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JUNE 3, 2012


Business Update with Joe Vranich 

Today's guest: Joseph Vranich



Joseph Vranich is an Executive Coach/Consultant with clients located throughout the United States. He has been a guest many times on ABC, BBC, C-SPAN, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Japan Broadcasting, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, and has appeared on several hundred local broadcasts. He has served in executive positions with Fortune 50 companies, as a "corporate ambassador" to international customers, and as CEO of an international trade association where he testified before Congress many times. Moreover, he is an author and public speaker, has had speaking engagements throughout the United States and in Europe and Asia. His speeches have focused on business and commerce and on federal and state public policies that injure businesses. The Business Relocation Coach and Spectrum Location Solutions are Divisions of JV Executive Consulting, Inc. Email his new address:

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1st Hour podcast is LAST: Election News
This Week is all about Elections. Join us to talk about elections, campaign finance, where to get good information, issues on the ballot and what the polls are telling us in CA and across the country. WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
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Survey taken on Prop 29 among other things:
C  O M  M  U  N  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S



(1,000 surveyed)  
Approval ratings for the U.S. Congress in the Economist/YouGov Polls have been abysmal. During many weeks this year, only 7% or 8% have expressed approval in Congress's job performance. This week, those low figures have slipped even more: Congressional approval for the week is tied for being the lowest that has ever been recorded on this poll. Just 6% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling its job, while 69% disapprove.

June Ballot Propositions (918 registered voters surveyed)
California voters appear ready to endorse two statewide initiatives on the June 5 primary election ballot - Proposition 28 to alter the state's term limits law, and Proposition 29 to boost taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products. In a statewide survey completed one week before the election, The Field Poll finds likely voters in support of the passage of Prop. 28 by twenty-two points - 50% to 28%, with another 22% undecided.
Voters are also backing Prop. 29 but by a narrower eight-point margin (50% to 42%), with 8% undecided. There are big partisan, ideological, demographic and regional divisions in sentiment on Prop. 29. Democrats and voters with no party preference favor the initiative by two to one margins, while a majority of Republicans are opposed. Similarly, conservatives oppose the tax proposal 57% to 32%, while majorities of political moderates and especially liberals are in support.
American Values and Beliefs
(1,024 surveyed)  
Americans are more than twice as likely to identify themselves as conservative rather than liberal on economic issues, 46% to 20%. The gap is narrower on social issues, but conservatives still outnumber liberals, 38% to 28%. In the same poll, on Gallup's standard measure of ideology -- not asked in reference to any set of issues -- 41% identified themselves as conservatives, 33% as moderates, and 23% as liberals. Those figures are similar to what Gallup typically finds when it asks people to identify their ideology.
Economic Confidence Index (3,433 surveyed)  
The Gallup Economic Confidence Index held at -16 last week, the highest the index has reached in the four-plus years of Gallup Daily tracking in the United States. This is slightly improved over the -18 readings in the first half of May, and up significantly from -27 at the start of the year. Longer term, the index has fully recovered from the near-record-low -54 it fell to last summer as a political battle raged in the U.S. over raising the debt ceiling.


Gas Prices (1,012 surveyed)  
About half of Americans say the price of gasoline has gone down over the past month. But West Coast residents are much more likely to see gasoline prices going up, which is consistent with a rise in prices at the pump in that part of the country. In total, 51% of the public says that - from what they have seen and heard - the price of gasoline has gone down over the past month. Seven-in-ten (70%) of those in West Coast states say the cost of gasoline has gone up at least a little over the past month; 42% say it has gone up a lot. By contrast, nearly two-thirds (65%) along the East Coast say the cost has gone down and most (58% of those in the region) say it has gone down a little. In both cases, the prevailing perceptions match what is happening in the market.

June 5 Primary Election
(1232 actual and likely voters surveyed)    With of primary ballots already cast and 5 days remaining until the deadline for voting, California Proposition 29, The Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act, may pass narrowly or may not pass, according to a SurveyUSA poll. Prop 29 is today supported by 42% of primary voters, opposed by 38%. That leaves 20% of primary voters still undecided, and how those final votes are cast will determine the outcome. Among voters who tell SurveyUSA they have already returned a ballot, Prop 29 leads 52% to 45%. But among those who have not yet voted but promise to do so by the 06/05/12 deadline - the "late deciders" - Prop 29 is effectively even, 38% in favor, 36% opposed.

In the top-2 primary for U.S. Senate, Dianne Feinstein is assured to advance to a general election, but it remains anyone guess who her opponent will be. 8 Feinstein opponents show up as a blip on the radar screen. 15 other opponents are not even a blip. Among the blips: Elizabeth Emken and Dan Hughes each have 4%, Rick Williams and Al Ramirez each have 3%.

In a general election for President of the United States today, 5 months till election day, Barack Obama carries California by 21 points, defeating Mitt Romney 57% to 36%.
June 5 Primary Election - San Diego (542 actual and likely voters surveyed)    In a primary election for San Diego Mayor today, 05/31/12, 3 candidates have the potential to advance to a general election in November, but only 2 will, according to this latest exclusive SurveyUSA poll conducted for KGTV-TV. Today, City Council Member Carl DeMaio gets 31%, Congressman Bob Filner gets 28%, State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher gets 23%. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released 17 days ago, DeMaio is flat; Filner is up 7; Fletcher is up 2.

San Diego Proposition B, which would replace pensions with 401(k)-style plans for most newly hired city employees, passes today with 57% of likely voters certain they will vote "yes" on the measure, 21% certain they will vote "no." 22% are not yet certain how they will vote. Compared to SurveyUSA's previous poll for KGTV-TV, support among independents has risen, while opposition among Democrats has also increased. Combined, they produce a slight increase in overall support for the measure.

Small Business Annual Survey (3,220 small businesses surveyed, including 402 in California)
"Economic uncertainty" remains the number one concern cited among respondents, however "poor sales" - the second-biggest challenge for the past two years - is less of a concern in 2012 with only 12 percent citing sales as a challenge. Healthcare reform is a growing concern, with 60 percent saying they believe it will negatively impact their business, up from 57 percent in 2011 and 55 percent in 2010. States where small business owners are less concerned about healthcare reform than the national average include Washington, Oregon, California and Illinois.

Southern California 

Polling Californians (1,002 registered California voters surveyed)
In California, cradle of the marijuana movement, a new poll has found a majority of voters do not support legalization, even as they overwhelmingly back medicinal use for "patients with terminal and debilitating conditions." Eighty percent of voters support doctor-recommended use for severe illness, a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll found. But only 46% of respondents said they support legalization of "general or recreational use by adults," while 50% oppose it. Those against using pot were more adamant in their position, with 42% saying they felt "strongly" about it, compared with 33% for proponents.
About half of those surveyed said they approved of Brown's job performance - a finding virtually unchanged from three months ago, before he announced that the projected budget deficit had leapt from $9.2 billion to $16 billion.
When told of the growing deficit and the governor's plan to plug it with a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, 59% of respondents said they would support the tax hikes. Just 36% said they would vote against the proposal if it is on the ballot this fall as Brown hopes. However, when voters heard arguments against the plan - namely, the suggestion that Sacramento could waste any new money it received from higher taxes rather than spend it on such services as schools and public safety - only 50% said they would vote for it. And 42% would oppose it.
Although Mitt Romney has made up ground nationally since the primary season essentially ended in April, he has not improved his standing in California against President Obama. The presidential race has been frozen in polls dating to last year, with Romney's California support substantially below Obama's among the vast majority of voter groups. Obama was winning at least 6 of every 10 women and moderates, and three-quarters of Latino voters.
For any questions or suggestions regarding this document, please contact Jennifer Seghers, Communications Consultant for the Senate Republican Office of Public Affairs,, 651-1766.



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