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JUNE 16,  2013


Escape from Al Qaeda in Libya
A True NATO War story
Appearances  June 16, 2013  June 23, 2013  June 30, 2013  August 25, 2013
January 1, 2013
Sam and Kate Caughall
This is story about 2 Americans who found themselves trapped in the middle of a bloody nightmare; captured by Al Qaeda and sentenced to death during the NATO invasion of Tripoli 2011. Sam is an extremely bright, outspoken, off the grid, kind of guy. He is a businessman/entrepreneur and a risk taker. He has been an insider in the netherworld of international banking and understands the power and greed that exists in that world. He has earned his “swagger” by being in the company of world leaders and fortune 100 presidents. He is experienced and has been successful in a myriad of international businesses. Kate is a fearless
supporter of Sam and a standalone businesswoman; best described as a maverick working inside male dominated industries and cultures and undaunted by it. She is intelligent, quick minded and intuitive. She has a soft yet strong, fearless demeanor and is highly skilled in computer technologies. She is passionate about justice and truth.

S&K spent years developing a lucrative business in the oil sector in Libya.
They just concluded negotiations in February 2011 and signed contracts to begin
their business in Libya when the Arab Spring hit that country.

In April of 2011 S&K are asked and accept to head a Fact Finding
Commission to Tripoli, Libya. In May their sojourn begins in London, continues
through Tunisia and then by bus to Tripoli. Within the FFC, S&K are witnesses to
horrific bomb sites, wounded children, raped women and other atrocities. They
are shocked and saddened by what they witness. S&K did not know that the FFC
had decided that they were not finished in Libya and upon their return to the US
they are immediately requested to return to Tripoli.

Enter Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a strong anti war politician.
Congressman Kucinich responds positively to the information S&K collect in
Libya. Congressman Kucinich receives updates from S&K and proffers’ bills in
Congress to put a stop to the NATO war.

S&K return to Tripoli. This time the trip is more dangerous; the war has
escalated; and fuel, food and medicine are being embargoed by NATO. Every night S&K are awakened as bombs are dropped near the hotel and in all parts of Tripoli. Cannons and rockets from screeching war planes bombarding are a constant threat. S&K are invited to appear on TV shows and quickly become the most famous Americans in Libya. S&K answer pleas to interview victims of the NATO war and stare danger in the face as they travel all over Al Qaeda infested western Libya to meet and interview these people. S&K were trapped in Tripoli because the road to Tunisia was being bombed every day, so no way out.

The war caused the internet to be non-functioning at the Radisson Hotel so
S&K are forced to move to the Corinthia Hotel. NATOs Operation “Mermaid Dawn” was launched in Tripoli on August 22, 2011 at 8PM. S&K are in the middle of the constant barrages of Apache gunships firing their cannons; multiple bomb
explosions; 150 caliber guns firing on the ground; bullets strafing the walls of the
hotel as the war arrives in Tripoli. S&K realize that they are in the middle of hell –
Al Qaeda forces have arrived in Tripoli. The Libyan army has been obliterated by
NATO and there is no security left anywhere. Rebels and mercenaries file off ships from Benghazi with their weapons mounted on small trucks. Bearded Al Qaeda rebels roam the streets wielding their AK-47’s firing at anything that moves and looting at will. Below their window, S&K film a Libyan man who is killed and chopped up; his body is left on the beach. Al Qaeda sees Sam filming through his hotel window and fires a round that misses his head by inches. S&K now realize they are trapped; there is no help now from the outside. As luck would have it, S&K are contacted by their friend H.E. Maxium Maximov, the Russian Ambassador to Libya. He tells them the Malta PM has sent a rescue ship and he has included S&K as part of his entourage to be evacuated.

Enter Antoine Hey, the Libyan FIFA soccer coach from Germany. A good looking blond man who asks to join S&K when they find a way to escape Tripoli. Enter Fatimatou, sister of the President of Mauritania, a middle aged woman who joined forces with S&K. Enter Prince Hashel, a Bahraini Prince and a Texas man who had been trapped by a 10 day fire fight in Zawia, Libya. Both ask to join S&K in their escape from the Al Qaeda mercenaries.

S&K were informed by the assistant to the PM of Malta the ship was near Tripoli and would pick them up that night. S&K, Tony, Fatimatou, Prince Hashel, the Texas man and a Pilipino employee of the hotel head out in the Hotel van against all odds after dark from the hotel. The hotel driver knew the Al Qaeda password and manages to pass through multiple check points all manned by armed Al Qaeda shooting in the air, yelling Allah Akbar. The streets are filled with weapon toting bearded men; there are fires burning and refuse from bombs in the streets. The van slowly moves up the Mediterranean shore but no ship. Every stop by Al Qaeda is more dangerous. The second trip to the port, a group of armed Al Qaeda surrounds their van. They get out of their trucks and point their AK 47’s at the S&K group and the head man says, “Your game is over”. The group is taken at gunpoint to the Al Qaeda torture center, the Radisson Hotel. The hotel is completely dark, no power and bearded, heavily armed Al Qaeda roam the lobby. Passports are taken and disappear, screams from torture upstairs fill the air, the ominous hours ahead are unknown and S&K wait, hoping to survive the night. Hours of interrogation, accusations and threats continue till dawn when a large man appears with a long white beard and looks over at the group. Soon the passports are returned and the group is told they can go. Enter Aymen, the new driver of the van sent from the Hotel, a rebel sympathizer and IT man. S&K thinking that their group is now free, tell Aymen to take them to the ship. Aymen tells S&K this van is going back to the Corinthia. After a short argument, Aymen tells S&K what they did not understand the Al Qaeda Sheik with the white beard say: “If they go to the ship, kill them”. So, this van is headed back to the hotel. S&K agreed, but were told: “the mercenaries must be paid, at least $3500 per person.” S&K paid the last of their money to the mercenaries to free the group and the van left for the Corinthia evading their kill zone.

S&K were now living in an alternate reality, electricity gone, all the hotel staff gone except for about 7 people, food scarce, no services, security gone, armed Al Qaeda roam outside the hotel, bullets ricochet around the hotel constantly. A truck load of Media released from the hostage situation at the Rixos Hotel arrive at the Corinthia. The media set up their satellite antennas outside the coffee shop, lying on the ground to avoid flying bullets. Enter Walter Fauntroy, 78 year old African American Retired US Congressman, who had been trapped in the Rixos. Walter joined S&K. Fatimatou has a friend who offers S&K group seats on the IOM ship to Benghazi, but group is hesitant. Bullets start flying inside the hotel, S&K are in the buffet area, they escape via the hidden buffet elevator only to receive a call from the hotel, do not answer their door; there are armed gunmen on their floor. The S&K group decides to leave on the IOM ship. The IOM man meets them in their room to arrange their passage.

S&K and group take the IOM van to the ship. The ship is old car carrier,
filled with over 300 refugees from Africa and Asia. It is about 600 miles to
Benghazi, the ship moves at a snail’s pace, no food except moldy bread and warm
water. The 48 hours were torturous because the S&K group know that Benghazi
was the head for Al Qaeda in Libya and know it could be their end when they
arrive there. No place to sleep, two restrooms for the entire ship. The sea gets
rough on the second day many sick and screaming children. Upon arrival guns
were being fired off at the dock, the entire group was in the grip of fear; we knew Al Qaeda had a kill order on us but all we could do was pray. Finally the IOM people came and took the group to the Tibitsi Hotel where the group met with one head of the NTC who luckily did not recognize S&K. The group is spirited to the airport in early evening, held in the VIP lounge until 2am when the group walks to the plane in the dark on the tarmac, no lights on the runway, no tower, worn out 48 year old 727 with overhead doors missing. S&K looked at the plane and pray to land safe. As the plane takes off in blackness and turns west towards Tunisia, the captain announces that the plane would fly dark to avoid ground fire. The Libyan Al Qaeda nightmare continued until the safe landing at the Tunis airport at 4am.
  • It is a true story of horror and uncommon courage
  • It is action packed with minute by minute life threatening occurrences
  • The subject is current and riveting, the facts are shocking
  • It is a window into a world that no one dares enter but cannot wait to see
  • It exposes the reality of the NATO war and humanizes a country long hidden from the eyes of the world
Time Line: Caughall – Libya


January – First trip to Libya


February 2011 Business activities in Libya


May 7 to May 15, first FFC trip to Tripoli


May 28 to August 28 second FFC trip to Tripoli
May 28 Arrived Radisson Hotel Tripoli
June   Appear on Dr. Yousef Shakir TV show
Special Guests Meetings of the Tribes of Libya 25 + times
Appeared on other Libyan TV shows
Witness to the massacre of family at Sorman
Interviewed raped women
Interviewed victims of Al Qaeda mercenaries
Interviewed victims of NATO Bombs
Met with GM of Libyan National Bank
Went to Humanitarian meeting at Bab Al Bahar Hotel
Wrote articles and did interviews with Press TV and others
Met with Bishop Martinelli, prelate of Catholic Church, began to help with medicine for Tripoli from Vatican
July   Met with Saudi Tribal Leaders
Interviewed Sheik Tentoush for article on Libyan Women
Interviewed family of Libyan soldier in decapitation video in Rigdaline
Interviewed young man with 2 bullets in head – Zawia
Interviewed family of girls, father killed in Al Bayda city in Tarhouna
Interviewed family of young black Libyan soldier, cut up and burned
Interviewed young man castrated, shot, tortured by Al Qaeda mercenaries
More Tribal meetings
Met many people, did interview with documentary crew from Serbia
Wrote articles
August   Moved to the Corinthia Hotel
Continued work with Vatican
Met with group of lawyers from Tunisia
Met with Dr. Fatima and her lawyer group
August 19 Attacks begin in Tripoli – Rixos held hostage – Tony Hey
August 22 NATO – Operation Mermaid Dawn – invasion of Tripoli
August 23 Prince Hashel arrives, girl attempts suicide
August 24 Try to find Malta Ship, captured by Al Qaeda
August 25 Back to hotel from Al Qaeda torture center, Rixos Hotel people
August 26 Leave on IOM ship
August 28 Arrive Benghazi
August 29 Leave for Tunisia (2am), arrive Tunisia at 4am
Cast of Characters
1. Sam Caughall, Lead in story (nom de plume)
2. Kate Caughall, Co-Lead in story (nom de plume)
3. Sheikh Al Lahwel, Supreme Leader of all the Tribes of Libya
4. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Democratic Congressman
5. Congresswoman Michele Bachman, Republican Congresswoman
6. Tera Dahl, aid to Congresswoman Michele Bachman
7. Nathan White, Media aid to Congressman Kucinich
8. Susan Lindauer, Author and journalist
9. Dr. Khaled Kaim, Deputy Foreign Minister of Libya
10. H.E. Maxium Maximov Russian Ambassador to Libya
11. H.E Dangor South African Ambassador to Libya
12. H. E. Walter E. Fauntroy, retired US Congressman
13. HRH Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon, Prince from France/Spain
14. Bishop Martinelli, Prelate of the Catholic Church Tripoli
15. Cynthia McKinney, Excongresswoman from Georgia
16. Antoine Hey, FIFA Libyan soccer coach from Germany
17. Fatimatou Mohamed, sister of the President of Mauritania
18. Prince Hashel Al Kobaisi, Baharani Prince
19. Sheikh Falah, Saudi Arabian Tribal Leader
20. Sheikh Khaled Tentoush, top Imam in Libya, TV show
21. Webster G. Tarpley, US journalist, author, commentator
22. Dr. Jerome Corsi, Author, journalist WND
23. Dr Moussa Ibrahim, Official spokesperson for Libya
24. Imad Al Lahwel, Oldest son of Sheikh Ali Al Lahwel
25. Muammer Al Lahwel, Youngest son of Sheikh Ali Al Lahwel
26. Dr. Ali Mansur, Dean of the school of Economics, Al Fateh University
27. Omran Buccara, Head of the Libyan National Oïl Company
28. Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire network, international author and journalist
29. Dr. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaza, journalist and activist
30. Dr. Fatema Benurran, Lead Libyan female lawyer
31. Franklin Lamb, US attorney, journalist, living in Lebanon w/Hamas/spy
32. Dr. Mohamed Agilla, Head of Security for Dr. Moussa Ibrahim
33. Muftah Faraj, Tribal Leader and closest Libyan friend
34. Dr. Zidan, Educated in Canada, lead media team Dr. Moussa Ibrahim
35. Ibrahim Legwell, Libyan lawyer, criminally ignorant
36. Dr. Zidan Mohammed, FFC in Tripoli (killed in NATO invasion of Tripoli)
37. Lizzie Phalen, British Journalist and anti war activist
38. Mike Hourigan, Australian attorney
39. Mr. Magdy, General Mgr of Radisson Hotel
40. Lorraine Radford, Acting manager of the Corinthia Hotel
41. Mikela Fenech Pace, Assistant Director, Malta Prime Minister
42. Ms. Naima El Soiya, Director of Children’s Center Tripoli
43. Dr. Muna Abu Hbisha, Director of Womens Center Tripoli
44. Tahani Ratemi, Pharmacist, pretty young lady, good friend and aid to us
45. Ahmed, our driver and best security
46. Mahmud Barasi, Owner of the 5 star hotel refuge for victims of Al Qaeda
47. Ashref, Libyan medical student and our translator
48. Marinella Correggia, Italian member of FFC and peace activist
49. Viv Ellis, British member of FFC, film producer and writer

There are many more supporting characters and much more details and excitement to the story.



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