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APRIL 3, 2011 


AB 26 E-Verify


Today's guests are:
Tim Donnelly Assemblyman 59th District info
Brian Jones Assemblyman 77th District info
AB 26 will bar sanctuary cities, require businesses to use E-Verify system!
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Californians For Population Stabilization

AB 26, by Assembly member Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks) would reverse California’s direction and have the state assist in efforts to stem illegal immigration.

The legislation, introduced into the new session of the legislature, would:
  • bar sanctuary cities in the state and authorize citizens to sue any local government that operates as a sanctuary for illegal aliens
  • prohibit an employer from knowingly or intentionally employing an unauthorized alien require every employer to verify the employment eligibility of employees through the federal E-Verify program
  • make it a misdemeanor trespass for a person in violation of federal immigration laws to be present on any public or private land

California’s unemployment is a horrendous 12.4 percent, second only to Nevada's. Let your state officials know that you want jobs to go to legal American workers, and this legislation is one part of the solution

Tell your California Assembly Member to support this bill. If you don't know your Assemblyman go to  and in the menu to the left click on "Find My District".

NOTE: Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa both support AB26, so you do not need to contact them.

Video: Cartel Map is a feature in this video.


Illegal Immigration
Our guest for the 2nd hour: Alex Landi
VIDEO: December 6  discussion over immigration

Lorenzo Castro and Alex Landi discuss illegal immigration.

I welcome all the attempts by politicians and groups that put America first and who try to prevent the implementation of amnesty for illegal immigrants as well as unwarranted financial aid and other benefits for people who have no right to be here.

I am for legal immigration-in reasonable numbers. I am wholeheartedly against illegal immigration and do not believe that our country should tolerate it whatsoever. Not only do those here in violation of our laws have no right to be here, our public officials, who have sworn to uphold the law, have no right to allow the illegal immigrants to remain. All politicians who advocate for illegal immigrants, or who are even "soft" on the issue, must be voted out of office and replaced with those whose primary loyalty is to the United States, and not to some special interest, voting block, ethnic group, or to their own career considerations.

Our problem is this: We have forgotten that we are a sovereign nation. The issue of uncontrolled illegal immigrations isn't so much about immigration as it is about sovereignty-or lack thereof. I believe that it is of the utmost importance that our country remain sovereign and distinct, and not part of any larger entity, the New World Order, or any economic union that would permit the free flow of "labor" across our sovereign borders. This is our country; it belongs to the people, and NOT to our officials. They, including the President, and other high officials, are just public servants-the hired help-whose job it is to enforce the laws of the land and to reflect the wishes of the people.

We, the people, have allowed this matter to get completely out of control. We have the ultimate power, therefore we bear the final responsibility.
Perhaps we were caught like "dear in the headlights." Perhaps we just couldn't believe what we were seeing. Surely, our employees would reassert control of our borders and enforce our laws just like they all promised in 1986 when the "one time" amnesty of the Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed.

However, the promised control and enforcement never happened, and now we have an estimated 15 to 25 million illegal immigrants residing within our borders, taking over American jobs, neighborhoods, and politicians. All of this must stop.
Americans are waking up fast to this outrage, and they are organizing and pressuring politicians and law enforcement officials to address this illegal invasion. We were asleep for too long, conditioned to believe that it was "mean-spirited" and "hateful" to stand up for America and insist that our (overly) generous laws actually be enforced. We were rendered almost helpless by propaganda and the remorseless playing of the race card. The open border lobby has nearly won its victory, and we are in a very deep hole. In short, we were fools. No more.

There is no reason to feel guilty about demanding an end to this assault on our sovereignty. If anyone needs to feel guilty about something, let them regret letting this national disaster happen in the first place. Where have you been for the last 20 years?

It is not too late. However, it is obvious that our highest leaders are either incompetent or have other plans and agendas for our country, and have no desire to deal with illegal immigration and the constant erosion of our sovereignty. Greedy business interests are equally guilty, and they must be deprived of their illegal, exploitable labor force. American jobs should be reserved for Americans and other legal residents.

Ultimately-the only real solution is for ALL those in the country illegally to be expelled. This can be done. We've done it before. This time, however, the numbers of trespassers are higher than ever before, and they are more entrenched. There are many powerful special interests that do not want America to be sovereign. They have other plans that benefit them, either financially ot politically. It will be difficult, but not impossible, to defeat them.
Again-it is we, the people, that must lead this fight. That's okay-it's our country after all.

We are rapidly losing control of both our sovereignty and destiny. There are two stark choices-surrender or fight. I am for fighting. Again, it's not too late.
Here are some websites of organizations that are fighting amnesty for illegal immigrants:


What NumbersUSA Is All About
  FAIR Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform
  Alipac Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
  Oregonians for Immigration reform
  Cutler has thirty years of experience with the (INS)
  About the American Border Control


Finally- remember: Being against amnesty is not enough. ONLY the total repatriation of all illegal immigrants will tell the world that the illegal immigration "party" is over and will never be tolerated again. Let's unite in pushing for the expulsion of all the lawbreakers.


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