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JULY 15, 2012 


H$U$ The MOB and The Black Egg Part 2

Today's guest: Diane Amble and Karen Strange

About Diane Amble
Diane's an Investigative Journalist, member of the LA Press Club, business woman, and animal rights activist. As you will hear in this podcast, she has been threatened by very powerful people for revealing their miss use of power.
About Karen Strange




President & Lobbyist

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Inc. (MoFed)

Karen was born and raised in central Missouri with deep roots in rural life. A professional artist for many years, she became concerned with the animal rights movement in 1990 while on the dog show circuit in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
In 1991, she and Anne Edwards worked against the passage of the Animal Care Facilities Act, and in 1992, formed MoFed (Missouri Federation of Animal Owners) to combat the growing threat of animal rights issues in Missouri. Since their formation, MoFed has killed many animal rights proposed bills, including such issues as trespassing, confiscation of animals without a search warrant, no due process in courts of law, and numerous pieces of legislation aimed at eliminating the pet breeding industry. They have successfully passed and supported legislation to prevent guardianship of animals, requiring humane societies and rescues to pay the same licensing fees as breeders, preventing animal rights activists from being inspectors of animal enterprises, and requiring that animal related license plate fees be directed through the Department of Agriculture.

When HSUS and ASPCA attacked Missouri with Proposition B to eliminate the pet industry in Missouri, MoFed and the Missouri Agriculture Coalition filed a lawsuit against the ballot language and joined forces with the Alliance for Truth to fight the ballot initiative, coming within 60,000 votes of 1.9 million cast to nearly defeat the animal rights ballot initiative.
The momentum gained during the lawsuit and campaign against Prop B showed that MoFed, accompanied by Missouri Pet Breeders Association, Professional Pet Association and Missourians for Animal Care Agriculture Coalition, would not back down to threats by outside animal rights groups.
Working closely with the legislature, the group passed SB's 113 & 95 to eliminate the negative impact of Prop B. With the threat of a lawsuit by HSUS to stop enactment of the law, the group worked closely with Governor Nixon and the Agriculture Department to enact SB 161, "The Solution", to make necessary changes to Prop B that would allow the pet industry to thrive in Missouri.
MoFed has nine registered lobbyists who specialize in various aspects of animal ownership, use and enjoyment, including hunting, fishing, trapping, farming, ranching, rodeos, medical research, zoos, circuses, and pet ownership, competition and production.
Karen is the principal lobbyist for MoFed, spending much of her time working at the state capitol during the legislative session as well as traveling throughout the country speaking at seminars and workshops. She also is owner of her own legislative consulting firm, Karen Strange and Associates, LLC, and represents such clients as the Sporting Dog Association of Missouri. Her advice and expertise are sought in many states facing devastating legislation on animal rights issues. She has worked on many political campaigns, including U.S. Senate, Congress and numerous state and local campaigns.


Missouri Federation of animal Owners
P.O. Box 554
Eldon, Missouri 65026
Karen Strange, President and Lobbyist

Many breeders in Missouri turned in their licenses when adhering to USDA inspections grew impossible. With the constant barrage of inspectors nitpicking and hunting for "something" to write the breeders up about, the pressure grew unbearable for many while others simply got tired of the stress. The last few years, inspectors were instructed to "find something non-compliant", meaning that nearly every breeder received violations in their inspections. No matter how minor the violation, pet stores refused to buy from breeders who had even one violation. Keep in mind that violations can include such ridiculous things as having the lid off a food storage container, even though the breeder may be feeding at the time; one was written up for a cobweb above the door of her office when nothing could be found in violation in the kennel; another was scolded for having a few bees flying around near her outside runs this spring. She asked the inspector if she would be written up if a bird flew over and pooped in a run; the inspector replied that she would need to clean it immediately or she would be written up for it. She would also have to do everything possible to keep birds from flying over her kennel. (How in the heck do you do that?!!!)
Others are reporting to me that USDA is bringing along their own veterinarians to assist in the inspections with those vets discounting treatments and advice from vets used by breeders. The economy, coupled with increasingly difficult inspections and pressure by AR groups to shut pet stores nationwide has led many breeders to simply grow tired of it and close their businesses.
As a side note, I cannot express enough that each of you needs to read the proposed rules in their entirety. Study each word and interpret it as though it will be enforced to the fullest extent allowed by law, because it WILL BE if the rules are approved as they currently stand! I fully expect the breeders in my state to be the most targeted with others to follow as HSUS demands that USDA inspect and enforce the rules to the fullest degree. Do NOT believe interpretations and opinions. As one who has lobbied for 22 years and been involved in the rulemaking process many times, I can tell each of you firsthand that opinions do not matter; what is written in black and white is what will be enforced. Employees and officials of various departments come and go; what is written into the law as rules and regulations will remain intact and will be subject to interpretation by the governing body at the time. Just because someone states now that their intentions are not to do "so and so" does not mean that someone else who steps into that position in the future will not interpret the words in their own way.
Also keep in mind that no matter how well your animals are cared for, no matter how clean their surroundings, no matter how much you socialize them, how well you feed them or how selectively you breed them, you are forever a "pm" in the eyes of HSUS and other animal rights groups. Your opponents will do everything possible to smear you in the eyes of the public. If you dare have more than four breeding females, you will be a disgusting breeder and labeled as such. Notice how the magic number is now four? That will become the new "high volume breeder" magic number. My how times have changed!
In my opinion, Diane, I believe HSUS has its fingerprints all over these proposed rules as a means to make it increasingly difficult to breed dogs, thus bringing to a close what many of us have enjoyed as hobbies or as professions for as long as we can remember. I see many similarities between these proposals and the Prop B campaign we had in Missouri in 2010. Prop B was also written so poorly that even the animal rights activists supporting it didn't know and understand that the mere enforcement of the ballot initiative as it stood would be detrimental to the health of dogs and puppies and was actually much more harmful than beneficial. Those who write such measures have no experience in handling animals nor do they care. That is not their agenda, nor is it the agenda of the proposed APHIS rules to improve animal care. It is to drive those not willing to adhere to government inspections out of business and gradually to dry up the sources for home-raised pets. Instead, our society is heading toward having the only pets available being from those who put us out of business while exempting themselves from inspections and licensing by an ever-growing government agency.
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