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AUGUST 7, 2011



The Tea Party Music Revolution 

Today's guests are musicians:
Michael E. Smith, Chip Murray, Toots Sweet, & Nate Smoove



About Michael E. Smith

Smith is just a simple man, he has no college education, and he is self-employed as a much sought after handyman serving his fellow man in Northern California. He was born and raised in Washington State.

Michael has been playing guitar since the age of twelve. If you ask Michael, "What kind of guitar player are you?" He will tell you; "I am a rhythm player." Every song he’s written starts with an acoustic version, then it’s dressed up in his home studio. If you see him performing as he does in many small venues, it will be just Michael and his guitar. From his mid-twenties on, Michael has been a political activist; lots of phone calls, letters, town hall meetings and rallies.

Michael has two CD’s out, one just being released at the 2011 Tax Day Rally in Sacramento. Most of his songs come from a deep desire to point out the injustices and follies of our current age. The songs are intended to be motivational and inspirational. The goal is to encourage people to get involved; together we can make a difference!

Michael has a deep faith that every word and promise given us in the Bible is literally true. His favorite and most relied on verse is Romans 8:28 “For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

Michael has a dream; of using his work experience to install and manage electronic billboards along the interstates that will have a new conservative message everyday.

Video: HEY I'M ON A MISSION by Michael E. Smith




About Chip Murray:

Chip got his first guitar (a Stella) at the tender age of 13. It may have been a cheap guitar, but he quickly found it to be a great tool of expression and a very cool way to connect with people. Growing up in the turbulent 60's, the guitar became his life raft and steady friend through the whitewaters of adolescence....

And while the rest of the world seemed to be finding themselves, making their marks and staking their claims, he was tasting the silent sweetness of nowhere. And yet, by 35 he had lived everywhere from Boulder to Reseda, to Morgan City and the Houston suburb of Bacliff. He lived, worked, loved, fought and danced with "the people" on every coast of this great land. He became one of them, assimilating their culture by inhaling their music & stories into his heart & soul... I suppose "Gone Wishin'", the debut CD from his band Cavern was his first public "exhale" and but a glimpse of what's inside. From "Devil in Me" to "Deja Vu Blues", Gone Wishin' is a metaphor for our journey from the darkness to the light....and after "we rest on the wind, we'll come right back to our mothers again."- Gibran.

2010 found Chip back in the studio again...this time with Producer/Engineer Adrian Holtz (The Bravery, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Ravonettes, Neil Dorfsman), his former Cavern bass player Peter Verutes and fellow Warwickian keyboardist Glenn John Arnowitz.

The result is a new 15 track CD entitled, Wide Awake released 5/1/11!

Video: INDEPENDENCE DAY by Chip Murray
His new material from "Wonder Why" to "Home" & "Tip Jar" is less personal and yet from a deeper and more connected place that is sure to touch you in places long forgotten...leaving you completely satisfied, wanting only a smoke!



About Toots Sweet

Toots Sweet (singer/songwriter)... is a New York City original. The only Conservative urban funk rock artist. Toots combines his passion for music with his love of country to create a refreshing new sound with a powerful message. He creates an “urban” rock funk sound that is uplifting, rhythmic with memorable hooks that will entice your mind and awaken your soul. His music and message is respected by both young and old, from rural farms to urban city streets. Be warned though… if you do not love America you may find his lyrical content extremely offensive.

His CD release of ‘Takin’ Back America’ in 2010 with songs as ‘Culture of Corruption’, ‘We The People’, ‘Soldier Boy’, and “S.O.S.”, has received much praise. In a recent interview by Joe Ardis of RNN he was quoted as saying "Toots Sweet is the funk master and the real deal...

He's so tenacious about what he believes in, yet so warm and approachable”. Lisa Mei Norton from Big Hollywood stated that Toots Sweet has a “unique and very entertaining musical style that grabs you from the first note and keeps you hanging on ’til the very end”.

Toots has marched at the 9/12 events down in Washington DC in both 2009 & 2010 in support of a responsible limited Federal Government and to put a stop to the out of control spending. Toots is currently working on his second album ‘Keep Hope Alive’ with songs like ‘End Game’, ‘As One’ & ‘Liberty Manifesto’ to promote the cause of Liberty with an anticipated release date of December 2011.

Video: UNITED AS ONE by Toots Sweet


About Nate Smoove
The words of his songs best describe the artist himself. Self assured and aware, passing on the wisdom of a life well lived. Shining a positive light on issues that affect us all. Prolific out of a necessity to write about life, and address the poignant issues of our ever changing situations as members of a complex modern society. This is not a seminar of right and wrong, more so, real thoughts on real issues presented in a musical setting that will make you want to move. Partake in a conversation that goes beyond pop culture slang and flavor of the week catch phrases.
Open your heart & mind to the "Life Writer" that is NATE SMOOVE. Clean positive hip-hop mixed with a little Jazz, R & B, Gospel and even a touch of Rock. Forming a unique blend of a musical dish that could only be conjured up by this man from the "WHO DAT NATION" New Orleans.
Video: BLACK REPUBLICAN by Nate Smoove
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