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MARCH 9, 2014


What's Going On In Oregon?


Our Guest: Jeff Kruse
  Oregon State Senator

 Jeff Kruse is a lifelong resident of Douglas County. His children were born and raised in Douglas County and he has been involved in the community for over thirty years. Jeff Kruse knows what it is like to work hard, put in long hours and knows the needs of both workers and employers. Jeff Kruse believes that the best government is that which is closest to the people and will continue to work hard at moving things in that direction.

Jeff is fighting for Liberty in a state driven by one party
On his website he says: "I am here to help make the following a reality: State government should address only legitimate needs of the people of Oregon, in a cost effective manner, so Oregonians can have the freedom and personal resources necessary to run their own lives."
Jeff Kruse talks about Obamacare

VIDEO: Jeff Kruse talks about the health care transformation bill
VIDEO: Senator Jeff Kruse on a borrow-and-spend proposal
VIDEO: Jeff Kruse: reforms needed for PERS
Good new on the backgrond check bill... but will we be attacked again?
Gun control -- A big crowd gathered in the Legislature in February when lawmakers held a public hearing on Senate Bill 1551, a universal background check measure. But the bill never gained traction in the Senate. Lawmakers tried to find a compromise measure late in the session, but the deal never materialized.
VIDEO: Oregon has a one party system
Senator Kruse has been fighting changes to Oregon gun background checks
The Oregonian
NRA-ILA FEBRUARY 6, 2014 Oregon: Dangerous Background Check Legislation to be Heard in Senate Committee this Thursdays 
This Thursday, February 6, the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear Senate Bill 1551, formerly known as Legislative Concept 154. As previously reported, SB 1551 would criminalize the otherwise lawful private transfer of firearms.
 Giffords' husband Mark Kelly backs Oregon gun bill      Associated Press  FEBRUARY 7, 2014
SALEM The husband of former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly, appeared before Oregon legislators on Thursday to speak in favor of expanded background checks for gun sales, as Republicans contended the Democrat-proposed legislation is "political posturing" as Oregon's May primary nears.

Kelly spoke at a contentious public hearing before the state Senate Judiciary Committee, which began examination of a bill that would expand background checks to include private party gun sales. Kelly said he and Giffords support gun rights for sport, self-defense and "part of our national heritage." But he said Oregon's current law has "a loophole you could drive a small truck through" that could allow criminals to obtain guns through sales arranged privately.

"When dangerous people get guns, we are all vulnerable," said Kelly, whose wife was one of 13 people injured in 2011 as she met with constituents in Tucson, Ariz. Six people were killed.

Sitting next to Kelly was Gov. John Kitzhaber, who said criminal background checks "have proven to be a reasonable and effective method" for keeping guns out of criminal's hands. He said he supported the bill to expand those checks and hoped it would pass.

Gun-rights activists also showed up for the hearing. They contended that the bill, SB 1551, would be ineffective and unenforceable.
VIDEO: Gun store owner cancels Gabrielle Giffords Husband, Mark Kelly's AR-15 purchase 3/26/13
Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly are writing a book on gun control
Los Angeles Times article MARCH 8, 2014
Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly are writing a book on gun control. And while publisher Scribner describes it as a "book on America's gun debate," the title makes it clear that Giffords and Kelly are taking a side.

The book will be called "Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence."
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