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MARCH 17, 2013


CHANGE, What the UN has planned for us
1. Technology Transfer: the Economic Engine
2. Privilege for the Privileged 

Show appearances:   APRIL 15, 2012
Today's guest: Vicky Davis
Vicky's Bio: My name is Vicky Davis. I'm from Idaho and I was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer. I worked on large scale mainframe systems and had done a few PC projects. After the year 2000 when the y2k project work was over, there was a lull in hiring - that extended way too long. With time on my hands, I spent a lot of time on the internet and found a lot of other programmers and analysts who couldn't find work - and then I found out about outsourcing IT work to India. I started doing heads down research to find out why that was being done - and I haven't stopped researching since.
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A standard technique for teaching children who are asking for something is to say, What's the Magic Word? The answer of course, is Please. Government, non-profits, universities and big business also have a Magic Word: Research. And they've built a virtually invisible private welfare system that doles out checks in the millions and billions to the already well off and privileged. This welfare system is the reason why politicians and stink tank'ers talk about the government "creating jobs". It's because the government is the primary job creator through this system that has grown to consume - and become our economy. To understand why that's true.. think TECHNOLOGY... Research... Technology Research... Research... Money... Technology... Money.. Money... Money... More Money.

Consider the word Research as a synonym for looting - looting the public treasury, gifting of patents and creating a feedback money loop for insiders and payoffs for decision makers. The story I did on a company named Hoku is the public side of the story. What I'm giving here is the backstory - how it happened and will continue to happen and the implications for the future because this system is no doubt the biggest ripoff of taxpayers in the history of world.

Adding insult to injury, most of the money being provided for "research" and commercialization of products is paying to build the technocratic system that is enslaving you and will enslave your progeny permanently. It's government funded technology development through the universities - being used as the economic engine for the country with the government forcing you to buy this technology through modernization and reform legislation. They are driving up the cost of living while at the same time driving wages down through exporting production and importing foreign students and workers. You wonder how the members of Congress are getting rich on $300,000 salary? This system is the way. You wonder why our elections now cost billions? It's because of the money flow from this ripoff system.

(Note on the Hoku story on Page 2 where I introduce the principals, I noted that Waiakea High School was a 'Smaller Learning Community'. I didn't explain, but the significance of that is that the 'Smaller Learning Community' system is a program for troubled youth - designed by William Ayres (Bill Ayres - Weatherman - bomber).

As with most government scams, this system was implemented over a period of years through different pieces of legislation. They do it this way because they could never sell the whole program at once if it was presented as a total picture. Their self-interest and system for exploitation would have been obvious.
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Agenda 21, A glimpse into our future?         REF: Rosa Koire
It's not at all uncommon for dictators to tell you exactly what they're planning to do; Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, Mao, Stalin, and others wrote extensively on their ideology and future vision.
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(formerly of The Institute for the Future (IFTF)
NEWS: US Congressman Doug LaMalfa sends a letter to ask Homeland Security why they purchased so much ammo.
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