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JULY 24, 2016




"The Threat of Islam"

Today's  guest: Peter Friedman

Peter has been studying and lecturing on the threat of Islam to America for over 40 years. Friedman maintains a thorough collection of Korans in English translations beginning with George Sale's translation of 1734. Each one has been studied and researched, and compared to others to document variations in the translations, in spite of the fact that the Arabic of the Koran, first codified in its present form by Caliph Uthman after the death of Muhammad, has never been edited or revised in any manner.

Friedman's background is replete with relationships to the Middle East, especially what was Palestine prior to the formation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948. Personal family friends were David ben-Gurion, Moshe Guy, Henrietta Szold, and Baron James de Rothschild. Elisha Friedman, a Great Uncle and investment banker, was the Executive Director of the Jewish Agency in New York City in 1922. The Agency was purposefully created by the British Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations to raise funds to purchase land from the Arabs for Jewish settlement. All of the land comprising the State of Israel on May 15, 1948 was bought and paid for. The deeds to the land can be found in the Central Zionist Archives located in Jerusalem. Numerous books have been published on the subject with copies of the deeds included. Elisha Friedman also was a partner of President Herbert Hoover in creating a plan to relocate many Palestinian Arabs to Iraq – a relocation supported completely by Emir Feisal at the time. Funds were actually raised to cover the relocation costs, but other Muslim countries objected on "religious" grounds so the project failed. How might have history been altered had it succeeded!

Many members of Friedman's family were murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis. It has always been a fascination that the Muslims supported the Germans in both World War 1 and World War 2. In fact, it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj al Husseini, the Uncle of Yasser Arafat, who supported Hitler by sending Bosnian Muslim soldiers to be a part of the Waffen SS specifically assigned to murder Jews in Germany ! However, earlier, it was this very same Haj al-Husseini, who personally sold 5000 Hectares (like acres of land) near Jerusalem to the Jewish Agency.


This website is created by Peter M. Friedman containing his research and opinions. Please contact him for information on his research, copies of article and invitations to speak.
Friedman is a scholar and researcher who brings in-depth analysis and sterling references to subjects that most people are afraid to discuss !
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Commentary by Peter M. Friedman

As a student of history for my entire adult life, over forty years, I have always been fascinated by what inspires or forces one human to kill another through ideology or politics. Being a Navy veteran of Vietnam (1963-1965) this concept was very near and dear to me. Prior to that I had read everything I could find on the Nazis and Muslim history. Growing up I was made keenly aware that a whole segment of my family in Hungary was murdered by the Nazis, which had a profound effect on me. My research on this subject led me to confront some of the worst atrocities in human history including what occurred during the Spanish Inquisition with the burning alive of heretics and unspeakable torture, the torture and execution practices of the English such as drawing and quartering, disemboweling, and the gibbet. There was, of course, Roman crucifixion, the atrocities committed by the Asian communities of China and Japan, especially the Japanese during World War Two who used captured Chinese for bayonet practice, with rewards for being able to slice a pregnant Chinese woman open to expel her unborn baby. Then there were the Nazis, especially Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, who performed some of the most heinous atrocities and pseudo-medical experiments, on Jews for the most part, not to mention the atrocities committed by the Gestapo. Finally we arrive at the Muslims. They have over 1400 years of some of the most heinous atrocities ever committed in human history. Muslims, of course, commit atrocities under the rubric of a pseudo-religion invented for the sole purpose of dominating all of humankind.

How does a person develop the internal psychology which leads them to a rationalization that committing atrocities are within their spectrum of mental understanding? What went through the brains of the Nazi guards at Auschwitz as they removed Jews from the trains knowing they would be gassed immediately? What went through the brains of the Muslims when Muhammad demanded they behead every male Jew after the battle with the Jewish tribe, the Quraiza? Over 800 men were paraded in front of Muhammad, and their heads were systematically cut off by his followers in his presence. The heads were all thrown into a pit and burned along with the bodies. The Jewish tribe was entirely exterminated, and Jews were expelled from Arabia forever.
Today the Nazis are gone, but the Muslims are on the rise. They are using the commission of abhorrent atrocities against non-believers, Jews, Christians, and anyone else not a Muslim, throughout the world. There can be no greater atrocity than the senseless slaughter of the Jewish Fogel family in Israel recently. Muslims invaded the Fogel home in the middle of the night and literally and ritually slaughtered the Father, the Mother, two young sons, and a three month old baby, who they beheaded! They did not slaughter this family using quick death by gunshot, but ritually slaughtered them with knives. What possible motivating ideology penetrated their diseased brains that could possibly have rationalized their behavior? The latest Muslim atrocity just occurred in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. The Taliban kidnapped an eight year-old boy last Friday, July 22, 2011, who was the son of a police officer. The Taliban wanted the Father to provide them with a police vehicle they could use to kill more innocent people. The Father refused, and the Taliban publically hanged the eight year-old as a symbol to others who refuse to cooperate with them in again taking control of Afghanistan.


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The commission of atrocity simply terrifies people. The mere fact that there are humans willing to commit atrocities is a very powerful force. Raw horror and savagery usually results in people running away, hiding, or attempting appeasement to avoid conflict, like what is happening today in America. This is the psychology of Islam as practiced by millions of Muslims who really believe they are following the dictates of their supreme being, Allah, as allegedly revealed to Muhammad over twenty three years from AD610 to AD632. These dictates of atrocity are very specifically detailed in numerous chapters of the Koran. While the Old and New Testaments are historical and chronological, the Koran is neither historical nor chronological, but written for all time. While the Old Testament chronicles many wars by the Jews in biblical times, there is nothing in either Testament that requires any continuing conflict like there is in the Koran. The ancient tribes that were the subject of the biblical wars have long gone in history, but the requirements in the Koran to slaughter non-believers, and subjugate, capture, and rape them lives on. What goes through the brains of Muslims who commit atrocities? How do they peacefully sleep at night believing they have accomplished the will of Allah?

A noted criminologist, Jeff Cooper, hypothesized, “Any study of atrocity..shows immediately that the victims, by their appalling ineptitude and timidity, virtually assisted in their own murders.” The German Jews wanted to believe that Hitler really didn‟t mean what he wrote in Mein Kampf. Then they really wanted to believe that they were being taken by train to work camps, not to their deaths. They were unable to suspend their dis-belief as Americans are doing today.

He wrote further, “Any man who is a man may not, in honor, submit to threats of violence. But many men who are not cowards are simply not prepared for the fact of human savagery. They have not thought about it…and they just don‟t know what to do. When they look right into the face of depravity or violence they are astonished and confounded.” Here is the problem in the proverbial nutshell! They are unable to suspend their dis-belief!

The use of atrocity is especially forceful when used as an institutionalized policy by armies, revolutionary organizations, and especially governments such as currently found under Islamic rule. During the Vietnam War North Vietnam used atrocity as a military policy as did the Japanese during World War Two. While the United States was dropping bombs impersonally on North Vietnam, they were slaughtering South Vietnamese officials in their beds at night destroying command and control. However, the US Air Corps during World War Two effected the ultimate unconditional surrender of both Germany and Japan by the carpet-bombing of
German cities and dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. The United States has not won a conflict since because Americans for the most part can‟t suspend their dis-belief!

As the noted author Colonel David Grossman wrote, “There is a simple, horrifying, and obvious value resident in atrocity.” Whole nations have achieved power through the use of terrorism and atrocity. You only have to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to see how much power and influence the Palestinians have achieved through the use of atrocity and terror. In the two generations since Israel declared itself a state in 1948, as the righteous victim of millennia of persecution and attempted extermination, the victim view has turned about to now target Israel as racist and the aggressor. When Israel defends itself they are very careful not to target civilians. The Muslims, on the other hand, specifically target Jewish civilians like the Fogel family, for two reasons: hopeful that atrocity will scare Israelis in view of the obvious lessons of history; and because they know they will be defeated again if they confront the Israeli military. They use the Judaic-Christian ethic of human decency against Israel by hiding behind women and children. In 1983 Israeli General Ariel Sharon had Yasser Arafat and the PLO cornered in Beirut. He was about to wipe them out, but the United States intervened and stopped them by appealing to Jewish “humanity and decency”. President Reagan explained to Sharon that, wiping out the PLO, would effect a public relations transfer of victimization and persecution from Israel to the PLO! Sharon withdrew back to Israel leaving Arafat and the PLO to continue their terrorism and slaughter of Jews for another 20+ years! What would the situation be today had Sharon wiped out the PLO? How many innocent lives would have been saved? Reagan, unfortunately, could not suspend his dis-belief. (As an aside, I have always been a supporter of President Reagan. In fact, I was one of the pilots for him in California during his Presidential run in the summer of 1980.)

Mass empowerment can be effected through atrocity and terror. The Romans and Nazis developed this concept to an art. The Muslims are following in their footsteps. Remember, the highest example of Islam for a Muslim is to emulate the behavior of Muhammad, who slaughtered people every chance he got. He was able to imbue his followers with the ideology that they were doing the work of Allah. When a Muslim kills he screams, “Allahu Akbar”, God is great! What else do you need to know?

In order to understand and comprehend Muslim atrocity one needs to engage in the suspension of disbelief, a terrific clinical expression meaning to stop not believing something just because it is offensive. You can‟t confront the truth if you succumb to denial. Atrocity serves also to create disbelief in distant observers. Today, the President of Iran, specifically, along with many others in the Muslim world, denies that the Holocaust ever took place. History books today speak of the “Armenian Genocide” that occurred between 1896 to 1916. It is called the “Armenian Genocide” so as to not offend the Turkish Muslims who slaughtered over 1.5 million Armenians just because they were not Muslims. There are eyewitnesses to the slaughter that took pictures of Christian Armenian blood flowing through the streets and sewers. The Muslims invaded Armenian cities and towns, dragging the inhabitants, men, women, and children, and slaughtered them in the streets and just left them where they fell. Again, this genocide took place according to the dictates of the Koran, Sura 8:12 and Sura 9:29 to name just two.

The nearer the atrocity is to where we live, the harder it should be to dibelieve it. In World War Two, even though the actual conflict took place thousands of miles from America, we knew who the enemy was and of what he was capable. You only had to look at the posters published by the American government, and hear about, and see the pictures of what the Japanese were doing to the Chinese, bayoneting pregnant women, to understand what was at stake. Americans were unable to deny the existence of the Nazi concentration camps because our troops were there seeing it firsthand and sending back reports and pictures. Amadinejad of Iran is obviously a psychotic sociopath, or just another Muslim politician, or perhaps both!

After 9-11 Americans went into denial, especially with the assistance of President Bush. When Bush himself immediately entered dis-belief stating, “Islam is one of the world‟s great religions. It has been hijacked by radicals.” Bush was dead wrong, but why? Was he in denial or was he just ignorant? Then Obama stated in 2010 from the Pentagon on Veterans Day, “We are not, nor will we ever be at war with Islam.” Perhaps he‟s not aware that Islam has been at war with everyone who is not a Muslim for more than 1400 years! What a stupid, ignorant statement for the leader of the free world to utter when he knows better. Always remember, Obama studied the Koran in Indonesia for six years when he was growing up there.

So what sociopathic psychotic mentality drives the atrocities committed by Muslims? Why do Muslims scream “Allahu Akbar”, God is Great, as they slaughter innocent women and children, and cut off the heads of Infidels who get in their way of world domination?

Col. David Grossman writes, “The enemy who fights to a „noble‟ death validates and affirms the killer‟s belief in his own [sic] nobility and the glory of his cause.” That‟s it in a nutshell.

The Muslim Brotherhood credo is:
"Allah is our goal; the Prophet is our guide; the Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way; and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition."