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OCTOBER 31, 2010 




About Cathy:

During her time at the Clerk’s office, Cathy Darling has overseen the successful implementation of the touch-screen voting system and supervised the most hectic election schedule in decades: the Gubernatorial Recall Election, the UDEL Election of 2003, the Presidential Primary Election of 2004 and the Presidential General Election that followed, all within 14 months.

Prior to joining the staff at the County Clerk’s office, Cathy worked for five years with Shasta County, serving as an analyst for the Department of Social Services.

Cathy was born and raised in Washington D.C., and had a childhood that took advantage of the history around that area. Her school bus route went up Pennsylvania Avenue and past the White House each day; she’d frequently visit museum exhibits and studied for exams at the Library of Congress. She left it all behind for California when she was 18 and attended Santa Barbara City College and the University of California at Santa Barbara, from which she graduated in 1993.

Cathy Darling will speak about how our ballots are processed with all of the voter fraud concerns out there.
Election Map
Election News
Sam Paredes Second Amendment lobbyist for Gun Owners of California will call in to let us know what is happening in the races around the state that he is working on.
Gun Lobbyist for Gun Owners of California
  About Sam
  Sam Paredes is a member of the Board of Directors of Gun Owners of America and Treasurer of Gun Owner Foundation, as well as working with Gun Owners of California (GOC) for over 30 years.

SAM PAREDES                 

He currently serves as GOC’s Executive Director, a position he has held for the past 10 years.

GOC is a non-profit lobbying organization formed to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights in California. Sam is also Director of GOC Campaign Committee which is dedicated to defeating anti-gun politicians and replacing them with solid pro-gun leaders.

Full biography:

And to give you the news from people doing a very needed service to state our feelings...
  • We’re going to ask the people on the bus to call in and give us their experiences from the road tomorrow.
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