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JUNE 26, 2022


Hour 1  Inflation, "What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How to Fix It" - with Nathan Lewis WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
Hour 2  encore from May 22, 2022, "Conservative Activism in 2022" - with Marcos Zelader-Rodas WE THE PEOPLE RADIO

Hour 1

About The Authors

Steve Forbes is chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, the foremost name in business information.  A widely respected economic prognosticator and regular broadcast commentator, he hosts the acclaimed webcast “What’s Ahead.”  He is author and co-author of several books, including Money, the bestselling How Capitalism Will Save Us, and Flat Tax Revolution.  He helped create the award-winning documentary In Money We Trust?  In 1996 and 2000 he campaigned vigorously for the Republican nomination for the presidency. 

Nathan Lewis is among the world’s leading authorities on monetary policy and economic history.  He is the author of The Magic Formula: The Timeless Secret to Economic Health and Prosperity; Gold: The Once and Future Money; Gold: The Monetary Polaris; and Gold: The Final Standard.  A Discovery Institute Fellow, his writing has appeared in Forbes, the Financial Times, and elsewhere.  He publishes The Polaris Letter, a monthly investment newsletter available at 
Elizabeth Ames is a noted commentator and author.  She has collaborated with Steve Forbes on several books, including Money.  Her articles have appeared in FoxNews.comThe Daily Caller, American Spectator, and other outlets.  She is co-producer and writer of the award-winning, public television documentary In Money We Trust? which has aired nationwide and can be viewed at

"What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How to Fix It"

       INFLATION        Nathan Lewis WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
By Steve Forbes, Nathan Lewis, and Elizabeth Ames

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Washington, DC—What is behind the worst inflationary storm in more than forty years—one that is dominating the headlines and shaking Americans by their pocketbooks?  The cost-of-living explosion since the COVID pandemic has raised alarms about a possible return of a 1970s-style “Great Inflation.”  Some observers even fear a descent into the kind of raging hyperinflation that has torn apart so many nations.  Is this true?  If so, how should we prepare for the future?

INFLATION: What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How to Fix It (Encounter Books, April 19, 2022), answers these and other questions in an engaging discussion that draws on the singular expertise of Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, acclaimed for his insights on money and the economy; Nathan Lewis, internationally renowned expert on money and taxation; and author and journalist Elizabeth Ames.  INFLATION ultimately contends that despite what the experts routinely say, “no nation has ever gotten rich by eroding the value of its money.”  And it explains why stable money and pro-market policies, including lower taxes, would stop inflation and reignite American prosperity.
INFLATION outlines the dangers we face: “Almost daily, people are shocked by media reports of double-digit increases in the price of food, gas, automobiles, and other essentials.  Adding to public anxiety is an ever-mounting level of government spending, causing federal debt to now exceed the size of the entire US economy.”  Rising prices, however, are only the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.  INFLATION explains that, while “transitory” market forces may help push up prices, the fundamental cause of severe, long-term inflation is always a decline in the value of money—which most often occurs when governments and central banks pump too much into the economy.

The answer to inflation, say the authors, is discarding long-held misperceptions that helped bring on the current crisis.  They include the notion that central banks can create prosperity by producing money out of thin air, and that economic “stability” requires “a little inflation.”  For decades these ideas have been
Holy Writ in Washington.  INFLATION shows why they’re misguided, and also why the heedless money-printing being pushed today by left-wing advocates of “Modern Monetary Theory” would lead us down the road
to disaster.

INFLATION argues that “The best way to end inflation, and to spur economic growth, is through a return to a sound dollar anchored by gold.  A gold standard simply links the greenback to gold, in much the same way that dozens of countries today link their currencies to the dollar or euro.  The US relied on a sound dollar for nearly two centuries and it became the wealthiest country in the history of the world.”
Packed with examples from the headlines and from history, INFLATION is a unique, real-world exploration of the subject that addresses everyday concerns of Americans under siege by rising prices, including steps individuals should take to protect their wealth.
Written in an accessible style for all Americans, INFLATION is essential reading for everyone seeking to navigate these tumultuous times.
Hour 2  
"Conservative Activism in 2022" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO

Marcos Zelada-Rodas Since serving as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army, Marcos Zelada-Rodas has been involved with conservative activism and bringing the fight for conservative values to Southern California. Marcos has been involved with many organizations such as Turning Point USA, the Freedom Foundation, and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Serving as President of Turning Point USA chapters and sitting on the state board for the RNHA. Marcos has appeared on OANN, The Daily Caller, FOX LA, Telemundo, Turning Point Live, PragerU, TBN, Campus Reform, and more to discuss his activism, fighting the left, and public policy that will save America.

Marcos is a lover of the outdoors and photography. He enjoys spending as much time as possible traveling and meeting new people. Marcos holds a Associates Degree in Communication from Mt. San Antonio College and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Public Relations at California State University, Fullerton. Marcos is committed to fighting for California and conservative values in the Latino community.

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