Therese O’Rourke Bradford is leaving the Bureau of Reclamation office in Klamath Falls.

BOR Spokeswoman Laura Williams made the announcement Friday.

O’Rourke Bradford did not say where her new position is. Her last day is May 28, according to BOR Spokesman Shane Hunt.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to work for Reclamation in such an important position,” O’Rourke Bradford said in a statement. “However, for personal reasons I am electing to take a position that better supports my personal situation.”

O’Rourke Bradford joined the BOR Klamath Basin Area Office in June 2015.

Williams said Brian Person will become acting area manager on Monday. Person will oversee C Canal flume construction and ensure water is delivered to the Klamath Project, she said.

Person served as acting area manager for the Klamath Basin Area Office prior to O’Rourke Bradford being hired last year. The BOR has employed Person for more than 10 years.

Federico Barajas, area manager for the BOR Northern California Area Office, will oversee the hiring process and placement of a new area manager.

The Klamath Basin area manager oversees irrigation water deliveries to the Klamath Project and Klamath National Wildlife Refuge Complex and works with Basin-wide stakeholders to resolve water conflicts.