also writes for Global Research - A Centre for Research on Globalism 

The purpose of his website is to expose both the similarities between environmentalism and fascism and the connections between environmentalism and modern fascistic, or arch-conservative, individuals and groups.  It presents the product of original research and the work of others.  The principal political orientation of the web page is Utilitarian.  The struggle against fascism or other extreme reactionary movements has historically required a broad alliance.  William's website is designed to serve as a mobilizing point for all those wishing to join this struggle. 

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New York State's nursing home body-count must already exceed 20,000

Howard Zucker's Scarlet Letter

N March 25, 2020 New York State’s Health Department issued the urgent Advisory: Hospital Discharges and Admissions to Nursing Homes. Nursing Home (NH) Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and Hospital Discharge Planners needed to “carefully review this guidance.” 

To “clarify expectations” regarding nursing home acceptance of residents returning from hospital and nursing home acceptance of new admissions, the Advisory orders: 

“…NHs must comply with the expedited receipt of residents from hospitals to NHs.”


No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Covid-19

Hospital Administrators are given discretion over assessing patient fitness for transit and over choosing which patients to send. Thereafter:

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Covid-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for Covid-19 prior to admission or re-admission.”

Withering denunciations of this Advisory appeared instantly. A March 29, 2020 joint statement (Society for Post-Acute and Long-term Care Medicine; American Health Care Association; and National Center for Assisted Living) references the then ongoing Covid-19 outbreak at a Washington nursing home which killed 40 and sent half the residents to emergency wards. 

The joint statement also relays CDC data indicating that, within geriatric facilities, Covid-19’s case-to-fatality rate exceeds 15%.

The statement further cites a March 27, 2020 CDC finding that 57% of Covid-19-positive nursing home residents remained asymptomatic for up to a week. During this incubatory period such residents: “have potential for substantial viral shedding.” 

The authors rejected the re-purposing of New York’s nursing homes into frontline quarantines. New York nursing homes were already encountering critical shortages, or complete depletions, of personal protective equipment (PPE). Staffing shortages were exacerbated by Covid-19 outbreaks among workers and by school closures which threw many into childcare crises. Poorly trained workers were doing shifts at multiple homes. 

Nursing Homes: Old, Crowded buildings with antiquated ventilation are incapable of infection control

NHs run out of old, crowded buildings with narrow corridors and antiquated ventilation are incapable of infection control. Having struggled financially for decades, many homes were in no position to suddenly become hospital overflow wards. 

The pretext for the hospital-to-NH transfers was a ginned-up shortage of hospital space. In any event, sending Covid-19 patients away from hospitals to free-up hospital space for Covid-19 patients is illogical. Moreover, planting contagious patients into crowded seniors’ homes could only sow a bumper crop of Covid-19 cases. The statement’s authors conclude that the March 25 Advisory: “will only add to the surge in Covid-19 patients that require hospital care.”



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The remedy these healthcare specialists proposed has been endorsed by China’s Xi and by America’s Commander-in-Chief,

namely: large field hospitals.

On Trump’s order the Army set-up a 2,910-bed hospital in New York’s Javits Center. Trump also docked the 1,000-bed 

USNS Comfort in New York. Both facilities were operational late March to May 1. Both were shunned by NY Health.

The Javits Center saw under 1,000 patients and never had more than 500 occupied beds. Comfort saw 182 patients. 

Between March 25 and the Advisory’s May 10 reversal 4,500 New York Covid-19 cases were transferred from hospitals

to nursing homes. Trump’s field hospital plan could have intercepted and quarantined all transfers.

Cuomo’s team fanned the myth of overwhelmed hospitals in late March

Cuomo’s team fanned the myth of overwhelmed hospitals in late March; and they ghosted alternative quarantine venues

throughout April. With eyes wide open they dispatched a hundred or so Covid-19 cases per day into nursing homes.

During this 45-day process Covid-19-positive nursing home staff worked at multiple nursing homes without PPE. 

Although he will be widely condemned for this atrocity, the brick-headed, celebrity-tipsy Cuomo is not our arch-villain;

that spot is taken by 60-year-old Bronx-native, Howard Zucker

The romance of the Plague Doctor swept young Howard from his initial path, anesthesiology. Once the highest ranking American

 in W.H.O., Zucker participated in emergency responses to SARS, anthrax, Aids, Ebola, Zika, measles, and legionella. Zucker’s

sophistry-laden Tedx plea for government control of the internet references H1N1 and Norovirus. Regarding the latter he quips:

The rapid spread of Norovirus on a cruise ship is a constant reminder of the dangers of being held captive to a virus.

Zucker helped develop the Medical Reserve Corps. Zucker teaches Bio-Security Law at Georgetown U. As New York State’s

Health Commissioner Zucker: “oversees the entire health care workforce as well as health care facilities, including hospitals,

long-term care and nursing homes.”

When did Zucker start bio-bombing nursing homes?

When did Zucker start bio-bombing nursing homes? His Advisory’s “clarify expectations” phrase implies some nursing homes

must have resisted Covid-19 transfers pre-March 25. Hospital-to-NH Covid-19 transfers likely began March 18ish; scaling-up

post-March 25. (New York State’s Covid-19 death count rose from 46 on March 19 to 284 by March 24.) 

Frankenstein reared his monstrous head mid-April as nursing home body-counts soared past expectations. Hitherto NY Health

authorities inflated death tallies and kept mum on nursing homes. Now they scramble to shrink their nursing home body-count. 

At 11:46 AM, April 15, all 613 New York nursing home operators received an email ordering them to phone into a 1 PM conference

call with Zucker. No paper trail this time. (A 2-minute recording survives). Operators were told to scour their files and prepare

separate lists of tested, and presumed, Covid-19 fatalities along with data regarding average fatalities. Operators were to exclude

from their lists any deceased resident not physically in the nursing home at the time of death. 

Under Zucker’s system a long-time nursing home resident could contract Covid-19 at that nursing home and die within hours of

being rushed to hospital—and not be counted as a nursing home Covid-19 fatality. New York is the only jurisdiction resorting to

such desperate legerdemain. Zucker’s team is also free to doctor earlier, untested nursing home deaths into something other

than Covid-19 fatalities.  

The official NY nursing home death tally of 5,900 is a naked fraud. Local journalists have given voice to nursing home staff who

swear recent deaths in their homes are several times higher than what appears in government reports. 

New York’s official nursing home death tally is 20% of New York’s total (29,009) Covid-19 death tally. This is the best nursing

home fatality rate in the world. Imagine a place with a hundred individual nursing homes each reporting more Covid-19 deaths

than the City of San Francisco turning out to be the paragon of geriatric hygiene.  

In 14 US and several European jurisdictions nursing home residents make-up over 50% of Covid-19 fatalities. Several jurisdictions

have NH-to-total fatality rates of 80% including entire countries, like Canada. In Quebec, which imposed policies similar to

New York’s, almost 90% of Covid-19 fatalities are nursing home residents. When the truth comes out New York’s Covid-19 nursing

home fatalities will settle at a believable 70-to-90% of total fatalities. 

New York State’s nursing home body-count must already exceed 20,000.

On March 15, 2020 New York nursing homes housed 101,518 New Yorkers. Ten weeks later a fifth of those folk lay dead. There will

be absolute hell to pay when the citizens of Gotham awaken to this crime.


A shadow party of Montreal-area politico-medical elites who during the years immediately preceding the pandemic obsessively clamoured for the social

licence, legal permission to exterminate the precise people who are now dropping like flies under the

The Montreal Nursing Homes Massacre
The Montreal Nursing Homes Massacreon Canadian euthanasia invariably highlights the pioneering role Quebec’s euthanasia movement

plays within the country. 

In June 2014 Quebec’s Assembly became Canada’s first legislature to legalize euthanasia. The Bill, introduced by the Parti

Quebecois then moved forward by Liberal Premier Couillard’s government, passed 94 to 22 with no abstentions


The Act Respecting End of Life Care was the fruit of years of labour by pressure groups like Quebec’s chapter of Dying with Dignity 

and the 600-member Quebec Palliative Care Association (QCPA) whose General Manager also presides over the 

Alliance of Palliative Care Homes. QCPA’s Manifesto extols citizens’ rights to a “good death” and to professional counseling

regarding end-of-life options.  

On the eve of the vote Quebec’s College of Physicians endorsed euthanasia; something neither the Canadian Medical Association

nor any other provincial College had done.

Similarly, the Archdiocese of Quebec parted with the many Canadian Catholic clerics who deny funeral sacraments to those who

die via euthanasia lest they endorse sinful suicide. Quebec’s euthanized are buried as per normal; an approach the Archdiocese

claims complies with Pope Francis’s teachings. 

Quebec’s medically-assisted death squads waited for the green llght from Quebec’s Court of Appeal then, between 

December 10, 2015 and March 31, 2019, either through medically-assisted death or terminal sedation, they terminated 5,856

Quebecers’ lives. Around 4% of all Quebec deaths are now induced.

This percentage is not high enough for some. At a November 29, 2019 presser Quebec Health Minister Danielle McCann, flanked by

three supportive opposition politicians, advocated comprehensive soliciting of advanced consents from the elderly so that should

these folk later lose capacity to legally consent, they could be dispatched without much ado. 

McCann went on to comment on the status of a Quebec Superior Court ruling rejecting the Criminal Code’s criterion that a patient’s

death must be reasonably foreseeable” before euthanasia is permitted. Quebec never appealed this ruling. (The matter is now in

limbo with pundits expecting Ottawa to delete this troublesome criterion mid-July.) 

Thus, the COVID-19 (C-19) response roadshow hit Montreal just as their euthanasia lobby forged a momentous compact among judges,

bishops, politicians and the regional medical oligarchy. Of course, this euthanasia drive is not the sole key to unlocking Quebec’s peculiar

C-19 response; but it must be held in mind; …and what a peculiar response Quebec’s has been! 

  • Quebec’s 8.5 million residents constitute 22.6% of Canada’s population (37.6 million). 
  • Quebec’s 3,483 C-19 fatalities constitute 62.5% of the Canadian total (5,595). 
  • Ontario, population 14.6 million, reports 1,858 C-19 deaths. 
  • The rest of Canada (pop 14.5 million) reports 345 deaths.  

In terms of C-19 deaths-per-million citizens: Quebec registers 409; Ontario registers 127; and the rest of Canada: 24.

Officially, 75%  of Quebec’s C-19 fatalities occurred inside nursing homes

Four million Quebecers reside in Greater Montreal. Another 2 million reside within a 100-kilometre radius of Montreal. This combined

area witnessed 90% of Quebec’s C-19 fatalities partly because this area hosts most of Quebec’s 2,600 long-term care facilities

(“nursing homes”). Said facilities are mostly run by the provincial government. 

Officially, 75% (2,601) of Quebec’s C-19 fatalities occurred inside nursing homes. There is clear evidence of under-counting of nursing

home fatalities. Nursing home plus geriatric ward fatalities exceed 90% of all fatalities.

Official figures do transpose nicely upon reported ages of C-19 fatalities. Almost 40% of fatalities were aged 80 to 90. A third were over 90. 

Quebec reported its first C-19 death on March 18. Six of Quebec’s first 9 fatalities happened in nursing homes. By March 27 nursing

homes were obvious biohazards. 

On April 1 officials revealed that 519 nursing homes harboured at least one C-19 case.

On April 8 news broke that 115 of 250 residents of a Laval nursing home were C-19 positive. Thirteen residents there had perished. 

Ambulance crews discovered residents malnourished, dehydrated and covered with feces

On April 10 ambulance crews discovered residents malnourished, dehydrated and covered with

feces at Dorval’s Residence Herron. Crews found corpses Herron’s staff were unaware of. A dispute erupted between provincial health officials and the

ambulance service over how many body-bags had been dragged from Herron and over how many of those bags contained C-19 fatalities. Herron, which

averages 4 deaths per month, had 31 deaths in 14 days. One hundred-fifty residents and staff tested positive.

On April 13 authorities noted a government-run home in Lasalle had 26 C-19 fatalities and 351 cases.  

At an April 14 presser Quebec’s Director of Public Health stated that he had originally operated on the assumption that asymptomatic C-19 carriers were

not contagious. This derriere covering arrived just as news outlets dropped bombs like:

“…as in Italy and Spain, Quebec focussed on freeing up hospital and ICU capacity, and in some cases preventatively transferred seniors out of

hospitals into care facilities. At the same time, it established recommendations to those care facilities restricting the transfer of residents back to

hospitals should they fall ill. The result has been a humanitarian disaster of still undetermined proportions…”

Health authorities knew intimately where they were sending and confining these patients. Problems at Quebec nursing homes have been studied ad nauseam. 

Many homes have crowded communal dining rooms and narrow hallways. Many have wards with multiple beds per room and shared toilets. Most have

residents incapable of following elementary hygiene protocols meandering about the building. Staff often work at more than one home and continued to do

so during the pandemic. 

On April 30 the government reported 6,603 C-19 cases among nursing home residents.

Quebec’s elderly C-19 sufferers were sent to and/or confined in circumstances approaching the opposite of quarantine. The contagious were not isolated

and well-tended. They were herded into cloistered proximity with the most vulnerable, then abandoned.

Quebec has 9,280 C-19 cases aged over 70. Quebec is only treating 1,763 C-19 sufferers in hospital (many of whom caught C-19 whilst in geriatric wards).

Hence, thousands of C-19 patients continue to languish inside bio chambers alongside tens of thousands of elderly neighbors.

A wise man once opined: never presume there is a conspiracy behind any disaster that sheer stupidity or mere incompetence might explain. 

That said: are we to be blind to the fact that the demographic cohort which the euthanasia boosters have long sought to snuff-out is the same cohort now

being extinguished by C-19?

Beyond the gormless promises and thespian commiserations proffered by Legault’s team one espies a shadow party of Montreal-area politico-medical elites

who during the years immediately preceding the pandemic obsessively clamoured for the social licence and legal permission to exterminate the precise

people who are now dropping like flies under their watch.  


The hand that signs death certificates also signs: stay-at-home orders, bans on public assembly, postponements of elections, mobilizations

of National Guards, and socially-transformative fiscal deficits


COVID-19 and the Democratic Tribe of the Boston-Newark Megalopolis

On January 9, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) alerted authorities worldwide of a potential novel coronavirus outbreak. Three weeks of investigations

and conferences later (January 30) WHO declared a global public health emergency. Regions which subsequently posted extraordinarily high COVID-19

(C-19) fatalities did not encounter notable domestic C-19 cases until mid-February. Their governments, therefore, had weeks to plan pandemic responses.

Such plans required death certification protocols.  


Collectively, these 5 states have 10 US Senators. All are Democrats, most are prominent

The 10-city Boston-Newark Megalopolis spans 30,000 square kilometres along America’s northeast coast and hosts 36 million people.

Ninety percent of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island citizens reside in this Megalopolis. The area’s

transportation and energy infrastructures are well-integrated, as is its commercial realm. Politically, it’s effectively a one-party state.   

Rhode Island’s Democratic Party has ruled for a half century. Currently, all statewide executive officers are Democrats including Governor

Gina Raimondo. The Party holds super-majorities in the Senate (33/38) and House (66/75).

New York’s Democratic Party holds all statewide executive offices including the Governorship (Andrew Cuomo). They occupy 40 of 63 Senate

seats and 106 of 150 Assembly seats. They have maintained an Assembly majority since 1974.

New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee enjoys comfortable majorities in Senate and Assembly. Governor Phil Murphy is Chair of the

Democratic Governors Association. This wealthy former Goldman Sachs banker served as Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee.  

Connecticut’s Democratic State Central Committee controls Connecticut’s Senate (22/36) and House (91/151). Democratic Governor ‘Ned’

Lamont (grandson of J.P. Morgan CEO, Thomas Lamont) pours tens of millions from his own pocket into campaigns. CT Dems control all

statewide executive offices. 

Massachusetts’ Democratic Party is a black sheep for failing to retain the Governor’s office. Republican Charlie Baker won by a hair in 2014,

then handily in 2018. Nevertheless, Baker faces veto-proof Democratic super-majorities in Senate and House. 

Collectively, these 5 states have 10 US Senators. All are Democrats, most are prominent.

Third-term New York Senator Chuck Schumer (twice elected with a 70% vote) Chairs the Democratic Caucus. Massachusetts Senator

Elizabeth Warren is Caucus Vice-Chair. 

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed (elected with 70% of the vote) is Ranking Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

New Jersey’s Bob Menendez (formerly Union City’s Mayor) is Ranking Member, and former Chair, of the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee.

Jersey’s junior Senator, Corey Booker, served two terms as Newark’s Mayor. 

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of the wealthiest senators, was Connecticut Attorney General for 20 years. He sits on the

Commerce, Science and Technology Committee.  

(Blumenthal, Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) adorn the Senate Committee on Aging. Warren and Gillibrand promote euthanasia.

Not so sanguine is Blumenthal but some of his CT Dems have pushed euthanasia legislation since 2013. Massachusetts Dems placed a

‘Death with Dignity’ question on the 2012 ballot (defeated by a 1% margin). New York Dems sought to litigate a right to assisted-suicide

until 2015 when they proposed a legislative route. New Jersey’s euthanasia law came into force August 1, 2019. Five Rhode Island

Democrats co-introduced an assisted-suicide bill on January 30, 2020.)

Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut send only Democrats to the House of Representatives. Ten of 12 New Jersey Reps are

Democrats as are 21 of New York’s 27 Reps. The Megalopolis’s Congressional legation includes Joe Kennedy III and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Nine of New York State’s 10 largest cities have Democratic mayors. Bill de Blasio won New York City’s mayoralty by a landslide; carrying 48

of 51 Councillors with him. 

All 10 cities inside the Megalopolis have Democrat mayors. New Haven has had only Democrat mayors since 1954; Newark since 1953.

Minus a forgotten three-year blip, Hartford has had Democrat mayors for 72 years. Boston mayors have been Democrats for 90 years straight. 


State and municipal employees are hand-picked by Democratic Party functionaries

State and municipal employees are hand-picked by Democratic Party functionaries. Where workforces are organized, unions support Democrats. 

State and municipal governments play leading healthcare roles.

NYC Health + Hospitals is America’s largest public healthcare provider. Its insurance plan covers 500,000 New Yorkers including all NYC

government employees. It also serves the city’s immense uninsured population and funds hundreds of clinics and home support organizations.

NYC Health + Hospitals owns 11 acute care hospitals and 5 long-term care facilities. They treat 1.4 million patients annually on a budget

of $10.5 billion.  

New York State’s Department of Health employs another 4,700 doctors, nurses, and lab technicians etc. 

Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health runs 4 multi-specialty hospitals and 24 bureaus with titles like: Infectious Disease and Laboratory

Sciences, Preparedness and Emergency Management, and Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. 

Boston’s Public Health Commission employs an additional 1,100 medical professionals.

New Jersey’s Department of Health enforces regulations onto 2,200 healthcare facilities (including 375 long-term care facilities) whilst delivering

services related to: vital statistics, surveillance systems, aging and the uninsured. 


The Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s medical complex is designed, funded and run by Democratic operatives

Scores of Democrat-led activist groups representing doctors, nurses and patients agitate for expansions to public healthcare. Unions are

particularly effective. The 42,000-member New York State Nursing Association brays about its legions of door-knockers and phone-callers who

assist Democratic candidates during elections. SEIU’s 450,000-member Healthcare Workers East is militantly pro-Democrat.

The Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s medical complex is designed, funded and run by Democratic operatives. They oversee the coroners, medical

examiners, attending physicians, nurse practitioners and statisticians comprising the Megalopolis’s death certification system.    

This Megalopolis did not launch the C-19 deaths exaggeration crusade. The Lombards issued the pronunciamento on February 26. Madrid and

France joined two weeks later; Belgium soon after. 

Notable C-19 cases arrived in the Boston-Newark Megalopolis mid-February. Their first C-19 death came March 14. Over the next two weeks

C-19 death reports popped-up across the area. By then New York reported over 1,000 deaths; New Jersey over 100. This period witnessed the

rise of obvious efforts to write “COVID-19” onto as many death certificates as plausible. Results: 

These 5 states (with 12% of America’s population) post 44,546 (55.2%) of America’s 80,789 C-19 deaths.  

These 5 states’ combined population equals that of California’s (40 million). Having greater contact with Asia than the Northeast, California

reported C-19 cases earlier. Now, California records only 2,717 C-19 deaths. 

Utah, Nebraska, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine,

Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont and Tennessee collectively have a population of 40 million. They report 1,553 C-19 deaths; roughly half that of

Connecticut.Texas, population 28 million, reports 1,133 C-19 deaths.   


Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s death certification agencies are jacking-up their C-19 body-counts

The best explanation for these incredible discrepancies is that Boston-Newark Megalopolis’s death certification agencies are jacking-up their

C-19 body-counts.

Some legerdemain is glaring. On April 14 New York City Health Commissioner added 3,778 C-19 deaths. These people had died in previous

weeks, often at home. None were tested. In making this pronouncement the Commissioner described her marching orders as:

We are focussed on ensuring that every New Yorker who dies because of Covid-19 gets counted. 

The number of “presumptive” C-19 deaths buried in the stats remains unknown, but looms large. 

The main method of inflating C-19 fatalities is to insist, in every instance, that a positive test for C-19 warrants listing C-19 as a

“cause of death.” This illogic also applies to presumed (untested) cases.    New York funeral directors express dismay at the cavalier writing of “Covid-19” on death certificates.  

Between March 7 and 10 all five Governors declared “states of emergencies.” The next two weeks saw a ratcheting up of curfews and

closures culminating in sweeping lockdowns decreed firstly (March 20) by Governor Cuomo and lastly by Governor Raimondo (March 28).

Certain mayors, notably Boston’s Marty Walsh and Providence’s Jorge Elorza, pushed ahead of their Governors. 

The hand that signs death certificates also signs: stay-at-home orders, bans on public assembly, postponements of elections, mobilizations

of National Guards, and socially-transformative fiscal deficits. 

The Megalopolis’s Democratic Parties exploit this manufactured crisis to ram through unpopular policies and to further cement

themselves into power.

COVID-19 - Cause of Death as a Term of Art  
Are these countries pandemic dead-zones; or, are they jurisdictions wherein medico-legal bureaucrats systematically manipulate and misrepresent “cause of death” designations on official death certificates?