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NOVEMBER 2, 2014


Common Ground on Common Core

Today's guests: Kirsten Lombard


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A Wisconsinite, born and bred, Kirsten Lombard has been a Madison-based grassroots organizer for the past five years. In that role, she has focused primarily on state policy matters that impact personal freedom and civil liberties.

In early 2013, Kirsten founded Resounding Books, a publishing company and political action committee. The company's inaugural book, Common Ground on Common Core, includes essays by multiple contributors. Due to be released in late October, the book serves as a non-partisan exposé of the multiple problems posed by the controversial education reform initiative and was edited specifically to be a tool that individuals of whatever political stripe could use to educate themselves and others on this important topic. As both editor-in-chief and treasurer, Kirsten worked to secure each of the essays royalty-free so that a percentage of profits from the sale of the book could be directed toward state- and local activism projects designed to fight Common Core.

Kirsten holds a special committee Ph.D. in Historic Environmental Design: Interior and Landscape from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2009) and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (1988). For the past seven years, Kirsten has worked in the marketing department of a national I.T. solutions provider, where, most recently, she specialized in content production. She has recently devoted herself full time to Resounding Books, its publishing projects, and its activism initiatives.

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Book Summary: When an ideologically diverse array of the nation’s top education activists and experts come together within the pages of a single volume to speak out against the Common Core State Standards and related initiatives in education, the magnitude of the issue couldn’t be more clear. An engineer, a social worker, a local school board member, an education blogger, moms, lawyers, and academic researchers—each of the contributors to this book’s 18 essays sheds light on a different crucial aspect of Common Core. Together the essays offer a highly informed and troubling picture of the dangers this controversial reform package poses to students, families, education, and society. They also demonstrate that real dialogue and cooperation across political lines is not only possible but, in fact, crucial, both in defeating false reforms and establishing true education pathways that honor students, parents, and teachers alike. 
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