FACTS & ACTION ITEM Regarding CARB Diesel Regulations and the American Cancer Society (ACS)     


FACT: For the past 20 years American Cancer Society (ACS) data from their Cancer Prevention Study II (CPS II) has been used by a small group of scientists to develop epidemiologic evidence of a weak positive relationship between fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and total mortality. This highly controversial evidence has been used by US EPA to claim that PM2.5 causes "premature deaths" and to establish National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and costly regulations for PM2.5.
FACT: Major sources of PM2.5 in California include forest fires, agricultural dust, industrial and residential burning, polluted air from China, and diesel engines (which account for about 5% of the total). CARB has used this ACS-based evidence and EPA standards to develop and impose costly diesel vehicle regulations in California in order to achieve a tiny reduction in PM2.5. These CARB regulations have adversely impacted thousands of California businesses, particularly small businesses.
FACT: There is now overwhelming epidemiologic evidence, even from CPS II, that PM2.5 does not cause premature deaths in California. Unfortunately, CARB, EPA, and ACS will not recognize this null evidence and will not allow independent confirmation of the CPS II findings used by EPA. In spite of a major ongoing scientific controversy and in spite of evidence that most rural counties in California now comply with EPA PM2.5 regulations, CARB will not halt their PM2.5-based diesel regulations.
FACT: Because of the ongoing scientific controversy and the multi-billion dollar nationwide cost of complying with the PM2.5-based regulations, the US House Science Committee issued an August 1, 2013 subpoena to EPA for the CPS II data. ACS has refused to cooperate in any way with the release of de-identified CPS II data or with independent reanalysis of CPS II data conducted in collaboration with ACS.
FACT: CARB diesel regulations will not prevent any "premature deaths" and will only have a tiny impact on PM2.5 levels in California. However, they will continue to kill jobs in California, particularly among small businesses.
ACTION ITEM: To supplement the ongoing legal and coordination actions against the CARB diesel regulations, concerned citizens must contact the local ACS offices in California and ask ACS to comply with the August 1, 2013 House subpoena and to justify the use of weak CPS II-based epidemiologic evidence by EPA. Unless ACS stops defying the subpoena and stops the misuse of CPS II data for CARB diesel regulations, then Californians must stop supporting ACS.