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JULY 24, 2011 


Gun Rights Alert! & State Energy Policy
& 2nd hour: California's ATTACK on our use of energy
Today's first guest: Sam Paredes
Gun Lobbyist for Gun Owners of California
  About Sam
  Sam Paredes is a member of the Board of Directors of Gun Owners of America and Treasurer of Gun Owner Foundation, as well as working with Gun Owners of California (GOC) for over 30 years.

SAM PAREDES                 

He currently serves as GOCís Executive Director, a position he has held for the past 10 years.

GOC is a non-profit lobbying organization formed to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights in California. Sam is also Director of GOC Campaign Committee which is dedicated to defeating anti-gun politicians and replacing them with solid pro-gun leaders.

Full biography:
Sam will discuss pending California legislation attacking the second amendment:

Legislation Action ALERT!!! Five Anti-gun Bills to Oppose!
There are five, (5) major bills that are currently moving through the legislative process. Your action is needed to help stop all of these bills from passing! All action on these bills will take place between August 15 and before September 9.

- click here for information on how to help -

Anti-Gun Bill #1
AB 809 (Feuer) Long Gun Registration - Would require registration with the Department of Justice of rifle and shotgun sales, and other transfers, making the Departmentís registry of information about rifles and shotguns, and their owners, the same as for handguns.
Position: Oppose; Location: Senate Appropriations Committee.
Senate Committee on Appropriations:
Democrat Senators:


Senator Christine Kehoe (San Diego)




  Senator Elaine Alquist (Santa Clara)




  Senator Ted W. Lieu (Redondo Beach)




  Senator Fran Pavley (Agoura Hills)


  Senator Curren Price (Los Angeles 916-651-4026
  Senator Darrell Steinberg (Sacramento 916-651-4006
Republican Senators:

Vice Chair:

Senator Mimi Walters (Laguna Niguel) 916-651-4033


  Senator Bill Emmerson (Riverside)




  Senator Sharon Runner (Santa Clarita) 




California's ATTACK on our use of energy
Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association   HJTA.ORG  
TODAY'S SECOND GUEST: Eric Eisenhammer



About Eric

Eric is talented in grassroots campaigns and social network and internet communications. Eric serves as a full-time staff member for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association where he performs community outreach, web marketing and policy research.

Over the course of the 18 months preceding the November 2010 election, Eric worked as a consultant on the Proposition 23 campaign where he played a main role in the effortís development from its conceptualization by Assemblyman Dan Logue onward to Election Day. Over the course of that time, he gave speeches to business and activist groups up and down California, worked on the campaignís volunteer signature gathering operation and created a high traffic campaign website as well as the second-largest Facebook pages of any of that electionís initiative proponents. At the conclusion of the campaign, he created a permanent nonprofit organization to advocate on issues of affordable energy and economic growth.

For the May 2009 special election, Eric served as point person for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Associationís campaign opposing Proposition 1A where he built a social networking presence three times larger than proponents in an opposition effort that prevailed despite being outspent by a large margin.

Eric first came to Sacramento to serve as a Fellow for Senator Bob Dutton after interning for then-Senator Tom McClintock where he performed constituent services and first began his involvement in grassroots campaigns.

Fighting the Fire Tax
New $150 Fire Fee Lawsuit

Characteristics that Howard Jarvis is looking for, in order of importance:

1.      Live within a State Responsibility Area

         Siskiyou County map for State Area of Responsibility:

         Shasta County map for State Area of Responsibility:

         Statewide map list for Cal Fire State Areas of Responsibility:

2.      Live within a local fire district to which they currently pay a fee, tax or assessment

3.      Either live in a non-forested area (preferable) or have not experienced a fire in at least five years.

4.      Preferably in a single family home

Information weíll require:

1.      Name

2.      Address

3.      Phone number

4.      Local fire district name and amount of assessment currently paid

5.      Willingness to pay the Board of Equalization the $150 fee in order to file suit. 

Websites and material mentioned on today's program:



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