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SEPTEMBER 22,  2013


Our guest: Cindy Siddoway


Greatest wolf-caused sheep loss ever recorded in one instance in the U.S.

Six miles south of the eastern Idaho town of Victor, a pile of 176 sheep carcasses sat rotting away in the sun.

The pile represented a $28,000 loss for the Siddoway Sheep Co. It’s money the company likely will never get back, despite the existence of a federal compensation program — the Wolf Livestock Demonstration Project — for wolf attack depredation.

“As far as compensation, there won’t be any,” says J.C. Siddoway, who manages the ranch. His father, Jeff Siddoway, is company president and an Idaho state senator from Terreton.


The Aug. 17 wolf attack caused the sheep to stumble down a steep hillside into a pileup. It is likely the biggest wolf-caused sheep loss ever recorded in one instance in the country, says Todd Grimm, state director of the federal U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services unit. “I haven’t heard of more (sheep) being killed by wolves anywhere,” he says.

Despite the federal funds to cover such losses, the Siddoways likely won’t receive any money from the feds.

The reason? Read more here:


USFWS (DOI) Hearing Details:
Wednesday, Oct 2 in Sacramento

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5pm doors open for USFWS hearing (Martinique Ball Room) 6pm-8:30pm hearing / public comment.

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Video: Wolves kill 176 sheep
176 sheep were killed early Saturday morning near Fogg Hill in the Pole Canyon area. Wildlife officials said only one animal seems to have been
eaten in the attack. The other sheep died after it was believed the wolves had them running then they piled up on each other and died from suffocation.






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Holly Swanson, author “Training for Treason”

Wolves cause death of 176 sheep near Fogg Hill;

Forest Service says stay out of area
Warning posted
Billie Siddoway, whose brother, J.C. Siddoway, runs sheep near Fogg Hill, posted this warning about the wolf kill Saturday at the trailheads of Pole Canyon and Fourth of July trails.

Posted: Monday, August 19, 2013 10:25 am | Updated: 4:38 pm, Mon Aug 19, 2013.
Ken Levy/TVN Staff

U.S. Forest Service officials are asking people to stay out of an area where a large sheep kill was reported over the weekend.

Jay Pence, Teton Basin District ranger, said the sheep kill could attract a lot of people hoping to see predators coming to feed on the carcasses.

Ranchers and others are trying to deal with the situation, and visitors can hamper their activities.

"There are a lot more fun things to look at than dead sheep," said Pence.
Idaho Wildlife Services confirmed Monday that 176 sheep were killed during a wolf attack near Fogg Hill and the Pole Canyon area early Saturday morning.

The animals belonged to the Siddoway Sheep Company and were grazing in the area about six miles south of Victor, according to a release from Siddoway. The attack, they said, occurred around 1 a.m.

Todd Grimm, director of the Wildlife Services Program, said his office confirmed the depredation Sunday. Many of the animals died from suffocation, since some apparently fell in front of the rest, resulting in a large pile-up.

“This was a rather unique situation,” said Grimm. “Most of the time they don’t pile up like this, but the wolves got them running.”

Only one animal seems to have been eaten in the attack, according to the Siddoway release.

“The sheep are not fenced,” said Billie Siddoway, in an email interview. “They move every few days to a new pasture within a designated area. The sheep are herded and monitored by two full-time herders, four herding dogs and at least four guard dogs.”

Grimm said there is already a “control action” in the area. Since July 3, 12 wolves have been lethally trapped, including nine pups. The goal is to take them all, he said.

“We expect that bears and other scavengers will soon locate the kill site,” said Billie Siddoway.
Teton Valley News Aug. 22 for the complete story:
Wolves in Government Clothing

Location: Clarion Inn & Conference Center 1401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA, 95815
3:30-4:00pm Wolves in Government Clothing screening (David Spady, AFP State Director)
4:00-4:30pm "Reality Check: Consequences of Mixing Wolves with People" (Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey, David Spady)
4:30-5:00pm "How Radicals Abuse the Endangered Species Act" (Jonathan Wood, Enviornmental Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation)
5:00-6:00pm Dinner Buffet
6:00-8:30pm US Fish & Wildlife Service Hearing on Endangered Species Act and wolf de-listing (Optional)

Join us on Wednesday, October 2nd for a free lunch and screening of our documentary Wolves in Government Clothing, followed by a panel discussion on the consequences of misguided wolf policies, the ESA and why wolves don't belong in New Mexico. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is holding a public comment hearing in Sacramento on the same evening. Armed with the facts, we will attend the public hearing and take a stand against radical environmentalists who want to use the ESA to force wolves into our state. For citizens and taxpayers the ESA has become a nightmare. The ESA is locking up our land, and the government is locking up our lives.

If we don't control predators in government and the wild -- they will control us.



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