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MARCH 26, 2017




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  The Campus Rape Frenzy  WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
    KC Johnson  

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  DC Confidential - Inside the Five Tricks of Washington  WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
    David Schoenbrod  

"The Campus Rape Frenzy"

with KC Johnson

KC Johnson is professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center, where he specializes in recent U.S. political, diplomatic, and legal matters. He is co-author of The Campus Rape Frenzy and a frequent media guest. Johnson has written five books, co-written a sixth, and edited or co-edited six additional books, and has commented widely on higher education matters, both at the Minding the Campus blog and in op-eds for such publications as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Daily News.

co author Stuart Taylor, Jr. is one of our nation’s most highly respected legal journalists, a lawyer, and co-author of The Campus Rape Frenzy. He has for 35 years written about a wide range of legal and political issues for the New York Times, National Journal, American Lawyer Media, Newsweek, and many other prominent outlets. Taylor is a frequent media guest who has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs nationwide. He also taught at Stanford Law School in 2011 and 2012. Taylor received his B.A. from Princeton and graduated at the top of his class at Harvard Law School, where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review..

The Campus Rape Frenzy

The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities

By Stuart Taylor, Jr. and KC Johnson

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Washington, DC—A decade after three Duke lacrosse teammates wrongfully accused of rape were declared innocent, America’s universities have been gripped by a politicized campus rape panic that now threatens our nation’s commitment to civil liberties and fundamental due-process rights.

In THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY (Encounter Books, January 24, 2017), nationally acclaimed journalist Stuart Taylor, Jr. and professor KC Johnson expose the perilous assault on due process at America’s universities. Politicians led by President Obama, along with prominent senators and governors, have teamed with campus extremists to falsely portray our universities as awash in a violent crime wave—asserting that one-in-five college women is sexually assaulted. They also preposterously suggest that university leaders, professors, and students are indifferent to female sexual assault victims in their midst. This false “rape culture” narrative has achieved widespread acceptance, thanks in part to misleading Obama Administration rhetoric and biased media coverage in outlets from the New York Times to Rolling Stone.

THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY decisively proves that there is no campus rape epidemic. As part of its “War on Women” narrative following the 2010 election losses, the Obama Administration used the issue of campus sexual assault to fan moral panic with the public and foment liberal anger for political gain. The Obama Administration exploited misleading statistics and erroneous data to advance its agenda. In truth, Taylor and Johnson contend that the Justice Department’s own statistics suggest that no more than 1 in 40 (not 1 in 5) female college students is sexually assaulted over four years—and that 1 in 80 is raped. Moreover, liberal activists and sympathetic journalists have recklessly misinterpreted other data, falsely asserting that more than 90% of accused male students are guilty. Taylor and Johnson’s research makes clear that the percentage of innocent men, while impossible to know for certain, is much higher. And many highly-publicized campus rape claims—initially treated as obviously true by the news media—have been proven fraudulent or probably fraudulent.

Despite these facts, federal policymakers refused to let this manufactured crisis go to waste. The Obama Department of Education abused its regulatory authority by directing all-too-compliant university administrators to adopt new disciplinary procedures and create campus kangaroo courts that deny basic due-process rights to students accused of sexual assault. In 2011, the Obama Administration reinterpreted Title IX—a federal law that outlaws gender discrimination at colleges—to order colleges and universities to institute revolutionary changes in their disciplinary policies, with the threat of pulling federal funds. All changes mandated by the federal government increased the chances of guilty findings in campus sexual assault cases by weakening the rights of the accused. The highest-profile change was the order to reduce the standard of proof to the “preponderance of evidence” typically used in civil cases instead of the stricter standards. An accused man could thereby be railroaded out of college as a rapist and have his life and career prospects destroyed based on a 50.01% standard of proof, a mere coin toss.

THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY details how ideologically skewed campus sexual assault policies and lawless commands issued by federal bureaucrats have resulted in the creation of campus kangaroo courts that presume the guilt of the accused. Students accused of sexual assault often have no right to legal representation or to see exculpatory evidence. They have no right to an impartial panel or to cross-examination of their accuser. Some schools even provide guilt-presuming “training” for disciplinary panelists to ensure that they’re inclined to find the accused guilty. Other provisions have allowed accusers to appeal not-guilty findings, exposing accused students to a form of double jeopardy that would be unconstitutional in the criminal justice system. Often, a single university investigator acts as prosecutor, judge, jury, and appeals court in all campus sexual assault cases.



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THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY explores nearly four dozen case studies since 2011 in which innocent or almost certainly innocent students have been branded as sex criminals by their colleges. Having studied tens of thousands of pages of documents never released to the public, along with information gleaned from university handbooks, statistical studies, and confidential “training” materials created for colleges and universities nationwide, Taylor and Johnson unravel the story of how America’s colleges suddenly began to treat all accusers as “survivors” while destroying the lives of the accused without any semblance of a fair process. Taylor and Johnson contend that destroying the civil liberties of the accused will do nothing to solve the problem of campus sexual assault. The forgotten victims of the campus rape panic are the students who, having been wrongfully accused, are then expelled from college as rapists and deprived of a future life and career. THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY calls for an end to this national rush to judgment and a rededication to seeking the truth and justice based on evidence and facts—not pre-determined, politically expedient conclusions.

To arrange an interview with The Campus Rape Frenzy authors Stuart Taylor, Jr. or KC Johnson, please contact Stephen Manfredi at 202.222.8028 or
Hour 2  "DC Confidential - Inside the Five Tricks of Washington"
About David Schoenbrod  WE THE PEOPLE RADIO


David Schoenbrod is a renowned policy expert and author of the new book, DC Confidential. He is Trustee Professor of Law at New York Law School. Schoenbrod was a leader of the Natural Resources Defense Council, heading campaigns to get the lead out of gasoline, protect the environment in Puerto Rico, and protect New Yorkers from automotive air pollution.

Schoenbrod is a frequent media guest who has appeared on major radio and television programs nationwide. He has frequently contributed to the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other newspapers and periodicals. His books include Power without Responsibility, Democracy by Decree, Saving Our Environment from Washington, and Breaking the Logjam. He has a graduate degree in economics from Oxford (which he attended as a Marshall Scholar) and a law degree from Yale.


DC Confidential
Inside the Five Tricks of Washington

By David Schoenbrod

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Washington, DC—Americans think they know why our government in Washington is broken, but they really don’t. They believe it’s broken because politicians curry favor with special interests and activists of the Left or the Right. There’s something to that and it helps explain why these politicians can’t find common ground, but it misses the root cause. In the 1960s, elected officials in Congress and the White House figured out a new system for enacting laws and spending programs—one that lets them take the credit for promising good news while avoiding the blame for producing bad results. With five key tricks, politicians of both parties now avoid accounting to the people for what the government actually does to us. The result is a vicious cycle of grand promises and budget gimmicks by elected officials, failed policies, blame-shifting by politicians, and spiraling distrust of a government too dysfunctional and unaccountable to solve major problems. No wonder so many voted to “drain the swamp.”

In DC CONFIDENTIAL: Inside the Five Tricks of Washington (Encounter Books, March 7, 2017), renowned policy expert David Schoenbrod exposes how members of Congress and presidents adopted new ways to structure laws and spending programs to protect their own political fortunes at the expense of the national interest. When President Roosevelt and Congress established Social Security in 1935, they took responsibility for the cost of old-age pensions by imposing taxes sufficient to pay the promised benefits in the future. In contrast, when President Johnson and Congress established Medicare in 1965, they took credit for the popular health coverage while leaving it to their successors to increase taxes to pay for the program. As the national debt surges to $20 trillion, Americans are beginning to understand that budget gimmicks and reckless spending with no means of paying for it are unsustainable. While most people understand that these politicians seem to pull rabbits out of hats, hardly anyone sees the sleight of hand by which they get away with their tricks. Otherwise, their tricks wouldn’t work. DC CONFIDENTIAL uncovers the sleights of hand. Once they are brought to light, we can stop the tricks, fix our broken government, and make Washington work for us once again.

DC CONFIDENTIAL argues that we must change the ground rules of government so that elected officials once again must shoulder responsibility for results. David Schoenbrod also offers a practical action plan for reform that puts the people back in charge. DC CONFIDENTIAL proposes a legislative solution—the Honest Deal Act—which would finally change the incentives and fundamentally reform government procedures that make Washington unable to function in the interest of citizens.

The Five Tricks:

1) The Money Trick: lets current members of Congress get credit for gratifying the public’s demands for tax cuts, benefit increases, and other spending increases, while shifting the blame for the inevitable tax increases and benefit cuts to their successors in office when the long-term fiscal consequences of these actions will require painful adjustments. As a result, Congress has set a course that, unless soon changed, will require draconian tax increases and spending cuts affecting the entire population.

2) The Debt Guarantee Trick: lets current members of Congress get support from the too-big-to-fail banks and other businesses whose profits it increases by guaranteeing their debts, while shifting the blame for the eventual bailouts to their successors in office when the debt guarantees produce fiscal crises. As a result, Congress grants debt guarantees in a way that encourages these businesses to run risks that will lead to fiscal crises, lost retirement savings, unemployment, and foreclosures.

3) The Federal Mandate Trick: lets members of Congress get credit for the benefits they require the state and local government to deliver, while shifting the blame for the burdens required to deliver those benefits to state and local officials. As a result, Congress mandates benefits without considering whether they are worth the burdens they impose.

4) The Regulation Trick: lets members of Congress get credit for granting seemingly rock-solid rights to regulatory protection, while shifting the blame to federal agencies for the burdens required to vindicate those rights and the failures to vindicate them. As a result, Congress designs regulatory statutes to maximize credit for its members rather than to provide us with effective, efficient regulatory protection.

5) The War Trick: lets members of Congress get credit for having a statute that requires them to take responsibility for going to war, while colluding with the president to evade the responsibility for wars that might later prove controversial. As a result, members of Congress can march in the parade if the war ends up proving popular, but put the entire blame on the president if it does not.

To arrange an interview with DC Confidential author David Schoenbrod, please contact Stephen Manfredi at 202.222.8028 or .