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AUGUST 21, 2011 


Defending Your Prosperity


Today's guest: Kirk MacKenzie
Kirk MacKenzie


About Kirk

Kirk is a proud citizen of the United States and the son of a career Air Force Colonel. He has degrees in electrical engineering and business administration, and spent most of his career in high-tech. He decided to stand up, make a difference, and remain silent no more.
The ever-increasing and perpetual debts have converted a free people into little more than bonded servants laboring for a new form of subjugation called central banking. The inability or unwillingness of Congress to solve any of the problems facing our nation, plus the increasingly obvious distortions and half-truths perpetuated by mass media, are the reasons the author decided some 20 years ago to turn off the TV and start on his own path of discovery. This approach proved to be fruitful. In total, that research spanned over 1,000 books and tens of thousands of articles, videos, and web searches. The book is the result of that journey. You can obtain the benefits of 20 years research in a couple of hours.

The People of the United States find themselves burdened with crushing debt (U.S. debt clock), debt so large it is literally sucking the prosperity out of our nation, leaving us in bondage to a small group of international bankers that are well along the way to controlling, if not owning outright, our nation. We are not alone. Over 160 countries worldwide have so-called “central banks” doing the same to them. Thus, the information learned in this book contains valuable insights that apply worldwide.
To free ourselves, we must understand the current system, then work toward replacing it with one designed to serve the People, not Wall Street. That is the purpose of this book. The book is easy to read. It is written in plain English, not impenetrable jargon, and heavily illustrated. There are 6 chapters, which are explained on his webpage:
Why are we in so much debt?


Why are we in so much debt PART 1


Why are we in so much debt PART 2


Why are we in so much debt PART 3
The Federal Reserve System is designed to create, increase, and perpetuate debt, and simultaneously reduce the real value of your money, income, savings, and investments. This 1-hour seminar provides, in simple terms, the essential information that every American needs to know if we are to restore the American Dream. Watch, then get your family and friends to do the same.
Please study all three on debt to understand how we got here.


John Law and the Mississippi Bubble

In this animated short, Richard Condie offers up a history lesson about one of the most sensational get-rich-quick schemes that took place in France over 200 years ago. With economist John Law at the helm, the plan was to open a bank and exchange bank notes for gold at wildly inflated share prices to mask the fact that the country's gold had been depleted in the building of Louis XIV's palace. When the inevitable rush to cash in the notes takes place, poor John Law is left broke and broken-hearted.

The Banking Queen

You might ask who is responsible for the financial breakdown? If it wasn't for the present power structure in Washington DC there might be more interest into a congressional probe. This video is based on fact. Fact that Barney Frank and the Democratic House leadership under Nancy Pelosi from January of 2007 to 2011 let the banking industry fail. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac handled sub prime mortgages and Banks were forced to approve mortgage for borrowers that would otherwise be turned down. In Chicago an organization named ACORN helped to force these unwise loans. Obama was a community organizer for ACORN in Chicago. President Bush tride seventeen time to step in and correct this so called Affordable Housing Act and was successfully filibustered by Democrats. Democrats claim "Bush did it!"
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