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APRIL 10, 2011 


Save Our Schools


Today's guest is: Diane Lenning


In 2010 Diane was the
Republican candidate
for California Superintendent
of Schools

About Diane Lenning

Diane Lenning believes in the U.S. Constitution, so much so that she wrote a book in 2004 encouraging every American to get a copy and memorize the Constitution... (Call of the American Dream). Diane also entered law school in order to stand for the Constitutional rights of Americans. She also passes out Constitutions from time to time on the campaign trail! Every American needs to know their Constitutional rights and stand up for them in order to preserve our Democratic Republic! Diane attended the U.S. Supreme Court hearing regarding teachers' rights in 2007 and observed the preservation of our freedoms in action.

She's a very strong Christian

She has over thirty years of teaching experience.

She believes in returning vocational education to our CA schools..., and thus helping the critical student drop-out rate in our schools

She has a seemingly more concise CA educational "fix-it" plan (including a specific successful program dealing with undisciplined student classroom behavior, called the Peters Procedure)

She has experience working with gang members

She is the former Chair of the Republican Educators Caucus of the NEA

She speculates how much good the teacher union dues of over $211 million that are spent in the political arena in recent years would do if the money were used in the classrooms

She is a delegate to the Republican State Party as a member of the L.A. County Central Committee

She is a third-year law student, having entered law school "in order to stand for the Constitutional rights of Americans"

She won the Medal of Freedom, given to her by the U.S. Senate in 2004 "for her political analysis, talking points, and activism"

She is a Constitutionalist, who wants to require students to pass for high school graduation a "civics and government" test which would teach the U.S. Constitution and founding documents and who has written a book, entitled "Call of the American Dream," where she encourages every American to get a copy and memorize the Constitution; she even passes out Constitutions from time to time along the campaign trail!

She is a descendant of Thomas Benge (b. c. 1760 or 1780 in Albermarle, VA), who married Susannah Lewis, George Washington's niece, in 1773 and served in the American Revolution from Abermarle/Orange County, VA. She is also a descendant of Thomas Benge's ancestor, William J. Benge, who came from Kent, England on the ship Marygold to Jamestown, VA.

She is endorsed by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman Elton Gallegly, CRA, and the Seal Beach TEA Party, among others

She undoubtedly has the same patriotic, Christian passion that we in the TEA Party have in order for her to make a real patriot impact in the lives of the massive numbers of immigrant youth we now have in our nation today, legal or otherwise.
Video: CNM interview with Diane Lenning


Do you believe it's time to fix our schools in CA, ushering in a "cultural reformation" in education?

Diane is focused on providing A high-quality education for all young people of California. It is the "civil rights issue" of this generation!
10 POINTS to a Quality Education to "fix" our schools!


At the TOP of the list is to "reduce the school drop-out rate," and increase the graduation rate; providing a quality education and a bright future for every student. "DROP-OUT PREVENTION IS CRIME PREVENTION!" It's time to SAVE $1.1 Billion a year by educating drop-outs under age 18


Provide vocational and technology programs for students who want a job right out of high school. Centrally located Regional Occupation Programs will provide skills for students to get a job rather than go on welfare or commit crimes.


Assure safe schools for a rigorous and high quality learning environment, closing the "achievement gap" between minority students and English only students. Two police on every high school campus will curb crime on campuses and provide a quality learning environment for higher student achievement.


Sub-divide overly large districts that fail to manage their districts in an economically and educationally successful manner to bring more local control to school districts for student success; bringing more money to the classrooms where the funding is needed the most. "Mid-size" districts assure better oversight and management of education programs through "local control," bringing local neighborhoods together around their centrally located schools.


Use the ideas that have demonstrated success such as from the national Eli Broad Award winning district where I taught for 15 years, and contributed to the success of student achievement and closing the achievement gap, where students engage in rigorous curriculum, i.e. English immersion, pacing, quarterly benchmark testing, timed intervention (RTI), summer school after two specified grade levels for students to reach grade level skills, and mandatory tutoring for failing students, etc..


Use successful strategies and methods learned through professional development such as Peters Procedures to assist and empower teachers in the classroom to assure success for undisciplined students. High quality teachers is the most important component of a quality education. See the difference in a video on this website:


Assure "Back to Basics!"...academic focus on core curriculum courses for student success, and provide enriching courses for elective classes such as ROP vocational classes that count toward a diploma. ROP classes in areas such as truck driving, florist, animal care, computer technology, merchandising, child care, beautician and skin care, and many others, will prepare our young people for jobs right out of high school, and will count as credits toward a diploma.


Require students to pass a "civics and government" test in order to graduate; passing the "torch of liberty" to each generation. Include an American flag in every classroom. Provide Leadership training for our leaders of the future!


Considering performance based pay to attract high quality teachers using "multiple measures" using a point scale, not just one criteria; from a list of approximately ten criteria such as higher degrees, school board member, department chair, elected union leader/delegate, local district professional boardmember, district committees/consortiums, site council, college professor at night, student performance, coach, club advisor, and school to community/business liaison for student job placement.


Quality district/school administrators and principals who lead with school-wide discipline and curriculum plans to bring success to every classroom; supportive of teachers in the education process. Providing mandatory parent orientation meetings each fall with published pamphlets listing teacher, student, and parent expectations and goals, working together to assure students become engaged in rigorous learning environments.
Diane Lenning
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