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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012



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Today's guest: Beverly Eakman


Beverly was an educator, 9 years: English, Literature, Debate; 7th grade remedial through 12th grade AP students, 1968-1974 (CA), 1979-1981 (TX). Wrote English grammar curriculum for foreign students. (B.S. in education, Texas Tech Univ. (1968); graduate work: Univ. of Calif., Irvine and Univ. of Houston.)

Science & Technical Writer/Editor-in-Chief of NASA’s official newspaper, 1974-1979. Biggest feature: “David the Bubble Baby,” a behind-the-scenes look at space technology in medicine.

Chief speechwriter for: Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, Commission on the Bicentennial of the US Constitution, 1986-87; Director, Voice of America, 1987-89. Writer: U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1991-2004.

Author: recently released, Walking Targets (2007); 3 other books on education policy since 1991, inc. the internationally acclaimed Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education (1998). Op-Ed Columnist: American Daily Herald, American Opinion, NewsWithViews, WorldNetDaily, and more.

Feature-length articles: Education Week, Chronicles Magazine, The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, National Review, The New American, Crisis Magazine, The Washington Post (1985-present).

Executive Director 1994-2006: National Education Consortium (specializing in education & privacy law).

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Agenda Games
Looking back to 1999; how far have we come?



Daniel Webster's 1999 Assessment

Here is Daniel Webster's 1999 assessment of what is now recognized as our local Agenda 21 burden!

We had Ray at Mikes Copy shop in Medford make as good a copy as possible from an original newspaper copy we have.

Yes, they want to make the private land in Siskiyou County a national park!

I saw a similar takeover of Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara into Channel Islands National Park, and in that case the National Park Service paid $30,000,000 for Vail and Vickers 54,000 acre island. I was their consultant in that matter for 25 years during their estate right to continue to use the island for their elk and deer hunting program, but they gave up their stocker cattle program at the beginning of the 25 year estate right.

Now the family is gone from the island and coyote brush is expanding and wrecking the ecology of much of the island.

I participated in the mediated settlement talks about 26 years ago, and they threatened the families into submission and giving up the cattle part of their operation. They previously since about 1900 ran about 8,000 stocker cattle (steers) on the island. Transport was by barge with approximately 375-450 lb steers brought on annually and growing them to 800 lbs approximately.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service listed two plants, an Indian paintbrush forb (wildflower) and an endemic manzanita shrub the day before the mediated settlement talks began at the Faculty Club of the University of California, Santa Barbara Campus. The claim was that the cattle had destroyed the island. Once the purchase was secured by the Federal Government, the National Park Service and others told us this was the most pristine land in California. Patent liars about the damage that cattle had done. Now the lack of management by the National Park Service is really destroying the vegetation ecology of the island. The grassland needs as grazer to utilize the production to keep the weedy coyote brush from expansion.

It happened before, it can happen again!


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