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FEBRUARY 18, 2018



Today's shows:

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"Weekly Political Wrap Up" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
  with Bruce Moran  

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"Interfaith 'Discourse' - Ritual Suicide!" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
  with Peter M. Friedman  
1st Hour  

 White House Transition Update on  Border & National Security

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The document below will be the framework for today's discussion with Bruce:



Bruce J. Moran is a senior National Security Advisor who focuses on strategic planning for National Security issues.  As a consultant, he works with public officials, U.S. Government committees, departments, agencies, think tanks, and corporations. He works on special national security projects and defines clear "hands on" working solutions for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Readiness scenarios.  He has in-depth experience in foreign policy, security operations & Hi-Tech systems (connectivity, interoperability, and interfacing) such as SMART* Fusion protocols and applications.  He consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House Committee On Foreign Affairs, Joint Economic Committee, Senate/House Committees on Banking/Finance, Senate Permanent Committee On investigations and the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.

2nd Hour

 "Interfaith 'Discourse' - Ritual Suicide!"


Today's  guest: Peter Friedman

Peter has been studying and lecturing on the threat of Islam to America for over 40 years. Friedman maintains a thorough collection of Korans in English translations beginning with George Sale's translation of 1734. Each one has been studied and researched, and compared to others to document variations in the translations, in spite of the fact that the Arabic of the Koran, first codified in its present form by Caliph Uthman after the death of Muhammad, has never been edited or revised in any manner.

Friedman's background is replete with relationships to the Middle East, especially what was Palestine prior to the formation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948. Personal family friends were David ben-Gurion, Moshe Guy, Henrietta Szold, and Baron James de Rothschild. Elisha Friedman, a Great Uncle and investment banker, was the Executive Director of the Jewish Agency in New York City in 1922. The Agency was purposefully created by the British Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations to raise funds to purchase land from the Arabs for Jewish settlement. All of the land comprising the State of Israel on May 15, 1948 was bought and paid for. The deeds to the land can be found in the Central Zionist Archives located in Jerusalem. Numerous books have been published on the subject with copies of the deeds included. Elisha Friedman also was a partner of President Herbert Hoover in creating a plan to relocate many Palestinian Arabs to Iraq – a relocation supported completely by Emir Feisal at the time. Funds were actually raised to cover the relocation costs, but other Muslim countries objected on "religious" grounds so the project failed. How might have history been altered had it succeeded!

Many members of Friedman's family were murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis. It has always been a fascination that the Muslims supported the Germans in both World War 1 and World War 2. In fact, it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj al Husseini, the Uncle of Yasser Arafat, who supported Hitler by sending Bosnian Muslim soldiers to be a part of the Waffen SS specifically assigned to murder Jews in Germany ! However, earlier, it was this very same Haj al-Husseini, who personally sold 5000 Hectares (like acres of land) near Jerusalem to the Jewish Agency.


This website is created by Peter M. Friedman containing his research and opinions. Please contact him for information on his research, copies of article and invitations to speak.
Friedman is a scholar and researcher who brings in-depth analysis and sterling references to subjects that most people are afraid to discuss !
  • “The Koran Reveled” – What it really says and how it can touch your liberty’s and freedom.
  • “Islam – A Treat To America” An extraordinary lecture – a window into our future ?
  • “Islam and Women” – A factual look into how our wives, daughters and female friends could be persecuted by Sharia Law.
  • “Sharia Finance” A Trojan Horse ? How Muslims have burrowed into our financial system with over $1 TRILLION Dollars !
  • Who Was Napoleon ? How did he and the people around him affect history for us all?


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By Peter M. Friedman

I recently attended what was billed out as the “Interfaith Amigos” at a Presbyterian Church in California.  The “Three Amigos” consist of a Reform Rabbi, Ted Falcon, a Christian Pastor, Don MacKenzie, and a Muslim Imam, Jamal Rahman.  I would like to report what occurred in an intellectual and literary manner, but I can’t. I was subjected, along with over two hundred others, mostly Presbyterians, many belonging to this church, and at least one young female Muslim shill, to two hours of the most egregious lies and specious commentary I have suffered in quite some time.  My resulting opinion of these “Three Amigos” is as follows:

Imam Jamal Rahman - stereotypical lying Muslim.

Rabbi Ted Falcon – naïve and suicidal.

Pastor Don MacKenzie – naïve and ignorant to the threat of Islam, clueless.

In short, it was two hours of patent lies about Islam by the Imam, and pleas by the Rabbi and Pastor for patience, understanding, and further “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” dialogue between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Rabbi stated that, “the violence in the Old Testament is far more violent than in the Koran!”  WTF!  Are you serious?  Violence in the Old Testament is strictly historical. It doesn’t require continuing the violence to the present and future as the Koran does!  The Imam smiled, and the Pastor was silent!

Imam Rahman consistently misquoted the Koran for the entire time. I know this because I have studied the Koran and Islam for more than forty years, and I had my copy of the Koran andReliance of the Traveller [sic] with me. The most egregious fabrications the Imam made involved the treatment of homosexuality in the Islamic world.  He described specifically that homosexuality was NOT biologically inherent but chosen by those who are Gay.  He described numerous charitable organizations in the Islamic world, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are there to assist homosexuals with returning to the heterosexual life. The Rabbi and Pastor again remained silent during this period.

The Imam then proceeded to discuss how well women are treated under Islam. He even stated, “Women love Allah and Islam. They love being Muslim.”  He further stated that the Koran does NOT condone treating women harshly. He stated that it was Mohammad who created equality for women, and those who followed Mohammad after his death instituted harsh treatment for women as described in the Koran.  Several times Rahman stated, “I know my Koran”!  Either he is ignorant or lying! During this period the Rabbi and Pastor again remained silent but looked on approvingly.  Neither the Rabbi nor the Pastor admitted they had ever read the Koran, all 114 chapters, all 6247 verses. The Imam thought there were only “6150” versus!  Has he ever read the Koran?

The scary part of being there was observing the audience. Here were over 200 people, with an average age of near 60, composed of mostly Christians with a few Jews mixed in, and one young female Muslim shill.  They were there to hear what they wanted to hear – “Please tell me that Islam is peaceful and just misunderstood. Please tell me that I have nothing to fear from Muslims.”  This was clearly evident from the Q&A session afterwards – the questions asked spoke for themselves.

During the Q&A session the young female Muslim shill, fully clothed in an appropriate hijab, stood up and asked the “Three Amigos”, “I am continually harassed by non-Muslims about my being a Muslim. What can I do to stop it?”  There was no question that she was a “plant” in the audience. The response to her by the “Three Amigos” was specious at best. The Rabbi principally responded that the reason behind their lecture series was to try to make non-Muslims understand Islam and the issues inherent within it, and that non-Muslims should try to be more tolerant of Muslims despite what they view on the news.

There was a discussion, more like charges by the Imam, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They brought up the issue to illustrate how it is necessary for people with differing “opinions” must be able to express themselves openly to each other without recrimination. Stereotypically, Imam Rahman charged that the violence in the Middle East was caused by Israel.  To this charge the Rabbi stated, “See how it is necessary to consider all opinions in the open?”  However, this Reform Jewish Rabbi made no attempt to counter the charge!  He just stood there and took it, which gave tacit approval to Rahman for making the charge. The Pastor was silent.

The biggest problem I see with the “Three Amigos” is that Imam Rahman lies about what is in the Koran and what is wrong with Islam, and that both the Rabbi and Pastor have never read the Koran nor made any reasonable research on Islam. Otherwise they would question the Imam appropriately.  It reminds me of the sign over the entrance to Auschwitz, “Work makes one free!” Then there were the trains that brought Jews to Auschwitz and other concentration camps in the worst conditions imaginable – no sanitation, no food, and no water. Arriving at Auschwitz after two to three days, they were herded from the trains with the question, “After that terrible train ride wouldn’t you like a nice hot shower?” 

What really made the event worse for me was that there was another Rabbi and several Pastors in the audience. Instead of asking pertinent questions, they supported the event and appeared to completely condone and approve of the lecture and what was presented.

This event was a perfect display of the Quisling attitude of the non-Muslims in America. Too many Americans are so involved with the distractions of politics, the corruption of government over which they feel powerless, their 401Ks, that they can’t see the Muslim forest for the corrupt society’s trees!  It is not by accident that this is happening either. It is fully planned and orchestrated by evil and sinister forces, many of whom have burrowed into our daily lives in the form of elected officials, government bureaucrats, judges, law enforcement, and even some of our military such as General Casey who hoped that the Islamic ritual murder of American soldiers at Fort Hood by Major Hassan would not impact the Army’s attempt at “diversity” [read putting Muslims in our military!] negatively!”  WTF? Are you serious?  He should have been subjected to a Courts Martial for dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming. Then there is the former CIC who said, “Fort Hood was just workplace violence.” Again, WTF?  Are you serious?  Do you see a pattern of behavior here like I do?  The “Three Amigos” are an essential part of this diversionary tactic whether the Rabbi and Pastor know it. The Imam certainly knows it if he really knows his Koran as he states.  I can see him standing at the gates of Auschwitz beckoning toward a nice hot shower! Those who follow will be cannon-fodder.

If you really understand the threat of Islam to America, as it has been to England, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and numerous other Western societies, then you really should try to attend a presentation by the “Three Amigos” or any other entity peddling the crapabout how peaceful Islam really is, and how it has been hijacked by “radicals”.  If we do not confront this evil and sinister threat to America, we will all be on prayer mats within a generation!  For me, I am a “Warsaw Ghetto” Jew!  If the Muslims want me they better bring a lunch because it will take them a while – I will not go willingly!  Will you?

Here are the real questions anyone should ask with the correct answers and references!  If you attend an “Interfaith” presentation, print these questions out and submit them!

1. IS: Islam the continuation of Judaism and Christianity with the same God?

The Koran teaches that Islam is a continuation of Judaism and Christianity. According to the Koran it was necessary to create a 3rd faith because the Jews and Christians had corrupted the previous scriptures revealed by God. The Koran also teaches that Mohammad is the 3rd and final Prophet after Moses and Jesus. The Koran teaches that the Muslims are now the "Chosen People" because of the corruption of the Jews and Christians. Muslims consistently point to the violence in the Old Testament while non-believers point to the violence in the Koran. If it is true that the God of Islam is the same God of both Judaism and Christianity, then the violence in the Koran, which is a religious obligation, is validated even more under Islam if a Muslim believes that every word in the Koran is literally from God.

[Koran, 5:3, 6:19, 6:38, 10:15, 20:113, 25:32, 27:76, 32:2, 41:3, 42:7, 42:51, 43:3, 43:24, 46:12, et al]
[Reliance of the Traveller, w4.3-w4.6, x245]


2. IS: The Koran the literal word of God?

Muslims believe that every word in the Koran is the literal word of God as revealed to Mohammad by the Angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years; 10 years in Mecca and 13 years in Medina. If every word in the Koran is the literal word of God, then Muslims have no choice but to submit, ("Islam" means submission, and a "Muslim" is one who submits) and comply regardless of what is required or the consequences.

[Koran, 5:3, 32:2]
[Reliance of the Traveller, u1.0 et al, v2.0 et al, w4.5]


3. IS: Islam a religion of peace?

Islam has never been a religion of peace. Islam has always been spread by the sword since 610AD. Jihad, or Holy War to spread Islam, has been a religious obligation directly from the Koran.

[Koran, 2:195, et al]
[Sahih Bukhari Hadith, Vol. 4, Book 56]
[Reliance of the Traveller, h8.17]


4. IS: Jihad one of the pillars of faith of Islam?

The 5 Pillars of Islam are: acknowledgement that Allah is the one true God and Mohammad is his Prophet; prayer 5 times a day; fasting; paying Zakat; and making the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once. Jihad is then detailed under the definition of Zakat, which is a tax due to the state of at least 2.5% annually, specifically providing funds for Muslims engaged in Jihad.

[Koran, 5:3, 32:2]
[Reliance of the Traveller, u1.0 et al, v2.0 et al, w4.5]

5. DOES: Islam consider women and men as equals?

Women are not equal to men under Islam and Sharia law. They are the property of men, especially to satisfy sexual interests, and are worth half of a man when called as legal witnesses or in matters of inheritance. If a wife is disobedient her husband can beat and hit her.

[Koran, 2:221, 2:222, 2:223, 4:24, 4:25, 4:34, 24:31]
[Reliance of the Traveller, Book M in toto]


6. DOES: Islam require compulsion in religion?

Islam does compel non-believers to convert. The Koran specifically exhorts Muslims to fight non-believers until they either convert or pay the protection "Jizya" tax to be allowed to survive under Islamic rule as an inferior. (Ref. Koran, 9:29) The Koran deceptively states in one verse that "there is no compulsion in religion", but it is out of context. The Koran states that Muslims should not initiate hostilities against non-believers, but that too is taken out of context. The proper context in the Koran states that Muslims have a religious obligation to bring Islam to non-believers and attempt to convert them. If the non-believer decides to reject conversion, then they may be attacked for being hostile toward Islam. It is another circular argument.

[Koran, 3:85, 5:3, 8:39, 9:29, 16:52, 39:3, 42:13, 61:9]


7. DOES: Islam require funding of Jihad?

Islam requires funding Jihad through the tax of Zakat. Zakat is not charity as Muslims would have you believe. "Charity" for the poor specifically is Sedaqqa in Arabic. Zakat is prohibited from being given to non-believers – it is strictly reserved for Muslims. 2.5% of a muslim's wealth, including Sharia-Compliant businesses are required to pay Zakat annually

[Koran, 2:43, 2:195, 9:41]
[Sahih Bukhari Hadith, Vol. 2, Book 24]
[Reliance of the Traveller, h8.17, h9.0]


8. ARE: There "moderate" Muslims?

There are no "moderate" Muslims, just "Muslims". There are Muslims of varying submission and commitment to Islam. But, those who are not 100% committed in accordance with the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia law, are defined specifically in the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia law as apostates from the faith and deserve to be killed if they refuse to return. Those persons who refer to themselves as "Muslims" have a religious obligation to Islam 100%, nothing less. Those "Muslims" who either fail to, or refuse to engage in Jihad to spread Islam throughout the world are apostates, not "moderate" as the term is socially defined.

[Koran, 13:25, 16:94, 16:106, 33:15]
[Reliance of the Traveller, o8.0-o8.7]

9. ARE: Muslims allowed to lie?

Muslims are allowed to lie under 3 circumstances: to save one's life if captured by non-believers during Jihad; to advance the cause of converting the world to Islam; and to keep piece in the home between a husband and wife.

[Koran, 2:225, 4:101, Sura 66 in toto]
[Sahih Muslim Hadith, Vol. 7, Chap. 27, Verse 2605]
[Reliance of the Traveller, c6.2, r8.2]


10. DOES: Sharia law deal with non-Muslims in a fair and just manner?

Islam and Sharia law does not deal equitably with non-believers. Non-believers may not act as witnesses in any legal proceeding involving Muslims. A Muslim woman may not marry a non-believer. Non-believers, in Islamic countries, are treated as inferior beings relative to Muslims. In Sharia law there are distinctly separate laws dealing specifically with non-believers.

[Koran, 2:191, 3:28, 3:118, 3:151, 4:56, 4:94, 4:102, 4:144, 5:33, 5:51, 5:57, 5:86, 8:12, 8:39, 9:5, 9:23, 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, 16:106, 33:26, et al]
[Reliance of the Traveller, o11.0-o11.11]

Zakat Guide
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