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NOVEMBER 28, 2010 



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Today's guests: Alex Landi and Lorenzo Castro

"A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation." Ronald Reagan

America...A Colony No More
There are two ways to do immigration, the right way and the wrong way. We have been doing it the wrong way for many years.

Legal immigration, with its requirements, is good. Illegal immigration, with no safeguards, is bad, and is a negative for this country. There is no justification for it and should not be tolerated.

The issue of illegal immigration is not about race, as 'illegal' is obviously not a race. Illegal aliens come here from all over the world and are of every race and ethnicity possible. The problem is their presence here by the millions, not their race. All illegal immigrants should be sent home.

Legal immigrants, too, are of all races. No one is complaining about them. America is a sovereign nation, and should conduct itself that way. Our attitude should be to demand that would be immigrants come legally and meet all our requirements. We have very generous immigration quotas and there is no reason for us to tolerate illegal immigration on top of that.

Americans need to stop feeling guilty about saying "no" to illegal immigrants. There is nothing to apologize for and we need to break free of the shackles of political correctness. We need to deal with this issue with our brains and not our emotions. We need to brush off all attempts to manipulate us by people who play the race card or who tug at our emotions. No more being defensive about our sovereignty; we need to go on offense and resolve this once and for all. This means pressuring and forcing our public servants to do their job and not their agenda. We must demand that our officials enforce the laws they passed and swore to uphold. This means total repatriation of all illegal immigrants so that we can once again become a sovereign nation that is in control of its own fate.
Sovereign-Tea is about sovereignty through enforcement. We will focus solely on the issue of illegal immigration, though we will discuss how the presence of millions of illegal aliens affects many other issues in this country. We encourage all Americans who are fed up with this illegal colonization of our country to join with us and demand that the government issue a declaration of repatriation to illegal aliens backed up by very strong consequences.

Alex Landi

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Video: Alex Landi and Lorenzo speak at the Redding Tea Party.
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