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JANUARY 29, 2012 



Proactive Global Security

Yisroel Stefansky


Today's guest: Yisroel Stefansky

About Yisroel

Founder of: ZAKA Foundation, Israel Support Fund as well as Founder and Director of International Business Development for Proactive Global Security.

As PROACTIVE GLOBAL SECURITY's Founder and Director of International Business Development, Yisroel Stefansky plays a fundamental role helping organizations throughout the US understand terrorism from the perspective of the victim. He is an international lecturer and recognized expert in practical disaster response & relief.

A true veteran of the war between terrorists and civilization. Stefansky has worked with police forces, emergency response teams, and many other first-responders in various countries throughout the world as a consultant and response trainer.

As a young man Stefansky found himself at the site of a violent terror attack in Jerusalem. Rather than turn away he took action and became part of the rescue effort. This experience led him to found ZAKA, an organization that carries out the important and difficult task of recovering body parts for burial whenever and wherever a disaster or terror attack occurs. The ZAKA foundation today consists of several hundred young volunteers who are stationed across Israel, poised and ready to respond to any disaster.

Stefansky was sent to Houston when the Space Shuttle, Columbia, disintegrated and subsequently aided in recovering victims in the U.S. following hurricane Katrina. He established the Israeli civilian search and rescue dive team, and is a founder of the Israel Support Fund, a charitable organization supporting low profile hospitals, institutions and families that are normally overlooked by donors.

He has appeared on FOX News, Israel National News, Radio Israel and CFRB Toronto.

Yisroel can talk about the history and current situation of Arab-Israeli conflict, the historical significance of our nation supporting Israel, etc. Hes a US citizen and understands things from our political perspective very well. He is spending a couple months on the west coast speaking, making contacts, arranging trips for tour groups (that would be a fun group thing for tea partiers!), as well as arranging training tours for law enforcement/security/first responders.

Yisroel is putting together a tour of Israel next fall and it's filling up quickly (for tour info visit His main website that trains for the Department of Homeland Security, etc. is

Israel Support Fund

PROACTIVE GLOBAL SECURITY is a security consulting and training company. We are dedicated to providing world class consulting services, and producing and presenting an array of expert-driven, DHS-certified, immersion training courses, computer-based training courses and live presentations to Homeland Security first responders, emergency management policy-makers and private-sector business interests concerned about the real and present threat of terrorism to their populations, employees and businesses throughout the world.
We live in a world where new and more advanced capabilities are needed to counter terrorism. PROACTIVE GLOBAL SECURITY offers efficient, practical and cost-effective DHS-certified training programs that are friendly to budgets and increase operational capabilities.  All PGS programs are tied directly to the Target Capabilities List (TCL) and utilize the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to ensure consistency, sustainability and grant eligibility.

Tour information available soon

To sign up and/or information can be found at However the itinerary is still in planning stage.
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