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APRIL 22, 2018



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"The Secretary of State Keeps Elections Free and Fair. Vote Wisely!!"

  with CA Secretary of State candidate Mark Meuser

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"Syrian Arms Control" WE THE PEOPLE RADIO
  with Bruce Moran  
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"The Secretary of State Keeps Elections Free and Fair. Vote Wisely!!"

Mark Meuser is a native Californian and a small business owner, committed to fighting for honest and fair elections.

From a young age, Mark was an entrepreneur. At age 12, he would pick cherries in the morning and then have a street-side cherry stand that he would operate in the afternoon. He was also hard at work taking care of orphaned animals, bottle-feeding sheep, pigs, and cows. Mark believes that these years of developing character through hard work were important, formative years in his life.

By age 15 he was in a management position at a local restaurant. By age 21, he purchased his own pizza restaurant. While his restaurant business was thriving, Meuser began studying law. He graduated with honors from the Oak Brook College of Law.
To better help small businesses owners handle California’s complex regulatory environment, he opened The Meuser Law Group. Meuser operated a diverse civil litigation firm that represented both individuals and small businesses. Meuser’s unique training has taught him how to listen to people, formulate creative alternatives, and achieve workable solutions to real problems.

As an attorney, Meuser won a major victory against United Airlines. In the case of Gilstrap v. United Airlines, Meuser represented a disabled American. Ms. Gilstrap had been injured by United when they failed to follow applicable Federal Rules in how they handled her travel. United argued that they were not liable to disabled Americans for their violations of Federal Rules. Meuser successfully argued before the 9th Circuit that disabled Americans like Ms. Gilstrap were entitled to seek damages against Airlines if they were injured as a result of the Airlines violating Federal Rules.

Meuser also defended Troy Worden, who was the Berkeley College Republican President, in a civil litigation matter brought against him by Yvette Felarca, a national organizer of the organization By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) which is a part of the Antifa movement. Meuser was successful in defeating a Petition for a Restraining Order brought that was designed to restrict Mr. Worden’s movement on campus and effected his First and Second Amendment rights.

In his free time, Meuser loves being outdoors enjoying California’s natural beauty. Whether he is hiking, bike riding, sailing, scuba diving, or snow skiing, Meuser is always quick to enjoy the diversity this state has to offer. Meuser’s favorite bike ride was a five day trip riding down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Orange County.

When Mark was a young boy, he saw a Saturday afternoon sports special covering an unusual sporting event called an Ironman, consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and capped off with a marathon run. The display of physical prowess and achievement ingrained a desire to someday finish an Ironman. In 2014, Meuser registered to do Ironman Tahoe. However, the event was canceled at the last minute due to the local forest fires. As Mark rode his bike back to his car, he was in a devastating bicycle accident. A cardiologist, who just happened to be in a vehicle right behind the accident, immediately performed life saving CPR. In 2015, Meuser tried a second time to compete in Ironman Tahoe. This time, Meuser was 30 minutes into the swim when he was having a hard time breathing and his legs and arms cramped. He did not finish. He discovered that he had cramped because he was allergic to latex and he was wearing a latex wetsuit. Three months later, he tried again, finishing the Ironman Cozumel in 12 hours and 45 minutes.

In the last year before deciding to run for Secretary of State, Meuser has read over 100 books. Most of the books deal with American history and biography. Meuser also has a large collection of American political biographies, United States and California State Histories that were published over 100 years ago. Meuser’s rare book collection includes a First Edition set of the Madison Papers (the personal notes of James Madison taken by Madison during the Constitutional Convention). Of all his rare books, one of his favorites is an 1859 book titled California Life Illustrated. This book tells the story of several individuals who moved to California during the California Gold Rush.


Meuser’s priority is to guide the Secretary of States office out of the antiquated 19th Century and into the 21st Century. The people of California deserve an open and accessible government that works for them, not against them.

California needs a Secretary of State who will fight to protect the rights of citizens to vote and petition their government. California needs a Secretary of State who will restore the people’s confidence in open, secure, and fair elections. California needs a Secretary of State who will utilize the knowledge and experience of Silicon Valley to modernize the way businesses register in the State.

On the Issues

When I was growing up, I was consistently reminded that California was the most innovative state in the most innovative country in the world. I heard stories of how California’s government was a world leader. Now it appears that California is crippled with antiquated systems incapable of keeping up with the world around us. California government seems ill-equipped to handle the taxpayers’ needs. The advances in technology during my lifetime have been spectacular and it is time that Californians demand that their government get out of the Stone Age and join us in the 21st Century.

1. Restore Voter Confidence in Elections
As the chief election officer, the Secretary of State plays a key role in ensuring fair and honest elections across the state. California elections have regularly been ranked in the bottom five states in the nation. California is currently ranked second to last when measured across 14 categories. Some of California’s shortcomings are:
45th in Mail Ballots Rejected
49th in Mail Ballots not Returned
44th in Military Ballots Rejected
47th in Military Ballots not Returned
42nd in Provisional Ballots Cast
43rd in Registration or Absentee Ballots Problems
43rd in Voter Turnout
42nd in Voter Registration Rate.
(Pew Study –


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Californians clearly deserve better leadership to address these atrocious results.

Count all Valid Ballots: Recently a lawsuit was filed by the ACLU against the state claiming that over 45,000 votes were not counted last November because signatures did not match. In the practice of law, it takes an expert with years of training and experience to certify that a signature matches. People’s signatures change over time as we grow older and election officials do not have the training or the experience to properly validate signatures. This problem can easily be fixed by allowing each voter to select a PIN when they register to vote by mail. The voter will simply need to write in their PIN along with their signature and this will help ensure that the person casting the ballot is the person who registered to vote.

Clean up our Voter Rolls to Remove those who have Moved or who have Died: California has over 19 Million registered voters. Many states have joined coalitions like ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) to improve the integrity of voter rolls and promote voter confidence in the electoral process. By working together, these states are able to help determine who has moved, who may have died, and which voters might be registered in multiple jurisdictions. ERIC is not a partisan organization as many blue states like Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, Maryland, and Connecticut are members. Also, many of our neighbors have already joined like Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

Californians deserve voter rolls that are compliant with both the Help American Voter Act and the National Voter Registration Act. Properly maintained voter registration rolls will be critical to cut down on long lines at polls now that California has enacted same-day voter registration.

Increase the Number of Registered Voters: One of the requirements of a state that joins ERIC is that they commit to contacting eligible but unregistered residents to educate them on the easiest method by which they can register. California needs to join a bipartisan group like ERIC to help maintain the integrity of our elections.

Be Proactive to Prevent Unnecessary Litigation for Potential Election Violations: One of the duties of the Secretary of State is to ensure that all election laws are enforced. It is not a good image for this state when organizations like the ACLU are required to sue the State of California because the state does not give voters the ability to correct clerical mistakes. It is sad when independent organizations like the Election Integrity Project California discover major violations of the law in maintaining voter registration files. It is the duty of the Secretary of State to determine whether election laws are being violated and to make sure the violations are fixed and/or prosecuted.

Improve Military and Overseas Ballot Process: California has more registered military voters than any other state. The fact that we are ranked 45th in Military ballots rejected and 49th in Military ballots not being returned indicates that we have a major problem that is disenfranchising those who are serving our country. Whatever we are doing is clearly not working. A detailed audit needs to be conducted to determine what the source is of California’s atrocious results in counting the military vote. Our brave soldiers jump over enough obstacles as a part of their military career, obstacles that prevent them from voting should not be one of them.

Audit Voter Rolls to Ensure No Unauthorized Individuals are Registered to Vote: In September 2017, the Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State’s office came under criticism for a glitch that may have allowed thousands of ineligible individuals to vote. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State subsequently resigned. Over the last year, there have been plenty of news stories of politicians arguing that individuals who are not permitted to cast ballots according to the law did so in 2016. The Secretary of State has the duty and responsibility of conducting an audit on California elections to ensure that no election laws were violated. A simple audit can either shut the complaining politicians or reveal election fraud that needs to be prosecuted. It is time for the Secretary of States office to act. Has there been a Violation of California Election law?

Increase the Transparency in Elections, not on Citizens: We live in California. Every time we look at our flag, we are reminded that we live in a Republic. This means that the supreme power is held by the people who elect their representatives. When Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, it was not initially published crediting him as the author. Likewise, when Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote the articles that were later titled “The Federalist Papers”, they did so under the pen name “Publius.” Transparency in government is good, but the people should have some privacy in making political speech without worrying what their neighbors and coworkers might think.

Does anyone really think that a $100 contribution is going to influence a political candidate in this state? It was 1974 when limits on anonymous donations were put into effect. While politicians have been quick to increase the maximum donations that people could make to their campaign, no one has been fighting for the little guy to enable them to make anonymous donations that keep pace with inflation. If the minimum reporting limits had kept pace with inflation, today a person could donate $500 without the government keeping track of their political speech. By changing minimum reporting statutes, it would mean less work for campaign treasurers, less paperwork for the state, and most importantly, more protections to individual citizens. This change would greatly benefit challengers who do not have a ready Rolodex of large special interest donors.

2. Modernize the Registration Process for California Businesses
The Secretary of State’s office is the first place every business must go to when they are opening a business and the last place they turned to when they are shutting down a business. The registration process for businesses in California is antiquated. It is critical that we scrap the current legacy systems and create a new registration process and database so that businesses can quickly file the necessary paperwork in minutes and not be waiting weeks.

3. Update the Initiative Process for the 21st Century
In California, the standard for ensuring that a petitioner’s signature matches on a citizen lead voter petition is greater than the attention focused on an absentee ballot. The ability for a citizen to place a measure on the ballot is next to impossible except for the best funded special interest initiatives.

The California initiative process needs to be brought into the 21st Century. In California we allow someone to register to vote online. Californians are used to doing their banking online and the technology exists that should allow a registered voter to go online and indicate that they desire a certain citizen initiative be placed on the ballot. By allowing online participation, this will greatly reduce the cost to the counties in validating signatures.

Civil Litigation & Election Integrity Attorney

-See this viral video from Mark's Twitter


19 voters registered to one PO box owned by the San Pedro Democratic Party.

This is hot!

Another arrest made in Starr County voter fraud case
Voter Fraud is rampant across the country. In Starr county they are addressing this issue but in California LA has 144% registered voters and any attempt to clean up the voter rolls is blocked.


Group with ties to Obama, Clinton calls to restrict overseas U.S. military voting

Military absentee voting is 83% in Virginia. In California it is 16%. Why are the people that fight for our right to vote being prevented from voting?


As an attorney, Mark has argued successfully before the 9th circuit and won against United Airlines. Meuser also defended Troy Worden, who was the Berkeley College Republican President, in a civil litigation matter brought against him by Yvette Felarca, a national organizer of the organization By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) which is a part of the Antifa movement. Meuser was successful in defeating a Petition for a Restraining Order brought that was designed to restrict Mr. Worden’s movement on campus and affected his First and Second Amendment rights


TWITTER: @markmeuser 
Booking:  760-419-2972.


2nd Hour

"Syrian Arms Control" with Bruce Moran      WE THE PEOPLE RADIO

Bruce Moran - National Security Advisor

Bruce J. Moran is a senior National Security Advisor who focuses on strategic planning for National Security issues. As a consultant, he works with public officials, U.S. Government committees, departments, agencies, think tanks, and corporations. He works on special national security projects and defines clear "hands on" working solutions for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Readiness scenarios. He has in-depth experience in foreign policy, security operations & Hi-Tech systems (connectivity, interoperability, and interfacing) such as SMART* Fusion protocols and applications. He consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House Committee On Foreign Affairs, Joint Economic Committee, Senate/House Committees on Banking/Finance, Senate Permanent Committee On investigations and the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence.

Security Solutions Technology, LLC is a Veteran Owned (and SDVOSB) Company that provides federal government consulting, IT professional services, security assessments, cybersecurity,geospatial, program and life cycle management, change management, logistics, and financial consulting. We provide a performance and results-based culture in any organization.



When did Syria sign the Chemical Weapons Ban? Syria 09/12/13

The Chemical Weapons* Convention is an arms control treaty that outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons and their precursors.

*Chemical Weapon agents are extremely toxic synthetic chemicals that can be dispersed as a gas, liquid or aerosol or as agents adsorbed to particles to become a powder.

Why was it important for the United States, United Kingdom and France to act in the use of Chemical Weapons (CW) at this stage in Syria? About 70 different chemicals or mixtures of chemicals have been used or stockpiled as agents for the purpose of CW during the 20th century. Taking recent technological advances into consideration, easy access to raw materials, the ready availability of technical information on the internet, increasing crime and corruption and state-sponsored terrorist and globalization, it is not difficult for the terrorists to use Chemical Weapon agents* to achieve their goals.

*The Chemical Weapons agents used in warfare are classified as follows:
  • Nerve agents
  • Vesicants (blistering agents)
  • Bloods agents (cyanogenic agents)
  • Choking agents (pulmonary agents)
  • Riot-control agents (tear gases)
  • Psychomimetic agents (loss of feeling, paralysis, rigidity, etc.).
  • Toxins
President Trump is sending the absolute right message to Russia and North Korea: He means business!

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Pledges to Denuclearize, China Says

Mike Pompeo’s Secret Visit To North Korea Over Easter

United States, France and United Kingdom - Syria Airstrike 2018:

Precise, Exact & To The Point

(3 Permanent Members Of The United Nations Security Council)



GOAL: Enlist several countries to send a sound and clear message to Syria and Russia on the use of chemical weapons [Duoma, Syria]

RATIONALE: Call to Russia to ensure Syria dismantles the chemical weapons program [Violations Of International Law]

STRATEGY: Stop Chemical/Biological attacks in Syria – not depose President Bashard Assad regime – stop brutal and inhumane atrocities

TACTIC: Target 3 specific Syrian government facilities with exact and precise bombing -- minimize collateral damage to innocent civilians – 4:00AM Strike – 3 Launch Platforms --105 Missiles – Red Sea, Northern Arabian Gulf & Eastern Mediterranean Sea


  • Syrian Chemical Weapons Research & Development Center – 76 missiles:57 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles -- 19 joint air to surface stand-off missiles
  • Syrian Chemical Weapons Storage Facility – 22 Missiles: British Storm Shadow missiles along with naval and land cruise missiles
  • Syrian Chemical Weapons Bunker Facility – U.S. Tomahawk, British Storm Shadow and French missiles

Result: Successful & Necessary

“Serious Blow To Syria’s Chemical Arms”

Germany didn't join the United States, Britain and France in the strikes, though Chancellor Angela Merkel called the attack "necessary and appropriate."


U.N. WEAPONS INSPECTION PROTOCOL (HAGUE) OPCW – Organization Of The Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons are seldom used around the world

Syria is known for frequent dispersal of chemical weapons
  • How is it that U.N. weapons inspectors were not immediately on the ground in Syria to determine type and kind of chemical weapon(s) used?
  • Should not a rapid response U.N. Chemical Weapons Inspections (fast track) team be immediately available and dispatched? What new measures are needed?
  • Does a new U.N. Resolution need to be drawn up to identify what circumstances would call for a U.N. Chemical /Biological rapid-response inspection team to be immediately dispatched – (lock down the area) without going through red tape and various levels of approval? Who would have made the call to immediately go into Duoma (Damascus Suburb), Syria on April 7th ?
  • The U.N. Chemical /Biological inspection team (fact finding mission) was in Damascus on April 13th when the U.S., United Kingdom and French airstrikes occurred – what was the hold-up from getting over to Duoma. The nine (9) weapons inspectors were given the green light to go into Duoma on April 17th --10 days after the chemical attack – 5 days after the Russians entered Douma (Damascus Suburb chemical weapon attack site).
  • If the Russian forces moved into the Duoma site on April 12th, (5 days after the chemical attack) how come the U.N. Inspector(s) did not accompany the Russian forces to give a preliminary assessment? What new protocols for the weapons inspectors and relief workers/NGO’s must be in place by all concerned parties when a chemical/biological weapon is dispersed – for aiding the victims, appropriate collection of evidence, and clean up measures?
  • Should permanent U.N. Weapon’s Inspectors be assigned to (on-site in) Damascus, Syria to help with the verification of chemical/biological weapons as well as to make determinations when chemical/biological weapons are dispersed?After 7 years of heavy conflict creating a refugee crisis, it is evident that efforts so far have failed. How does a UNSC resolution put into effect an independent watch dog group who work along side permanent U.N. Weapons Inspectors in Damascus during the Syrian Civil war?

How successful has the United Nations been in dealing with the Syrian Civil War Crisis ?

U.N Resolution 2254 12/18/2015 -- Convene representatives of the Syrian Government and opposition to engage in formal negotiations on a political transition process “on an urgent basis”, with a target of early January for the initiation of talks. It expressed support for a Syrian-led political process facilitated by the United Nations which would establish “credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance” within six months and set a schedule and process for the drafting of a new constitution.

By further terms, the Council expressed support for free and fair elections, pursuant to the new constitution, to be held within 18 months (June/May 2017) and administered under United Nations supervision, “to the highest international standards” of transparency and accountability, with all Syrians — including members of the diaspora — eligible to participate.

2016 SYRIA ELECTION [Parliament Every Four (4) Years]: At the time of the election, Idlib Governorate was almost entirely outside government control, as it was controlled by rebels. Raqqa Governorate and Deir ez-Zor Governorate were mostly occupied by ISIL (ISIS). As such, elections did not take place in these provinces. Parts of Aleppo, Homs, and Daraa governorates were also held by anti-government forces at the time of the election. Rojava had also been semi-autonomous since the civil war began.