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JANUARY 3, 2021



"The Wide World of Fracking and Fossil Fuels"

with Jesus Arredondo


About Jesús Arredondo

Jesús Arredondo is the principal and founder of Advantage Government Consulting LLC (Advantage Consulting) and has over 20 years of experience in public, government and regulatory affairs, including concentrated experience in energy and agriculture policy issues.

Prior to launching Advantage Consulting, Arredondo worked as a senior advisor for two major public relations firms in the United States and Mexico.  Arredondo also served as a policy advisor to two major transmission projects in the West, principal advisor on an education effort in California concerning natural gas and on a national education campaign concerning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s push for standard market design.  Before launching Advantage Consulting, Arredondo served five years as Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs for a fortune 100 independent power producer and two years at the California Power Exchange, where he served as Director of Corporate Communications.

Since launching Advantage Consulting, Jesús has been providing guidance to clients by overseeing regulatory case filings and related activities including coordinating the activities of outside legal counsel, communications and lobbying efforts for private companies and non-profit coalitions.  Specific work has also included providing support for due diligence reviews on generation acquisition and disposition, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing representation for clients before federal, state and local governments in the Western United States and Latin America on a wide range of issues related to energy and agriculture.

Arredondo’s past experience in government as Deputy Secretary for Marketing and Communications at the California Trade and Commerce Agency, Deputy Chief of Protocol for the State of California, Deputy Press Secretary to former California Governor Pete Wilson and as a bilingual spokesman for the Arnold Schwarzenegger for California Governor Campaign is greatly supported by his cultivated relationship with Western state’s and national media.

Arredondo earned undergraduate degrees from the University of California at Davis and graduate degrees from the University of Miami and the University of California at Los Angeles.  Jesús served in the United States Army and was honorably discharged.   

Advantage Government Consulting, LLC (Advantage Consulting)

1121 L Street, Suite 700, Sacramento, CA 95814

Telephone 916-498-3345


Advantage Government Consulting LLC (Advantage Consulting)provides governmental, regulatory, public affairs and advocacy representation with subject-matter expertise and concentrated experience on governmental and regulatory policies specific to energy (conventional and renewable power projects and as it interfaces with water and agriculture).  Our firm also includes a network of policy analysts and consultants with concentrated experience in contracting, negotiating purchase power agreements and contracts, public relations and crisis media management support – all for the energy industry.

From, government affairs, to public affairs and from regulatory policy to business development, the Advantage Consulting staff that will be working on your project has over 75 years of collective energy experience and has worked on all the various government and regulatory aspects of development, acquisition or disposition of nearly 15,000 megawatts of generation (inclusive of natural gas, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro and battery storage projects) in the Western United States and Mexico. 

Discussed on today's show:

From: Teller, Paul S. EOP/OVP <>
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2020 5:10 PM
To: Teller, Paul S. EOP/OVP <>
Subject: Presidential Memo on Fracking


Hello folks.  I wanted to make sure you saw this presidential memorandum on fracking that could be of interest to you and allies in your networks.  Please share as you see fit, and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


Fact Sheet (also pasted below):

Text of the Memorandum:


Paul Teller

Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Vice President

The White House



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Discussed on today's show:

  • Major flooding in China
  • Three Gorges Dam - largest dam in the world and it is failing
  • 1959-1960 Mao famine 60 Million people starved to death

From our guest:

Many things have happened since we last spoke. I would like to pick the following to discuss:

1. The CCP's counter-governance:

On top of the coronavirus, China has been hit with a massive flood. A complete failure to respond to these disasters is not a surprise on the part of the CCP, what even surprised me is how the CCP dictators responded. To explain the CCP's dictators behavior, I came up with the term counter-governance. There is good government, bad government, and completely failed government. The CCP's behavior is beyond a fail government, so I call it counter-governance. To make an analogy, there are wit, low wit, but there may be counter-wit.

I will cover some of the CCP's counter-governance behaviors in:

        i. the massive flood

        ii. celebration of victory over the coronavirus

        iii. causing more domestic crisis in Hong Kong, inner-Mongolia, and economic policies

        iv. causing more international conflict with India, in south China Sea, with Taiwan


I will discuss how these counter-governance behaviors should teach us about the nature of the CCP.  The radical DEMS and BLM resembles the CCP in their counter-wit behavior. I should cover this as the third topic.


2. America's new China policy:  I will summarize and comment on some of the significant changes.

3. China policy and the US election