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APRIL 6, 2014




Our Guest: Ted Lyon
Ted is an attorney with over 37 years experience representing clients in complex litigation. He has received verdicts which were ranked in the top ten in the nation on three occasions. He has been interviewed and featured by national and local media outlets, including Good Morning America, 60 Minutes II, NBC Dateline, Texas Lawyer, Dallas Observer, The National Law Journal, D Magazine and Texas Monthly. Ted specializes in complex litigation. Over the past thirty seven years, he has represented clients in over 150 jury trials. Ted has repeatedly been named a Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly and was named one of the top 100 lawyers in America by the American Trial Lawyers Association consecutively each year since in 2007. He is a former police officer, licensed fishing and hunting guide and coached select baseball in Dallas for 18 years.

ĒTed Lyon, highly acclaimed attorney and author, will discuss his new book, The Real Wolf: The Science, Politics, and Economics of Co-Existing with Wolves in Modern Times, and explore many myths about wolves, including:

1. Do wolves attack or kill people?
2. Do wolves affect ungulate herds?
3. Do wolves affect cattle, sheep and other domestic herds?
4. Do wolves only kill the weak and sick?
5. Do wolves destroy game herds?
6. Do wolves generate economic growth for your community?
7. Do wolves carry diseases that are deadly to man and livestock?

There are over 460 scientific references that support the information contained in The Real Wolf. More information about The Real Wolf can be found at .

VIDEO: Ted Lyon's lecture on wolves (Yreka, CA, APR 2014)

BOOK Review
by Outdoor Writer Tom Claycomb III    APRIL 1, 2014
THE REAL WOLF by Ted B. Lyon & Will N. Graves. Let me preface this book report by stating a few facts. All the outdoorsmen and livestock owners that I know hate wolves. One reason is all the damage that they do but even more so is that they were deceitfully introduced and forced down our throats with such a barrage of lies. I have yet to read ONE honest report by the wolf lovers. Their whole marketing scheme was based on lies and deception.

What frustrated me as a writer is that the mainstream media refused to let me print an opposing view and yet the wolf lovers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) were allowed non-stop ink to promote their agenda/propaganda. In one newspaper I was not allowed to write one article concerning wolves. I was told that it was too hot of an issue and yet they got to publish articles weekly. A year later I finally got to publish one article.

So with the above said, it was refreshing to meet Ted via phone/email and find a book that was based on facts and scientific studies. I say that this book will soon become the leading factual documentary on wolves. Up until this point it has impossible to find the truth. (A kid put out a good movie titled CRYING WOLF).

As I started the book I underlined statements that I wanted to include in this review. By p. 19 I had enough facts to have written an article. So suffice it to say, I cannot begin to do this book justice. You have to read it for yourself for unbiased facts on the introduction of a foreign species into America.

Ted is a well-known trial lawyer and writes the book as such. In court he lays out the statements and then tries to prove whether they are true/false. He approaches writing this book in that manner.

Iím not a biologist. Iím an outdoorsman and just know what Iíve observed. What I personally know as facts, I found in this book so I trust what he is saying on the parts that I donít know.

For ex.
1. They lie about the number of livestock killed. If thereís a bear track at a wolf kill they say they canít discern if it was a wolf kill. Wolves came into a small mountain town and killed a mule. That kill wasnít in their report that year.
2. Wolves only kill the sick, lame and lazy. Studies show they kill 80% calf elk. They catch whatever is easy.
3. They wonít hurt wildlife populations. We packed into the River of No Return Wilderness Area and shot 3 deer, 4 elk, 1 bear and 1 moose. We went back three years later after the wolves had infested the area. I went back to work after three days. I didnít see one deer or elk.

Ted eloquently points out that we must go to Russia and other countries to see the end result of a bludgeoning wolf population. After the wildlife is eaten, people are next. America is close to this stage. Ex-In 1911 wolves wiped out all but two in a wedding party of 120 in Russia. This article was in the New York Times.


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