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 JANUARY 30, 2011


CRI, the family watchdog  
Today's  guest: Karen England




About Karen & CRI

Karen England is the Executive Director of the Capital Resource Institute (CRI). The CRI's mission is to educate and strengthen families and we do that by working to influence public policy. It's imperative that citizens join with us in staying up to speed on current legislation affecting family values!

As your watchdog for family values here in Sacramento, CRI is committed to keeping you informed about important legislation.
At CRI, we do more than just inform; we provide leadership and alert you as to how to make a real difference and have an effect in your community, culture and on the legislative process. Our programs are designed with you in mind.

● Church Resources | View All
As a church, you have specific laws which you must follow to be active in the political arena. We have a list of what churches may and may not do, and also church bulletin inserts for you to help your parishioners stay informed.
● Day at the Capitol | More Information and Registration
Several times a year, CRI's Day at the Capitol attracts hundreds of "ordinary" citizens to spend a day at the state Capitol in Sacramento. There they are: Equipped with a better understanding of the legislative process; Familiarized with pending legislation; Provided with skills to communicate effectively with state legislators and other officials; and briefed by members of the state Legislature.
● City on the Hill | Visit for more information (outside link)
City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to participate in leadership training and learn the governmental process from a Christian prospective. City on the Hill teaches students how our government works and helps them discover what it takes to be the leaders of tomorrow. City on the Hill promotes a strong sense of moral and civic responsibility based on Judeo-Christian ethic. City on the Hill encourages students to make friends with other teens who share similar values and convictions.
● Class at the Capitol | More information
CRI offers Class at the Capitol as an exciting and unique opportunity for students to get acquainted with the legislative process. This is a one-day, hands-on program where students become mock legislators for the day.
● CSBLC | More information
California School Board Leadership Council provides conscientious leadership for California School Boards.
This year CRI is hosting its first lobby day on Tuesday, March 15th.
Citizens will be able to lobby their legislator against Senate Bill 48 by Mark Leno of San Francisco. SB 48 would require instruction in social sciences, such as geography, history, economics, communication, psychology, political science and more, to include the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

This bill requires LGBT indoctrination for all public school students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

We must let our elected officials know we do not want our young children indoctrinated with such material while at school.
A Day at the Capitol also gives citizens an opportunity to understand the issues of the day while equipping them in order to be able to clearly and effectively communicate their political perspective in front of members of the legislature or their staff.

This day will empower people who have never walked into a legislator's office and help educate repeat attendees on this year's legislative prospects.

If you want to learn the how government works and how you can effectively make a difference, please attend Day at the Capitol.

Citizens Lobby Day
Tuesday, March 15th

Secretary of State Building

1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 
If you are interested please contact La Tanya Wright via email at
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