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MAY 13, 2018


"Forests and Fire and Environmentalists! Oh my!"with Siskiyou County Supervisor Ray Haupt
  REPEAT FROM JULY 12, 2015 


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  • BS Natural Resources Management, Forestry concentration, Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, CA 1978

  • Forest Engineering Institute, Advanced Forest Engineering/Economics, HumboldtState University, Certification 1980

  • Plethora of Agency, University and local workshops spanning 40 years.

Professional Career

  • 33 years of experience USFS, 1976-2010

  • Work includes assignments on the National Forests of Washington, California and Florida.

  • Working Forester for 22 years holding certifications for Contracting Officer’s Representative, Sale Administrator, Forest Service Representative and Contracting Officer.

  • R-5 certified Logging Engineering and Transportation Planner.

  • Working Fuels manager throughout career holding certifications for preparation and approval of moderate complexity fuels prescriptions. Type 2 burn boss qualified.

  • Extensive participation in Fire Operations for 33 years. Logistics Chief and Division Supervisor Type 2 Qualified. Served on a Type 2 team for 7 years and participated in many large fire responses. ICT 3 qualified.

  • Northern California District Ranger Representative on R-5 Line Officer Team for 5 years. Certified for highest level, Expert Complexity of fire management and Type 1 Teams. Certified Line Officer for Fire Response /Trainer/Mentor/Certifying Officer.

  • USFS Line Officer for 14 years serving in Regions 8 and 5. Retired as District Ranger, Klamath NF 2010.

Notable work USFS related Recognitions

  • Acknowledged through agency awards 20+ times for leadership and management of resource programs and personnel.

  • Selected to lead a WO pilot program combining Logging Engineering and Transportation Planning on the Plumas NF, 1985-92.

  • Received an R-5 award for cost option economic analysis computer planning 1986 and wrote the R-5 handbook on such.

  • Received the Chief’s Ecosystem Management Award Florida NF’s for ESA listed species recovery using intensive Forest and Fuels Management and local economic recovery.

  • Served on the development team who established the R-8 Prescribed Fire Management Academy 1993-94.

  • Managed and participated in 1,000,000+ acres of prescribed fire including 4 of the 6 Wilderness Prescribed Fires nationally.

  • Wrote R-5 policies for Managed Natural Fire, Appropriate Management Response and Wilderness Delegations for use of mechanized equipment in non-emergency situations.

  • Lead the team who developed and wrote the R-5 policy known as Project Activity Level (PAL), the replacement of the Sale Activity Level (SAL) system for fire risk management in industrial forest operations, 2002.

  • R-5 Regional Forrester Investigative Team Leader for the Angora Fire, Tahoe NF.

  • Selected for the R-5 Ecosystem Management Award in 2009 and nominated for the Chiefs Award. Eddy Project EIS (33,000 acres), applications of fire behavior science and vegetation management design for protection of Late Successional Reserve landscapes in Fire Dominated Ecosystems of the Northwest Forest Plan Northern Spotted Owl Habitats.

  • Numerous Awards and a national leader in Fire behavior, large Fire Management and Fire behavior modification using Forest Management vegetation manipulation techniques.

  • 2 US Congressional Awards for Forest Management, significantly contributing to Rural EconomicStability (Quincy CA, Blountstown FL and Life time achievement).

Post USFS Retirement

  • Instructor of Forest Hydrology, Forest Mensuration, Dendrology and Forest Ecology at College of the Siskiyous, Weed CA.

  • Forest Consultant, California Registered Professional Forester #2938.

  • The Research Lead Coordinator involving UC Berkley, UC Merced UC Santa Barbara, USFS and Siskiyou County for Evapotranspiration Water Yield and Hydrologic Function study in Fire Adapted Forested Ecosystems.

  • Serving as Science Chair on the Board of Directors for the Wildfire Institute, Ft. Jones CA.

  • Coauthor of many Forestry related federal legislative bills for public lands management.

Current Elected Official

  • Siskiyou County Supervisor, District 5

    Committee Assignments

  • County Chair , SFAC (Sustainable Forest Action Committee)

  • Designee, In Home Supportive Services Public Authority

  • Alternate Rep., NACO/Sierra-Sacramento LEMSA

  • Delegate, Five County Coho Plan

  • Delegate, Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Council

  • Alternate, Siskiyou County Regional Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority

  • Co-delegate, Behavioral Health Services Advisory Board

  • Alternate, North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Policy Board

  • Alternate, North Coast Integrated Water Management Plan, Policy Review Committee

  • Designee, Criminal Justice Department Head Committee

  • County Representative, Fire Chief’s Steering Committee

  • Director, Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control District, Siskiyou Power Authority, Airport Land Use Commission, County Service Area 3, County Service Area 4, County Service Area 5



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