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AUGUST 10, 2014




1st hour: Rooftop Solar Companies Cash In on Government Handouts
2nd hour: CARB Attack on Californians - Fred Kelly Grant
Guest for 1st hour: Michi Iljazi  WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
Communications and Policy Manager for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA)
Michi Iljazi earned his Master's Degree in Political Science at American University in Washington, D.C. and has worked in Communications and Policy Research for the last several years with multiple organizations including Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity.

Michi’s past work includes policy research on Taxes, Health Care, Energy, Voter Trends, and the Media; longitudinal campaign tracking and voter trends for Federal Races nationwide; overseen communications for both state-based and nationally-based grassroots activities; written about politics, and policy with his work appearing on numerous sites including Americans for Tax Reform, Red State, and Menzies House.


Rooftop Solar Companies Cash In on Government Handouts

David Williams, President of TPA, contends that the Solar Investment Tax Credit and other state and local incentives to install rooftop solar installations are schemes that enrich politically connected and favored solar companies and their Wall Street investors at the expense of homeowners and taxpayers in California and nationally. Even worse, customers who are enticed to sign onto these leasing programs are finding they actually reduce the value of their homes.

For years Washington has subsidized rooftop solar installations for customers in the form of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which allows homeowners who install rooftop solar panels to receive a tax credit of up to 30 percent of the cost.

The subsidy has been one of the many ongoing ways in which the feds insert themselves into the energy marketplace. And while it has hampered efforts to achieve real energy independence in the U.S., and has therefore caused real harm to our economy, it nevertheless has met a legitimate need for homeowners desperate for some relief from high energy costs.

But rooftop solar companies – most of which, like SolarCity, Corp., are political connected and favored – have created a scheme to claim the tax credit for themselves. These companies discovered that if they lease the rooftop solar systems to homeowners, the companies themselves can claim the federal tax credit as well as all state and local incentives. Evidence is now pouring in that this scheme enriches these companies and their Wall Street investors at the expense of homeowners and taxpayers. Worse still, customers who are persuaded to sign onto these leasing programs are finding they reduce the value of their homes.

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Video: TPA Communications & Policy Manager Michi Iljazi on Taxpayer 'Tricks & Treats of 2013' w/KTGO 1090AM
hour 2
CARB Attack on Californians WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
Guest for 2nd hour: Fred Kelly Grant  
Our Guest: Fred Kelly Grant
APPEARANCES:  OCT 24, 2010  JAN 9, 2011  MAR 13,2011  JUN 5, 2011  JUL 31, 2011  MAR 2, 2014 AUG 10, 2014



Fred Grant attained his B.A. from the College of Idaho in 1958, majoring in History; with specialization in Constitutional History and Law. He then attended the University of Chicago School of Law. He served as Law Clerk to Chief Judge Brune, in the Maryland Court of Appeals. He first worked as an associate at Lord, Bissell, and Brook; a Chicago law firm representing Lloyd's of London. He continued to practice law in the District of Maryland, where he was an Assistant United States Attorney.
He later became Assistant State Attorney of Baltimore, and then Chief of the Organized Crime Unit, State's Attorney of Baltimore. He spent his remaining time in Baltimore involved in criminal defense.

Grant later moved with his family back to Nampa Idaho where he and his wife were both raised. He accepted an appointment by Idaho’s Governor as a liaison with the federal agencies, and eventually served two of Idaho’s Governors in various roles. He has been a hearing officer in zoning issues for over 30 years and has helped cities and counties write land use plans protecting property rights. He works closely with Owyhee County, Idaho where he developed the “Coordination Strategy” now being taught across the nation as a way for local governments to have meaningful input into the federal and state decision making process.

CARB Attack on Californians
Preparation has begun in earnest for the northern California public hearing related to EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and their rule on diesel filters. The hearing which is being hosted by the City of Redding, and its active Shasta Coordinating Committee, will include evidence from all folks in the area who have relevant testimony and documents as to harm to their property interests and values to be caused by the plan.

As usual when the EPA and its minions go to work to regulate rural America, they place common sense on the ledge above the sink and leave it there.

As I began early preparations I interviewed a Trustee of the Shasta Community College, a local college with fine campus resources in three locations within Shasta County. His testimony is some of the most frightening since I have started a final thrust to de-fang the EPA.

As you will see during this short excerpt from the video, CARB destroyed perfectly good equipment being used daily at the school for its courses on operating and maintaining heavy equipment. The equipment never leaves the campus. But it did not have one of the newly deified diesel exhaust filters, so CARB would not allow its use. CARB agents came to the College, and used a blow torch to burn holes through the operating parts of the perfectly operating equipment, which was then hauled off for scrap.

CARB then offered the county a grant of near $500,000 from tax dollars to replace the equipment. The school had to come up with matching of about $98,000 which came from tax dollars and industry donations.

Keep in mind this class heavy equipment was not used off campus; it was not the type 24-7 over road use that was first attacked by EPA. CARB, by wrote, interfered in the educational quality at a state community college—-and used tax dollars to do it. This is another example of the adage: If you give a bureaucrat a power, he will use it! With that in mind, here’s Shasta Community College trustee board member Scott Swendiman.


(California Air Resources Board)


The letter to the California Air Resources Board from the City of Redding Coordination Committee is on it's way, (probably to the Supreme Court).
02-28-14_CARB _Letter.pdf
We would like to see this letter go viral as we need to raise money for expenses. If you have any questions you can email: or call

Dick Wright (City of Redding Coordination Committee): 530-275-8862


Click to start video at:  Stand and Fight     Redding vs CARB

Attention! Keep this event in mind before you vote for the next Shasta County Board Supervisor:    A "thank you letter" to CARB??

  Which amounts to "Thank you for destroying me slower"

Read the article: Shasta County Air Pollution Control Board Special Meeting, April 8, 2014


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