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JULY 17, 2022


Hour 1  "Whistleblowers of America" - WE THE PEOPLE RADIO

with Jackie Garrick, founder   

Hour 2  "Running a Water District Without Water" - WE THE PEOPLE RADIO

 with Brenda Haynes and Ray Eliante    

Hour 1

"Whistleblowers of America"

About Jackie Garrick

As the founder of Whistleblowers of America, Ms. Garrick is a policy and program expert with 30 years of service to the military/veteran community. She was a political appointee at the Pentagon for eight years, setting up personnel programs for Wounded Warriors and the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. She established a crisis hotline in Afghanistan and later investigated issues related to diversity and inclusion and NO FEAR Act violations. While working for the Defense Department that Ms. Garrick blew the whistle on fraud, waste, and abuse and suffered retaliation. Before that, she worked for the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Disability Assistance, and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee, drafting legislation to assist disabled veterans and their families. Ms. Garrick is a former Army social work officer. She has used her clinical knowledge to inform her advocacy and intervention work with The American Legion as the Deputy Director for Health Care and then with the Veterans" Disability Benefits Commission. She has several prestigious awards, including the Lincoln Award and a Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service. Ms. Garrick has published books and several articles and has appeared worldwide as a health and resilience expert. She founded the FAR Group after 9/11 and continues to offer consulting services. Her MSW is from Temple University.

Whistleblowers of America

United in Speaking Truth to Power

Workplace Promise Institute

P.O. Box 3896, Pensacola, FL 32516

Our mission is to provide evidence-based peer support that matches mentors and mentees who follow a whistleblower strategic plan designed
to reduce the stress on the whistleblower and assist in problem-solving and decision-making.

Whistleblowers of America aims to provide justice, courage, integrity, and sympathy for anyone who has suffered from retaliation.

To provide a voice for employees
who fear speaking out against violations due to retaliation.

What is Whistleblowing
Whistleblowers are everywhere and can be any employee (including military personnel) who sees wrongdoing and speaks out to stop it. However, it is often a lonely and confusing legal process. In the news media, we hear stories of victims who have waited decades before coming forward or have had to work for years to gather enough evidence to be credible. Yet, they protect individuals and the public from all kinds of harm - ranging from medical errors to toxic contamination to financial fraud to discrimination and sexual abuse. Whistleblowers are the first relators of wrongdoing!

Why Should You Care?
Unfortunately, many in the position who blow the whistle face workplace abuse and loss of job opportunities. People believe those who "snitch" on their superiors donít deserve protection. In some societies, whistleblowers are equated to traitors and liars. Without them, employers could freely embezzle, harass their employees, and destroy the lives of the public without consequence.

Who Is A Whistleblower & What Do They Do?
Whistleblowers are essential parts of the workplace, and the main reason injustice is brought to light. When someone takes a stand and reports evidence about the corrupt actions employers and supervisors perpetrate for personal gain, it evens the playing field and dispels the inequality between the workers and employers.


Workplace Promise Institute 2022
Last year Whistleblowers of America (WoA)
launched a new truth to power opportunity with the
first virtual Workplace Promise Institute (WPI)
Western Interstate Commission for Higher[...]
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Hour 2

"Running a Water District Without Water"

About our guests

Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

Brenda Haynes, President, Division 5
Brenda is currently a District Representative for U.S. Congressman Doug LaMalfa. She previously served as Field Representative for then-California State Senator LaMalfa and California State Assemblyman Jim Nielsen.

Brenda is married with three grown sons and makes her home in Churn Creek Bottom where she and husband Bruce enjoy raising cattle. She currently serves as President of the Board of Directors of Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District representing Division V, is a Shasta County LAFCO Commissioner, a member of the Shasta County Resource Advisory Committee, and an alternate board member of the Northern California Water Association. Brenda is a member of Redding Republican Women, Shasta County Cattlemen, Shasta County Farm Bureau and the Shasta County Republican Central Committee.
Ray Eliante, Director, Division 4
Ray is the Regional Office President for a national processing company serving merchants in all 50 states and Canada. He has a successful and extensive business background as an entrepreneur while achieving a national ranking for a previously owned contracting business. Some of his endeavors include, restaurant, property management, contracting, commercial and residential development. He has been active in churches holding several positions and has started several home churches.

Married with three grown children and four grandchildren and enjoys all the great outdoors activities that the north state has to offer. He finds the most pleasure on his hobby ranch in Cottonwood California.

Ray was elected to the District's Board of Directors in the fall of 2020 and looks forward to serving the district and its customers.
Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District (ACID or District) diverts water from the Sacramento River in Redding, California, primarily from a gravity diversion in the river at the seasonal ACID Diversion Dam in Redding. In addition, the District operates a pump station on the river approximately 4 miles downstream to supply a lateral canal. ACIDís distribution system includes approximately 35 miles of Main Canal, about 98 percent of which is unlined. The Main Canal flows through six inverted siphons to cross streams, such as Clear Creek, and three flume sections across smaller streams and lowland areas. When flow exceeds the canal capacity, District water overflows into several wasteways along the canal route (see Figure 2-1; figures are located at the end of each section in which they are first referenced).

ACID holds a water right, under pre-1914 postings, to divert water from the natural flow of the Sacramento River. The ACID surface water supply entitlement provides for a maximum total of 125,000 ac-ft/yr during the period April 1 through October 31 of each year. 121,000 ac-ft is considered to be Base Supply and 4,000 ac-ft is Central Valley Project Supply. During dry years this supply may be significantly less.



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