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NOVEMBER 6, 2016



Hour 1 

"WikiLeaks Update" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


with Bruce Moran  

Hour 2

"Election Fraud" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


with Diane, Kay, John, David, Gail, Mike & Firenza  
"WikiLeaks Update"


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Election Fraud in Trinity County, California?

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From our guest, Kay Graves:

I am sharing most of my notes. If I'm going to bother typing them...I might as well send them out.

Plus, adding 2 marshals and 2 deputies to the party, made it much less boring.

I attached the demand sheets from Shanna White; Observers must list and the any/all questions, comments or concerns must be in writing and turned in at the end of the day...sheet (thus making it possible to learn less than nothing while 'observing')

Oct 31. 2016

Mike checked the County Election site multiple times each day and I checked it daily during the week days. Mike had also contacted Shanna White asking for the time/date when she would begin. Shanna White did not respond to Mike's inquires nor to any of his other requests. Mike Wear (Mike) called me about 0830 on Monday Oct 31st and told me that the election processing was posted on the County Elections site just that morning; for that morning at 9 a.m.. Mike called John Hamilton (John) who lives in town and John got there in time for the opening.

I arrived at the courthouse basement room at 0936. John was already there. Julie Barcellona and Shanna White were in the room. There was nothing posted on the door to show that election proceedings were in that room. The election proceeding were posted just that morning on the county elections department website but they were not posted on the Courthouse bulletin board. I have asked people for several weeks if anyone had seen a notice from the Elections Office in the Trinity Journal; no one had see a notice.

Observers are still roped off into the far end of the room with only 4 chairs. We had to sign in and wear a name tag. We were given (see attached) sheets limiting us to watching in silence from 25 feet away. We did not receive a copy of any election code or a copy of the "Elections Observation Rights and Responsibilities October 2016"

Julie Barcellona was sorting office supplies and getting the voting supplies ready for voting day.

John left about 0955.

I left at 1107 and came back at 1140. Julie Barcellona and Shanna White where in the room. Shanna White left about 10 minutes latter. Mike Wear came in a few minutes latter. Julie Barcellona told Mike that he couldn't have a camera and Mike said that he could. Then Julie Barcellona went to the desk and came back telling Mike that he had to sign in. Mike told her that he was a representative of the Republican party and that he didn't have to sign in (they had already sent Shanna White a letter to inform her of that). Shanna White quickly came into the room (I think Julie Barcellona sent her a message when Mike got there because Shanna White rushed into the room; when there appeared to be no other reason than Mike being there). Shanna White told Mike that he couldn't have a camera and Mike said he could. Shanna White raised her voice and continued to tell Mike that he could not have a camera. Mike told Shanna White that he could have a camera for various reasons like: it was a public meeting and that the Secretary of States Office has told us that we need proof (a 100+ pages of sworn statements must not be enough). Shanna White called the Marshal to remove Mike. Marshal Garth Pedrotti came down and told Mike that he had to leave or take his camera out of the room. Mike said he would not leave and he had the legal Right to take photos.
There was quite a bit back and forth. Mike asked Garth Pedrotti 'what authority do you have to make me leave?' Garth Pedrotti told Mike that 'The Judge gave him the authority over this entire building', 'I can ask any one I want to leave', and when Mike said that Garth was violating his Rights; Garth responded that 'I don't care'. Garth also asked Mike 'do you really think there is election fraud...well there isn't!' Garth asked Mike "why are you being such an asshole?" Then Garth informed Mike that "if you want to be an asshole; I can be an even bigger asshole!" (yes, it got THAT grade school). Mike repeated that writing something on a sign doesn't make it a law. That both Garth and Shanna White were violating his Rights; this was a public meeting and he could take pictures and that the Secretary of State had told us that we needed to get evidence of voter fraud. Mike also told Garth that Garth had assaulted him (when Garth physically took the camera from Mike) and Mike said something to Garth about 'battery' also.



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John Hamilton came back in time to see Garth pushing Mike's hands away from his motorized chair controls. I think John got there after Garth but before the deputies?

I stated that I could affirm that the Secretary of State (office) had made the statement that we needed evidence. Garth glared at me then pointed his finger at me and told me stay out of it/shut up

Shanna White said that she was calling the Sheriff's Office and Mike said, 'good, they were the ones you should have called in the first place'.

Deputy S. Ruiz showed up, followed shortly by Deputy Oliver. Shanna White left after the deputies arrived. Deputy Oliver and Marshal Garth Pedrotti left the room. Meanwhile Mike was explaining to Deputy Ruiz that the signs which Shanna White had hung around the room where not law and they did not cite the laws Shanna White claims they refer to. Shanna White came back with a pile of papers with a few lines highlighted. Garth said they were from the Secretary of State and then read examples of what they could keep out of the observer area. Mike said they were 'examples' and that did not make them the law. From what I could see of the papers; I did not see code written out.

Garth said that he would have Mike arrested for trespassing if Mike didn't leave. Mike said "ok, so you are backing her (points at Shanna White) up in violating my Rights?" Garth answered 'yes'. Then Mike asked if we all heard that; then gestured towards John and me and said "Witness 1...witness 2. John and I both replied that 'yes' we heard Garth make that statement.

Sorry that I missed keeping the time after Shanna White disrupted the 'observing from clear across the room' but I was literally up against the wall and I couldn't see the clock. Shanna White kicked us out and said they were done for the day. It will be interesting to see how the room changes tomorrow morning. When we were told to leave; they had not finished putting the voting supplies together. I bet a dime that it is done by the time we get in in the morning...even though the room is supposed to be closed and secure.

{below is what was posted on October 31, 2016 about 8am)

Welcome to the Trinity County Elections Website


Various election processes will begin Monday, October 31, 2016, in the Courthouse basement commencing at 9:00 a.m. 


Duties & Responsibilities

The Elections Office is a division of the county Clerk's Office, and is run by the county clerk. The Elections Office performs duties as mandated by state, federal, and local laws. Listed below are some of the many duties the Elections Office is responsible for:

  • Registering voters and maintaining the voter registration files
  • Administering and conducting all federal, state, county, school district, special district, and municipal elections
  • Providing voter registration information and related materials to candidates and campaigns
  • Procuring all polling places and recruiting all poll workers in Trinity County
  • Acting as filing officer for campaign disclosure and statements of economic interests as provided by state and local laws