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JULY 21, 2013 


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Today's guests: Ramona Hage Morrison & Daniel Gabino Martinez
Ramona Hage Morrison  
Ramona Hage Morrison (NV) is the oldest daughter of Wayne and Jean Hage. She grew up on ranches in northern California and central Nevada and has been intimately involved with her family's 22-year-old constitutional Fifth Amendment "takings" case, Hage v. U.S., pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. She was also directly involved with the trial in a separate but related case U.S. v. Hage, involving the issue of whether or not a forage right is appurtenant to a stock water right. The Hage's have prevailed in both cases.

Mrs. Morrison has worked for more than 20 years in the public policy arena on property rights and land use matters. Upon graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1987 with a degree in History and Economics, Mrs. Morrison served on the staff of Congressman Charles Pashayan (R-CA) in Washington D.C., focusing on California water and agriculture issues. Subsequently, she served as a lobbyist for the American Land Rights Association in its Sonoma, California and Washington, D.C. offices. After returning to Nevada in 1990, she spent five years working for the Nevada Mining Association representing the third largest gold mining industry in the world.

Mrs. Morrison was a founding officer of the Nevada Livestock Association, and served with the late Congressman Helen Chenoweth-Hage (Ret. R-ID), who chaired the organization, to lead a successful campaign to stop unlawful confiscations of livestock by the Bureau of Land Management. Mrs. Morrison has worked as a consultant for a number of ranchers in California, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico to develop their exhaustive chain of title as evidence of property and water ownership on western rangeland ranches. As a result of the testimony she provided in the 2012 U.S. v. Hage forage right trial in Nevada Federal District Court, she has attained expert witness status in title matters involving the unique property features of western ranches including forage rights, stockwater and irrigation rights, improvements, rights of ways and easements. She teaches seminars to property owners on the subject as well.

Ramona was appointed by former Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons to serve on the Nevada Board of Agriculture--a position she still holds. Mrs. Morrison is presently Executive Director of the Liberty and Property Rights Coalition.

Daniel Gabino Martinez
Dan Martinez was born into an Arizona ranching family in 1944. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in pharmacy in 1968. His many careers beyond ranching have included: pharmacies in San Diego from 1970 to 1981, then he became a franchisee with McDonalds in San Francisco, Ca. until 1986 and a franchisee with McDonalds Restaurants in Santa Fe, NM from 1987 through 1989.During his years in California and New Mexico he acted as an owner/builder on over 5 homes. He moved to Texas and invested in the multi-housing business from 1990 until 2005. He owned and personally managed 7 apartment complexes with the assistance of his family. He sold his holdings in Texas and bought real estate in Las Vegas, Nevada and is presently developing with his family a Condominium mixed use property in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between McDonalds and the Multi -family Apartment Homes business he lived in the Philippines and was building low income homes for the Philippine Government. The Coup of 1990 forces him to leave the country because of political unrest.

His involvement in the Multi-family business (Apartment Homes) consisted of management, training, finance, accounting and public relations. He taught marketing skills to management staff, taught plumbing, electrical, Heating and Air conditioning to his maintenance staff. He is Air conditioning Certified in Class I,II and III.

Dan formerly served on the Board of Paragon Foundation. He presently is the CEO of the Liberty and Property Rights Coalition, a non- profit with a mission statement to promote and preserve Constitutional rights to liberty and property in public policy and the law.

He is actively involved in the livestock industry in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. He currently has property rights case involving his family's Arizona ranch before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Danís most valuable skill is communicating with employees and business associates.

Danís interests are: studying law, business, flying airplanes (private pilots license), training horses and collecting antique saddles.


Storm over Rangelands: Private Rights in Federal Lands

This is one of the most important books of our day. Not well known, but it should be; if most of us were not so apathetic. This is written by a recently deceased Rancher from Nevada, Wayne Hage, who fought the Centralized Powers (D.C.), who were not originally intended to have the power we've allowed. He fought them along with his Sheriff's office & through the courts after they started trying to steal his water rights & his cattle. He eventually won his case for several million dollars, I believe the decision came down after he passed away. It has been a while since I researched this issue but I believe one of the reasons Mr Hage was so maliciously targeted by the BLM etc. is because of his publishing of this book on the history of land law & water rights going clear back to early colonial history. You see, no land in any of the states was ever ceded or titled to the D.C. Government by the original founders,(which Mr. Hage supports in his book). The Constitutionally authorized government of that time was only given authority to sell the lands into private hands, and they were delegated and mandated by the original 13 colonies to sell all of it. Now with a usurped power in their hands (an authority that is not their's) they therefore were allowed to assume power over time as if they owned these vast tracts. As a result of this incrementalist assumption of usurped power, they are encroaching even further on the private party's property and rights as well. This is a book that helps give a lot of background for questions we need answers to this very day; such as why we have such a problem with eminent domain and the inability to make improvements on our property without so much hassle, etc. This is not so much a book about an isolated land fight, as it is about Freedom. If you read it, you should see that any government, anywhere, increasing in size and power, is eventually used to enslave everyone. So, Mr. Hage's fight is our fight as well, whether we recognize it or not. That same fight will be brought eventually to all people if they don't become informed and fight that tyranny, no matter what form it arrives in. United we stand, divided we fall..


Note: Wane Hage is Ramona Hage Morrison's father

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